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Treasure Island, San Francisco – 7 unique things to do [+ 2 little gems]

Treasure Island may be small, but it has enough things to do for a day trip there, including a visit to two little gems. 

A trip to Treasure Island is a bit of a boutique experience, a hidden secret mostly known by locals.

An interesting fact about Treasure Island is that it is a man-made island that was built in 1937 to host the Golden Gate International Exposition, the island’s World’s Fair site.

It was then meant to become a second airport for San Francisco, but unfortunately, the second world war started, and the island was then used by the navy and it never went back to its original purpose.

Today, the island is under a redevelopment project that aims to add new houses and offices.

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Treasure Island (San Francisco) things to do
Treasure Island (San Francisco) things to do

Getting to the island is very easy. 

By car, drive over the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and take the exit on Yerba Buena Island. Parking is not a problem on the island.

By public transportation, take bus #25 from the Salesforce Bus Station (10 minutes).

Let’s now start with probably the most famous event on the island, TreasureFest.

TreasureFest – The Flea Market

The Treasure Fest Flea Market, at Avenue of The Palms, is the place to go if you are looking for one-of-a-kind deals in the San Francisco Bay Area.

It takes place every month on the last weekend between February and November.

It is held for over 2 days so that visitors can enjoy as many deals as they wish.

Picture over 400 vendors of food, collectible items, Etsy products, Antiques, Vintage items, and even repurposed items – there is something for everyone there. 

That’s not all – you can get great entertainment and a view of the Bay area while you scour for precious items.

You can enjoy all this for $3 and kids under 12 get in free.

Treasure Island Museum

There is something fascinating about anything the Navy does.

Well, they started the Treasure Island Museum back in 1975 and it has been a favorite for many visitors since.

Aside from Navy-related items, you can find other exhibitions that depict the beauty of the Treasure Island area.

Something that stands out at the Museum is the large 251 feet long and 26 feet high mural on the back wall.

It tells the story of the Navy from as far back as 1813.

There are plans underway to build a more prominent museum in Building One for more exhibits as well as lectures and tours.

Treasure Island Museum
Treasure Island Museum

Treasure Island winery

Treasure Island Winery lets guests enjoy a taste of wines from 5 local winemakers on rotation.

This means that you will enjoy a different wine-tasting experience with each visit.

In fact, there are usually over 40 wines to choose from!

For only $10, you can enjoy a day out with your dog and six to eight different wine tastings.

If you want to sit down for some wine, you can do so from 1-5 pm at the picnic area on the weekends.

Treecraft Distillery

Between the things to do on Treasure Island, you should not miss a visit to the Treecraft Distillery, especially after the winery 😉

You can taste locally made vodka, gin, and whiskeys with specially crafted new flavors.

For Christmas, they support local artists who create limited edition bottles for their spirit, a great idea for a gift 😉

It’s also wonderful to know that a portion of the sales goes to the individual artists as well as the Oakland Art Murmur. 

Vista Point Treasure Island Road

The west coast of Treasure Island offers many great viewpoints of which Vista Point is probably one of the best

View of San Francisco from Treasure Island at night.
View of San Francisco from Treasure Island at night.

Sail or paddle around the island

Sailing around San Francisco Bay is quite an adventure, but learning to sail in the Bay is even better.

The Treasure Island Sailing Centre offers kids and adult sailing classes, a fun time for the whole family.

You can also rent kayaks, paddleboards, or a dinghy to learn and enjoy the cool Bay water.

Lunch at Mersea

We all love Mersea Restaurant’s tagline – Come for the view, stay for the food.

On the Great Lawn in Treasure Island sits Mersea Restaurant Bar and Venue, a fine dining experience with a world-class menu from a world-class chef.

The container-style restaurant combines culinary skills, art, and culture.

Dine at Aracely

End the evening with a classy bang with dinner at Aracely Cafe on Treasure Island.

It has a large patio, garden, lounge zone, and fireplace. You can choose the perfect spot to enjoy your meal or drinks.

Aracely is perfect for private and corporate events, in case you are a lover of large, open spaces.

Gem #1 – Clipper Cove Beach

We hope you are not afraid of heights. This is because you can only reach this hidden spot via a steep wooden staircase.

If you love a calm sandy beach and great views, then Clipper Cove Beach is the place to go 

You can enjoy a walk, a swim, or even a picnic but be sure to avoid the high tide.

Access is from Yerba Buena Island.

View of San Fran from Treasure Island (Yerba Buena Island).
View of San Fran from Treasure Island (Yerba Buena Island).

Gem #2 – Island Market & Deli

If you want some fresh produce, sandwiches, and snacks made of only the freshest products, the Island Market & Deli is a must-visit.

If you are going on a fishing expedition, you can get fresh fish tackle at the market.

It has bike parking, wheelchair accessibility, and adequate parking.

View of Treasure Island and San Francisco in the background
View of Yerba Buena Island (left) and Treasure Island (right) and San Francisco in the background
Treasure Island seen from the airplane
Treasure Island seen from the airplane
The old closed pier of Treasure Island
The old closed pier of Treasure Island
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