14 Travel Photography Blog sites to be inspired (October 2015)

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I did not start my career as a photographer and I am not sure why. I always had a camera with me and I was always intrigued by any kind of art, by the representation of an idea, by the story¬†behind a paint and by what a photo could say, a story in a single image, such a powerful tool. Having a travel photography blog was not certainly my priority. It is now ūüėÄ

I see my life as a football¬†game¬†divided in quarters, the first one spent at school, the second one with an office work¬†and I am now in my third one, working as a photographer, back probably to my original passion. No, I didn’t sell everything and left home for a life of digital nomad. Probably because I spent 20 years already travelling the world with my previous IT work and now I like to be based somewhere (between trips I mean ūüėÄ ) and I love Melbourne.

I have been working as a photographer for over 5 years and inspiration is always an important factor. Where do I take it from? There are different sources:

  • Paintings, for example Van Gogh work is a great inspiration¬†for the usage and composition of colours (he has done a long study on it which is probably still one of the best ever done)
  • Digital and visual art
  • Great photographers, from Henry Cartier-Bresson to Steve McCurry, from Oliviero Toscani to Sebastiao Salgado and so many more; all with a different idea and view, everyone with great inspirational work
  • Travel photography blog sites, internet is the new media and blogs are an ongoing inspiration. And it’s not just about photography, it’s also about travelling, the two things I am most passionate in my life

What is a Travel Photography blog? Is it a travel blog with strong emphasis to quality photo or a photography blog with some travel posts? Probably a bit of both and it really depends on the blogger. I give a priority to the photos on but it is indeed a personal decision.

Inspiring travel photography blog sites

The travel photography blogs listed below are always in my favourite bookmarks and from time to time I re-visit the websites to see the last work, the last photos and read about the travels or interesting tutorials; ultimately being inspired for my work as travel photographer.

There is no ranking of any sort. If you are a travel photographer and you believe you should be in just add your comment below. Please, make sure you actually run a blog beside taking beautiful images. This list can be definitely bigger. I will update this post on a quarterly basis with your inputs and new travel photography blog sites I find along with my internet surfing.



Hecktic Travels

Hecktic-TravelsDalene and Pete have really some fantastic capture in their blog. Have a view to their gallery and be ready to be open mouth for a long while. Pete’s¬†last post on Wanaka – New Zealand reminded me that¬†I should book asap a flight to this beautiful land. My last visit was 5 years ago!! That’s it, that’s travel photography at its best:¬†inspiring people to travel the world¬†with some amazing shots and a beautiful story.


Ken Kaminesky Blog


The updates that Ken does to his blog are on the rare side and that’s a pity because I would love to have them more frequently. It’s like when you buy your beloved magazine, you enjoy it but you are a bit sad because you know that you have to wait a fortnight or a month for the next number. However it’s fully understandable that¬†sometime it’s hard to find the time to update the blog, especially with the many photography trips Ken is¬†doing


Brendan’s Adventures


There is not much I can add about Brendan. His work is well known on the web. If he is new to you start with his last photos from Galapagos, outstanding.


Everything Everywhere


With 8 years on the go, 7 continents and over 170 countries and territories visited, Gary has a huge portfolio of fantastic photos. I particularly love his daily posts with the information on the camera setting


Roads & Kingdoms


Definitely one of my favourite. A bit travel photography, a bit photo journalism, basically a travel photo journalism blog. The way the website is organised is just awesome with post including full screen photos. A pleasure to scroll through the images, read the story and enjoy the experience

It’s not a personal blog, it’s a travel photography ezine run by chief editor¬†Nathan Thornburgh which spent much of the last decade working at TIME Magazine as foreign correspondent and editor. Travel photographers can submit the own story but only a few pass the high standard of the website


Notes from the road


This is another one of my favourite blog. It does not have the usual blog structure, as Erik says on his website.

It is not only a travel photography blog, it is also a travel sketch blog. Have a check to the Paris Sketch Journal, just awesome, and the Sicily Moleskine Sketches, literally unique. As I see it, travel and photography inspirations do not necessary need to come from photo stories, they can come from other form of art as well. Erik website is a fantastic example of that!


Beers and Beans


I am not sure what to like more of Beth and Randy, their photo essays or their writing and travel tips? Probably the photos, but just for my passion of¬†photography ūüėČ The Venice after dark¬†series is probably my favourite one, however that could be because it takes me back to my grandparents¬†area ūüėģ Have a look to the others as well


Canvas of light


Daniel has some fantastic shots on his website. The blog is more concentrated on tutorials than travel stories. I really do hope that in future he will write more about his trips and stories behind his amazing photos. Have a check to his Instagram as well, very popular and for a good reason!


Adventure Freelancer


I was thinking in these days to go back to South America and explore new countries of which Ecuador is on top of my list. While googling on the internet I stumbled upon this travel photography blog which I found amazing. Fantastic photography and long and detailed guides of which A Photographer’s Guide to Ecuador has soon become one of my favourite.


The Travel Photographer


Tewfic is a photographer based in New York specialised¬†in documenting endangered cultures and traditional life ways of Asia, Latin America and Africa. It’s not only the images¬†that makes this travel photography blog unique, it’s also the writing behind every single article that makes the full website¬†very interesting


Travel Freak


Jeremy’s blog is not only a great travel blog providing tons of good information for people that want to start with a digital nomad life, inspiring traveller to take the first step.

Jeremy is also a great story teller that makes some lovely photos along his trip. Have a look to the trip in the Balkans, an area which is unknown to the most of the traveller around the world.




Faye is an English girl that moved to Paris and started photo blogging the city, in a marvellous and unique way. Farfelue should be your main reference if you are planning a visit to the French capital, amazing photos and unique tips. Her work is not limited to Paris only, her travel photography blog goes beyond, with some beautiful photo guides on major, an not that known, tourist centres like Rome, London, Reykjavik, Portofino and many more.


Alaska Photographics


It’s all about Alaska, a beautiful land photographed by Patrick J Endres at its best. You can only fall in love¬†with Alaska once you see his amazing photos, over 30,000¬†that span through the last few decades. If I remember well the Alaskans call the rest of United States¬†Down South and most probably there is a good reason for that, they are really far away from the other states. The land mass of Alaska is 1/3 the size of the lower 48, but it has only about 600,000 people in the entire state. It’s not just one state, it’s a massive area to explore!


Tracie Travels


Tons of information about Travel Photography together with many¬†beautiful photos. I like Tracie’s style, always with a perfect composition.¬†Her photos capture my eyes on a trip within the image. That photo “Yep, that’s me” in the About page is just magnificent!


I like to mention also the website Travel Photographer of the Year. Beside browsing through the different categories with a selection of the best photos of the last years you can also submit your entries for the coming year, usually within September.

Have a great trip and never stop documenting it with stories, photos, sketches or any form of art ūüėČ

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