As a matter of principle, I always wanted to attach the map where the photo was made. I thought that any photographer, or tourist, new to the city could benefit from that.

Every time I visit a new city for a photo trip, I google for some existing photos just to have an idea of where and when to go. As a second step, I build a google map with all the candidate sites. As a last step I try to optimize a walk through these sites thinking also on the time of the day. I leave all the interior photos during the day.

I went back to all of my photos posted in the previous years and honestly it was hard to select just 5 locations. There are iconic ones as well as some unknown sites. At the end I decided to include mostly famous places although always trying to have a different corner.

Starting in January 2016 I teamed up with my friend Alfonso of Travel Photography Courses. I am now the trainer here in Melbourne and I run courses every 2/4 weeks. If you want to join we will have a great time for 3 hours. Read the full program on the Photography Travel website. If you decide to book a course use the coupon "MEL365" on check out and get a nice 20% discount (valid only till the 5th of March 2016)

Scroll to the bottom for the map and if you are planning a trip to this beautiful city here are the top 10 places to visit in Melbourne


# 5   The city from the top

No, you do not need an helicopter. You just need to climb up the stairs of a multi-storey car park or take an elevator to a bar on top of the building, grab a beer and make few photos. This second option does not work in the weekends because way too busy with people, especially on warm nights.

This is a project I started in 2012 and, after few months break, I have been starting it again. Check the project here

My favourite Garage Rooftops

Click on the markers to see more photos →

# 4   City panorama

I love this side of the river for a long panorama shot of the CBD. The Yarra river gives that lovely mirror effect to the foreground . 

The right time is at dusk with the city lights on their best. The wheel on the right corner is usually there for the Moomba Festival, around mid March

Come here one hour before sunset for some photography of the busy rowing clubs area. Interesting portraits and life style shots.

You can also plan your day for the sunset on the other side of the river (better for the light) and walk on this side (where the rowing clubs are) for the city panorama.

Plenty of opportunities to finish off the day

# 3   The Webb bridge

This is really one of the most famous and photographed place in Melbourne I believe.

I think I was here at least 5 times myself. Best time for a shot is at dusk, when the sky becomes all orange and the lights of the units from the building around Docklands give a real futuristic effect.

You add also the white light around the bridge net and you have the full picture

Walk around to shoot from different corners. Can you find a unique angle, hard but you never know!

# 2   St.Kilda Pier

There are plenty of nice places in St.Kilda. However I believe this is the most iconic one. Avoid going there on the weekend. Far too many people.

If you love shooting facing the sun, than sunset is the best time. Otherwise come on sunrise.

It can be really windy and wavy here so plan to arrive with a good tripod. Don't give up on a cloudy day as, by experience, you can achieve great results.

See the top 6 sites to make a photo in St.Kilda

# 1   Princess Pier at sunset

Plan it on a cloudy day, better in Autumn when the sunset is more dramatic with the sun just in front of you.

And that's it for today. Now scroll down to receive your personalized copy of the Melbourne City photographic sites. Print it or load it on your mobile/tablet as you reference guide.

Go down a bit more and you will see also the map with every sites discussed in this post

Enjoy your travel photography!

    • Lindianne
    • April 8, 2016

    Very informative article. I live in Melbourne and now feel I have a great starting point for photographing my fabulous city.

      • Stef
      • April 8, 2016

      So glad you enjoyed it Lindianne. Enjoy the city 😉

  1. Reply

    Great article. Arriving tomorrow -Monday 4th January so will ever checking sites out!?

    • Inder
    • October 7, 2015

    Hi there,
    Just wondering if you could suggest a photographer in Melbourne with such good photo quality, that would be much appreciated.

    • Reply

      Hi Inder, I just dropped you an email with more information.
      Many thanks for contact me.

  2. Reply

    You must have been having the hardest time picking on what to feature here in your blog. But you just did great! If I were you, I’d also pick these places. Travellers and blog enthusiasts should also visit these. Swear, all’s worth it!

    • Reply

      Thanks Daniel, it’s always hard to pick any place as you leave out others. And in Melbourne there are lots of beautiful sites!!
      For that reason I am building a full guide that people can download and print or take it as reference on the own mobile/tablet 😀

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