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In a previous post I talked about the top 5 spots to take a photo in Melbourne. Today I want to focus on a single area, St.Kilda.

It is one of my favorite area for the sunset photos. The light can change from an intense red to a mild orange, based on season and clouds. I feel like in winter I can always get the best colours, but it may be just a personal feeling. Beside landscapes you may have have some luck for some street or documentary photography. St.Kilda was well known for drug and prostitution, although in the last decade the area has been improved and gentleized. Few of the best events are the Pride March and the St.Kilda Festival, both usually in February.

I have built also an Android App with all the photos posted daily and best of all with the associated map, so that you can explore the city where and when you want never getting lost. Best of All this App is free!!

There is place for some action sport photography with both kitesurf and windsurf, on the west side of the beach. You will not get bored. Enjoy

#6  East side of St.Kilda beach

[fullwidthimage photourl=””]

You need to plan this photo, it will work only with low tide, and coming from high tide. The BOM website is my main source for the best timing. A multitude of small little creeks take shape and it’s easy to play and use the water as a mirror. Beside the tide the clouds help a lot as well, just think above picture with a clear blue sky. The photo would not be quite the same. Complicated planning but the end result can be awesome. Winter is the best time in this place as in most of the summer the wind can be quite strong and, when not windy, there are many tourists and visitors around.

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#5  The St.Kilda Luna Park

[fullwidthimage photourl=””]


It’s free to enter therefore do not hesitate to step in and take some shots. Unfortunately, there is one big restriction, you cannot use a tripod. I was kindly asked to disassemble it just after my first photo, above. There are some lovely colours in the dark and it is just a real pity to miss a stable base to use. Whatever, let’s try to do our best with the available tools always having fun of course. A classic photo is the clown face at the main gate, I still need to find an unusual corner myself 😀

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#4  The little pier on the main beach

[fullwidthimage photourl=””]

The best time for this place is spring when the sun is setting just at the end of the pier. It can be very busy here in the summer and, unless you want to include people in the photo, you will not be able to have a clear shot.

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#3  St.Kilda Pavilion

It was not too long ago that the landmark of St,Kilda burnt down. It was 2003.

I found this old photo on a forum, it was an interesting reading. It has been rebuilt with many people liking the new pavilion and others not happy for the new layout. Beside all the comments, this place is great for a photo. Come here in the sunrise for the best colours. Another awesome result can be achieved in a winter and foggy day when the pier is almost hidden, giving a lovely nostalgic effect.

[fullwidthimage photourl=””]

#2  A walk to the sun

Walk to the west side of the beach, where the new West Beach Pavilion is. There is a bush with a walking path and a bench. The sun is setting just at the end of it, but only in the summer. Hard to miss it. The composition can be a winner here.

[fullwidthimage photourl=””]


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#1 The pier on a cloudy and stormy day

It can be quite wavy in St.Kilda on a stormy day, 1 or 2 metres swell are not unheard of. A long exposure of 30 seconds can give a smooth and milky foreground in these cases. A real nostalgic effect. The biggest problem is the rain that may come any time. I was able to take below photo between rain storms, checking carefully the weather radar on my mobile, a great help for modern photography :))

[fullwidthimage photourl=””]

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Full Map of  the top 6 sites to take a photo in St.Kilda

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How to come to St.Kilda?

In Melbourne take either tram 16, 96 or 112. From Chapel Street there is tram 79, but only in the weekend. A taxi can cost you between $20 and $30 from the CBD