Last updated on May 21st, 2015 at 11:12 am

Ultimate Reference guide to  Travel Photography + The guide to Melbourne Photography Sites


The package includes:

  • Comparative insurance and gear spreadsheets (can be saved/copied in Google or Excel spreadsheet)
  • The Ultimate reference to Travel Photography – 6 practical guides for your slipcase

-1- Reference guide to Travel Photography
-2- Travel Photography Gear Guide
-3- Photography insurance guide
-4- Photography Cheat Sheet
-5- Photography Cheat Sheet Reference Guide
-6- 50 Tips to make money with travel and landscape photography

  • The Best Photography sites of Melbourne CBD

Do you find too complicated and difficult to organise a couple of days shooting in Melbourne CBD (Central Business District)? What are the best sites to go? What is the best time to visit these locations?
Do you need help finding unique places to make photos in the centre of Melbourne?
Visiting the city and not having much time to spare for photography?

You will discover little secrets and gems of the city, unique corners from where you can make awesome photos and the perfect time to have the best light.
Such a rainy day! No problem, you will be introduced to noteworthy buildings where you can enjoy some stand-out interior photography.

Master your photography skills with this guide that will take you step by step to the best Melbourne sites, including directions and maps on how to reach them.

I wrote this quick reference guide to help any photographer, traveller and visitor to the city, to find the best spot and the best time to have the best photo.

Each page gives a photo sample with a full description of how, when and where to go, including a map for an easier localisation. A tripod was used for all the photos unless marked handheld.

Enjoy !!