G@Top (2012)

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04 Sep 2014 in Projects

Equipment: Nikon D600, Nikkor 24-120 1:4, Canon 40D, Sigma 18-200

Location: Melbourne

Style: City Photography

This is a live and running project. I am visit the top sites of the city to have an unusual view of Melbourne.

Why unusual? because these spots are mostly in the parking buildings (G of Garage). I park my push bike and I walk up, or get an elevator, to the top of the multi-level parking building.

These are places which are scarcely visited for anything else than just….parking.

I study the city map, I look for the parking buildings with access and interesting view. Sometime there is nothing to call back home about, other times you find real gems as it was the case with the old Myer building being rebuilt in 2012. The area really looked like a WWII bombed area.