Photography courses and tours in Melbourne

Photography courses and tours in Melbourne

Last updated on May 29th, 2017 at 11:43 am

Running a travel photography website entails a fair bit of flying¬†around the world. I know, I can’t complain, can I ūüėÄ

However when back home I love to run photography courses and tours in Melbourne.

I live just meters away from the fabulous St.Kilda beach, a great location for sunset photography.

I see photography as a form of art, and this is what I love to tutor in my photography workshops.

Yes, we will go through the camera settings to make sure you will be the decision maker, not your camera in auto mode.

But this is not the core part of my courses and tours.

The most interesting¬†part is instead what could be called composition, or framing. It’s essentially better photography. What can we¬†improve to take our photos to the next level. Try to give the wow factor to our images.

Historical Collins 333_ the CBA Bank_CBD_20150123_024-min

Most of the photos and stories on the website are mine. Have a look and hopefully be inspired.

You can find some of the techniques I tutor also on the Travel Photography Guide in the download free page. Reading is part of the learning process. Listening and discussing is however the icing on the cake.

Hopefully see you soon.

Stef ūüėÄ

Group Photography courses in Melbourne

The cost is $99  for 3 hours and you will share the workshop with a small group of participants (up to 6 people).

The course is organised in multiple challenges connected to a camera setting. You will forget about the auto mode and you will experience only the semi and full manual settings.

We will use each challenge to master new composition rules

You can check below the availability.

Private Photography workshop

If you are after a 1-to-1 experience you should not miss this private photography workshop.

We will go through most of the camera settings and we will forget about the auto mode.

Moreover, we will concentrate on some of the most important composition rules and how to use them in our favour.

This is a custom made workshop and you can contact me directly through my email to agree on day and special requests

The cost is $245 for 3 hours.

If you are in a couple, or two friends, I can provide a special price for the second person.

View to the kitchen (ISO 2500, f/2.0, 1/40sec)

View to the kitchen (ISO 2500, f/2.0, 1/40sec)

Private Photography Tour in Melbourne

I have been spending most of my free time photographing this beautiful city.

I love going back to some of the popular sites.

I enjoy even more discovering new places and¬†some hidden corners I rarely meet¬†any other photographer. The feature photo of the Buddha temple on top is from Melbourne, even if it does look like being somewhere in Asia ūüėČ

In this private photography tour I will introduce you to some of the most amazing Melbourne lanes as well as to few unique and hidden city viewpoints. I like to call it the rooftop experience.

The office beehive in Melbourne CBD_CBD_20120730_027_8_9-2-2-min

When possible we will try to move using the free trams, otherwise we will walk

This is the ultimate Melbourne photowalk experience.

Graffiti from the top. An unusual view of Melbourne (ISO25600_ f_1.4_ 1_1500sec)_DSCF4233-min

The cost is $245 for 3 hours.

If you are in a couple, or two friends, I can provide a special price for the second person.

You can contact me directly through my email to agree on day and special requests

The Easey's is opening in Collingwood_Collingwood_20130910_010-min


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Stefano Ferro
Stefano is a travel and landscape photographer with a background in cycling, movie and lifestyle photography. When in Melbourne, his hometown, you will see him cycling around at sunset or sunrise looking for the best spot for a photo of this beautiful city. It is quite amazing how much photography gear he can pack on his bike :o
    • Marielle
    • March 25, 2017

    Hi Stef,

    I was wondering what workshops you have in Melbourne that are focused on iPhone photography in 2017? I’m particularly interested in street photography aspects/photowalks. (This is as a gift for my 21-year-old nephew.)

    If you’re not offering anything in the foreseeable future, could you recommend another person/group in Melbourne for me?

    Thank you,

    • Reply

      Good day Marielle,
      for mobile photography, at the moment, I run it only as a private workshop. It covers 2 hours of composition that can be customised to your nephew need, street photography as an example and much more. The third hour will cover more of post-production, how to improve photos using mobile apps.

      I will send you an email as well with more info

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