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7 to 10 days in Miami – itineraries with things to do based on your type of vacation

This is one of America’s most eclectic cities, filled with culture, art, design, and a unique beach area too.

7 to 10 days in Miami seems like a long stay for a city, however, you will be surprised by how much you can see and experience in this metropolis.

I wrote this guide to assist you in planning your itinerary based on your interests, whether you are seeking for a romantic getaway with your partner, a family vacation or just visiting as much as possible.

Let’s begin

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Oner week to 10 days in Miami
Oner week to 10 days in Miami

7 to 10 days in Miami – in a nutshell

I started my Miami guides writing about 2 or 3 days in Miami with 5 possible itineraries, and I also mentioned how tight would be with such a short stay, considering the many things to do and see in the city.

Now, let me say that you will feel like a local after 7 to 10 days in Miami if you follow this guide.

I have included in this post 3 detailed day-by-day itineraries from one week to 10 days in Miami dedicated to couples, families, or with a bit of everything for the more active travellers.

Skip the last 3 days of every plan (marked as optional) if you have only 7 days in Miami.

In the map below, I have highlighted the 7 most popular areas of the metropolis.

Keep in mind that Miami City and Miami Beach are two municipalities. In this guide, for simplicity, I will use only Miami for both.
Best neighborhood to stay in Miami
Best neighborhood to stay in Miami
  • 7 to 10 days in Miami for couples: This is such a great fun city for couple. Both at day and night. You will be surprised by how 1 week, or even 10 days, will fly so quickly. In fact, I suggest planning your itinerary before arriving in Miami, otherwise you may miss the most. So easy to seat, chill out and party, especially if staying in South Beach. The Jet Ski and the 60 minutes flight are the unique tours. The Rubell and the Superblue are the most interesting and stimulating museums/galleries.  Read more below on a 7 to 10 days in Miami for couples with a suggested daily plan
  • 1 week to 10 days in Miami for families: You and your family will have plenty of action and beach time in Miami. Having a week or more will give you such a variety of options, without a single moment of boredom. I suggest splitting the days in two parts, the morning, to visit the attractions as the Children Museum or the Aquatic Center, and the afternoon for a fun activity, either at the beach or in the city, including a visit to one or more playgrounds, just to please everyone. Read more below on a family itinerary
  • For a bit of everything: this is the option for the active traveller, that wants to see as much as possible. Read below for more details
Things to do in Miami
Things to do in Miami – Check and save my shared Google Map with places to visit, activities and restaurants/cafes/bars

You have a few options to get around the city

  • bike: this is by far the best option to get around Miami Beach, to experience the many art deco buildings, the different beaches and the multitude of cafes, bars and restaurants. You can rent the bike or even take an art deco bike tour with a local guide that will lead you to the iconic places as well as the hidden gems of South Beach,
  • public transportation: you have buses, metrorails and metromovers connecting most of Miami. You can check the maps and timetables on the Miami Dade Transit website
  • taxi/Uber/Lyft: the easiest option to get around the city, but also the most expensive. Lyft tends to be the cheapest option

All, if not most, of the activities suggested in this post offer a full refund in the event of cancellation up to 24 hours in advance.

In my trips, I usually book everything weeks ahead, especially if visiting during a busy time, such as school holidays.

As my plans change, I cancel any reservation that is no longer needed. This is so simple and efficient.

1 week to 10 days in Miami for couples

Day 1 – Little Havana in the morning, Vizcaya in the afternoon

Your first day in Miami will be all about connecting to different cultures.

Let’s start with a trip into Little Havana, along 8th Street, known as Calle Ocho, west of Downtown Miami.

Wonder in the area, visit a few local art shops and surely the famous cigar shops where you also attend at the making process.

Join the Food, Culture, Mojito & Street Art Tour for a guided walk in Little Havana lead by a local

Once done with the Cuban experience, visit the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.

Take a walk in the well-manicured gardens, visit the main house and experience life in the early 20th Century while appreciating the landscape. 

To get there, grab the bus from Little Havana to Coconut Grove and from there the train, one stop north to Vizcaya. Alternatively, go for a 15-20 minutes taxi ride.

Day 2 – South Beach and Art deco 

South Beach is the quintessential part of Miami.

You can take a bike tour, a scenic flight or simply sunbathe on the beach. Now, that is the Miami life we all know and love.

While at South Beach, you can take a romantic guided 2-hour bike ride around the Art Deco historic district.

The district boasts around 800 buildings, each carrying rich history and culture.

Start at the Art Deco Welcome Centre so you can find out the best places to visit like the Art Deco Museum.

Alternatively, start with the hotel corridors famous for the Hollywood and political legends, like the Betsy, the Marlin Hotel, the Celino South Beach and many more. 

Art Deco on Ocean Drive in the morning.
Art Deco on Ocean Drive in the morning.

Day 3 – Jet Ski, Rubell Museum and Superblue Museum

This is the time to mix a day in the water with some museum visits.

Start with a Jet Ski City Tour where you can check out the beauty of Miami while testing your need for speed.

You will get to explore Miami Downtown from the water, really unique.

Afterwards, sprint through Biscayne Bay to visit a few islands. You will feel like a star.

Next, take the train to the Rubell Museum (Santa Clara Station).

The Rubell started collecting contemporary art and connecting with contemporary artists over 20 years ago.

The museum now holds over 7200 precious works that you can explore in 2 or 3 hours

Across the street is the Superblue Museum, a futuristic museum that holds many modern, digital and lights exhibitions.

After hours of checking out artwork, sit down at the Blue Rider Cafe within the museum grounds, to enjoy an aperitivo.

Day 4 – Wynwood and Strawberry Moon

Miami is a hub for art and a visit to Wynwood will remind you of that.

You will find dozens of street art works by artists from around the world.

You can even take a buggy ride around the district or indulge in a DIY walking tour.

The afternoon will be all about glam and relaxation at the Strawberry Moon.

If you know the superhit song ‘Happy’, it will interest you that Pharrel Williams is part of the duo behind this glamour restaurant.

What makes it unique is the bright colours and range of food to choose from.

As you enjoy your meal, take a dip in the pool and cool off – a fitting reward after a few days of touring. 

Day 5 – Design district and Mid-Beach

Shopping, food and art go well together and the Miami Design District is the place to get all three.

The Design District has many clothing stores like Balenciaga Men’s, Bulgari, Alexander McQueen, Chanel and Celine.

Take a bite in the fine dining restaurants here like Cote Miami, Tacombi and Mia Market.

To experience some art, take a stroll to the Institute of Contemporary Art Miami, the Opera Gallery, the Office or the Haitian Heritage Museum.

Let your afternoon take you back to the sun and sand at Mid Beach, between North and South Beach.

The best way to take in the Mid Beach experience is through a Cruise that will pass through Millionaire’s Row and the Venetian Islands.

What is Millionaire’s Row, you ask?

This is the exclusive stretch of homes owned by celebrities. The tour will show you homes of the who’s who in the elite circles.

While at Mid Beach, you can stroll along the boardwalk for some shopping and dining or soak in the sun at the beach. 

Take the direct bus J (15 minutes) to go from the Design District to Mid-Beach.

Day 6 – day trip to Everglades

Miami is so much more than beaches and shopping districts.

There is nature for you to experience at the Everglades National Park.

If you want to see birds, alligators and other wildlife, take an airboat tour and wildlife show around the Everglades National Park.

This is the quickest way to see the Everglades, with the pickup from Miami included. Expect to spend at least half-day there, including the return trip.

You can also experience the Everglades inside a native American reservation.

You will get to see the biodiverse parts of the Everglades with native American guides, learning not only about the park but also about the Tequesta and the Seminole Tribes.

In this way, you can appreciate this protected piece of history and learn their way of living.

A trip on an airboat will give you such a great overview of the Everglades National Park
A trip on an airboat will give you such a great overview of the Everglades National Park

Day 7 – Miami Beach and Evening Cruise

This is basically a day around and above the shores of Miami.

Start with a Parasailing Experience in Biscayne Bay in the morning hours.

This is a unique time for couples because you can actually do it together, so exciting.

In the afternoon, you can rent a bike and take a ride from South Beach all the way to North Beach, passing by Mid-Beach

An evening cruise in Biscayne Bay is what romantic date nights are made of.

This tour will take you around Miami, and you get to experience its dazzling skyline.

Day 8-10 For an extended stay

You still have 3 more days on your itinerary to mix a few activities with some relaxation and chill-out time on the beach.

You might consider adding the following places or activities to your itinerary:

Accommodations and experiences for couples:

 1 week to 10 days in Miami for families

Day 1 – Frost Museum of Science

Any day is a good day for science, and a trip to the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science is the place to start.

The kids and adults will appreciate what the Frost Science Museum has to offer like a 3-level aquarium, a 250-seat planetarium with an 8K screen and various exhibitions all year round.

For the adults, there is a night show for 21+ guests which includes night time exhibitions, a dance party and refreshments.

Day 2 – Miami Seaquarium

Time to go under the sea – safely, of course – at the Miami Seaquarium.

Check out animal exhibitions with dolphins, sea turtles, manatees, penguins and so much more.

Imagine swimming with dolphins and seals or hanging out with penguins!

Not only that, the whole family can learn more about protecting the sea and its creatures while having a fun time.

At the Miami Seaquarium, you can also enjoy a family dining experience after a long day of touring.

Day 3 – Miami Zoo

The animal experience continues at the Zoo Miami, also known as the Miami-Dade Zoological Park and Gardens.

The whole family can take part in the animal feeding activities, meet the zookeeper and learn more about animal conservation.

All family members can take rides like the Lostman’s River Ride, Monorail, pedal boats and Safari Tram tours.

The day at Zoo Miami will not be complete without the Zoo Lights show which runs from 4pm till late.

Buy the skip-the-queue ticket during the weekends and school holidays. This is a popular family attractions.

Flamingo at the Miami Zoo
Flamingo at the Miami Zoo

Day 4 – Miami Children’s Museum

Many people think there are only a few family activities in Miami because of its party oriented reputation.

Allow us to prove you wrong at the Miami Children’s Museum.

There is something for everyone at the Museum. There are art exhibits and a sketch aquarium to spark the kid’s artistic curiosity.

There is also a pet central, glass lab, construction zone, bank and even supermarket for the kids to play in.

The Miami’s Children’s Museum will also awake your inner child to have a good time. 

Day 5 – Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden

This is yet another day to connect with the beauty of nature at the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden.

Start with a visit to the Wings of the Tropics exhibition, a collection of many butterfly species. Next, take a walk around and appreciate the various plants available in the gardens.

For the kids, there is a discovery expedition where kids take part in an adventure and receive goodies and a badge at the end.

You can have a garden picnic and take in the fresh air.

The Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden has also a night garden light show.

Day 6 – South Beach Activities

A Miami Vacation is never complete without a day at South Beach.

You can choose to rent the bikes and take a tour of South Beach or take a walk along the beach.

Discover the Art Déco Architecture starting with the Art Déco Museum. Then navigate through the many hotels and historic buildings.

As the night falls, there are many clubs that the adults can enjoy and dance the night away.

Aerial View of the Beach and Skyline at South Beach
Aerial View of the Beach and Skyline at South Beach

Day 7 – Skyviews, Parasailing and Evening Cruise in Biscayne Bay

The best view of Miami is from the top, so take the family up on one of the Skyviews Miami Observation Wheel gondolas.

You get to see Miami’s Biscayne Bay & the downtown Miami skyline in a private space.

Are you travelling with grown-ups?

Visit Biscayne Bay for a more exciting and exhilarating parasailing session and a dip in the ocean as a way to relax and unwind.

In the evening, the adults (the children can come too!) can enjoy an evening cruise to experience Biscayne Bay and the Mami skyline in style.

Day 8-10 For an extended stay

On this family itinerary, you still have time to combine a few activities with some relaxing on the beach.

These places and activities might be worth adding to your itinerary:

  • a day in Mid-Beach combined with a Millionaire’s Row Segway Tour, always a great fun with the kids
  • an exciting 45-Minute Sightseeing by Speedboat, just to pump up some adrenaline in the body
  • a great Jet Ski Tour in the morning, if you are travelling with grown-up kids
  • a visit to the lovely Flaming Park in Miami Beach
  • an afternoon at the children playground at South Pointe Park, shaded and with a water feature where the little ones love getting wet.
  • some time at the indoor FunDimension, a family entertainment center, ideal for those rainy days

Accommodations and experiences for families:

7 to 10 days in Miami for a bit of everything

Lots of activities have been packed in this 7 to 10 days itinerary in Miami.

There is a great mix of art and cultural experiences, beach and relaxed time, as well as active and exciting moments.

With these 10 days in Miami, you will get to know the city more than most of the locals, although in a hectic way.

Day 1 – Little Havana & Vizcaya Estate

Start in the morning by exploring the charming streets of Little Havana, where you’ll find cigar stores, rum bars, and live salsa music.

In the heart of the district, the Calle Ocho, you will find the Visitor’s Center, where you can learn what’s happening in the area and buy souvenirs to remember your visit.

The following places are not to be missed:

With so many streets and alleyways to explore, you could spend an entire day exploring the Little Havana District.

Lunch at Ball & Chain, a renowned Cuban restaurant with live music.

Do you want to know and understand more about the area and Cuban lifestyle?

Join this guided art and food tasting tour of the Cuban quarter, which includes stops at galleries and restaurants. There is lunch included as well, excellent value.

Cuban art & food tour

Afterwards, take the bus #27 to Coconut Grove and then take the Metrorail one stop north to the Vizcaya Museum And Gardens.

By public transportation, the trip (4 miles) takes around 50-60 minutes. Taxis/Ubers will get you there in 15-25 minutes, depending on traffic.

Built in 1912, the Vizcaya House is one of the city’s most historic estates, featuring Italian Renaissance architecture.

Wander around the museum and enjoy the views of the ocean from the beautiful gardens

View from the Vizcaya Gardens
View from the Vizcaya Gardens

Day 2 – Scenic flight & Rubell Museum

In the morning, take a scenic flight tour over Miami and South Beach, the best way to see both the city and the marvellous beach.

You will find many tours online which offer a similar service with a similar price.

The only difference is the length of the flight, either 30 or 60 minutes.

If you can afford the difference, go for the 60 minutes. Once you are in the air, you will regret having taken a short flight.

price 30 minutes flight   price 60 minutes flight

In the afternoon, visit the Rubell Museum, located between the airport and downtown, easily accessible by metrorail (Santa Clara station).

This is one of the world’s top private contemporary art museums.

The repurposed DEA warehouse showcases contemporary works by established and unknown artists. Over 7,000 works by 1,000 artists are on view.

While some remain permanently, others rotate.

Lunch can be done before entering the museum at the nearby Caja Caliente, a food truck cooking Cuban inspired food in a small urban garden.

Day 3 – South Beach

This is a day dedicated to Miami Beach

Spend the morning exploring the art déco buildings on Ocean Drive and South Beach.

Add the following to your list:

  • the 1937 Celino Hotel
  • the 1936’s Beacon South Beach Hotel
  • the 1935 Colony Hotel
  • the 1942 Carlyle, Scarface and Bad Boys II have used it as a film location
  • along with the classic Miami Beach Post Office

Also available is a 2-hour Art Deco Bike Tour with a local guide that explores the area and shows you both iconic and hidden spots.

A glamorous lunch and afternoon is guaranteed at the Strawberry Moon pool & restaurants.

Otherwise, just take a dip in South Beach after some food and drinks at the iconic Havana 1957.

Day 4 – Everglades

This day is dedicated to the Everglades National Park, 50 miles south of Miami, reachable by organised day tour or on your own with a car.

Discover alligators in America’s largest subtropical wilderness.

Get a glimpse of dolphins and crocodiles on a boat ride, and check out the active manatees and even panthers (if you’re lucky).

Take pictures of eye-popping species, even paddle through cypress domes and mangrove tunnels – it’s all possible here.

This is probably one of the best day/half-day experiences to have in Miami.

If you drive to the park, you can think of making the whole day there.

Drive west of Miami for about 50 miles to take this 35-40 minute Airboat Tour with 30-minute Wildlife Show to explore the park.

Then drive south 50 miles to the Ernest Coe Visitor Center to collect maps for some trekking in the park.

Alternatively, join this easy going half-day 4-hour morning tour from Miami with a guide to get more of an inside of the Everglades National Park

Tour from Miami    DIY Airboat

Everglades National Park
Trekking in the Everglades National Park

Day 5 – Design District and Mid-Beach

Spend the morning at the Design District.

A great place to start your exploration is the historic Moore Building, dating back to 1921.

Go next to the Institute of Contemporary Art.

Each second Saturday of each month, the Design District hosts an art walk.

Seat for a charm lunch at ella cafe, serving both pastries and breakfast/brunch

In the afternoon, grab the direct J bus to Mid Beach for some chilled out time and a swim at the beach

In Mid Beach, you could also think of visiting the Millionaire’s Row Of Miami, where you can see the ultra-luxurious villas along Collins Avenue, between 41st Street and 62nd Street.

You can walk on your own along the street, although you can’t see much through the gates, or take a city cruise to see them from the water.

Millionaire’s Row Cruise

Day 6 – Jet Ski & Frost Museum

The morning is fully dedicated to exploring Miami, but this time from the water with a jet ski, a completely different corner

This is one of the most desired experiences in Miami, and for a good reason, it’s absolutely outstanding.

Join this organised 2.5 hours jet ski tour to navigate through Miami Downtown, Biscayne Bay (between Miami City and Miami Beach), Brickell Key, Fisher Island and so many other gorgeous spots.

This is an experience to remember for a long long time. Hotel pickup is also included, which makes things so easy

Jet Ski in Miami

In the afternoon, plan a more relaxed visit to the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science for an interactive tech-exhibition.

You will also be able to explore a 3-level aquarium and a planetarium, a great fun for everyone, especially for the grown up kids.

Alternatively, in the same area you can visit the Pérez Art Museum, a modern and contemporary art museum, with exhibits from the 20th and 21st centuries featuring artists from across the world.

And while in the area, why not taking the Skyviews Observation Wheel for an elevated viewpoint of both the city and Miami Beach.

During peak time (weekends and school holidays), buy your tickets in advance to avoid big queues.

Miami downtown city skyline.
Miami downtown city skyline.

Day 7 – Wynwood Art District

Day 7 will be spent entirely in the Wynwood Art District (3 miles north of downtown Miami), where you will find one of the most unique and largest street art installations in the world.

Spend the morning strolling the streets and alleyways, then head to the Wynwood Walls.

To gain a fuller understanding of the area, you can also take this guided walking tour.

Visit Joey’s for lunch, a trendy cafe with typical Italian meals like pizza and pasta.

Explore the interesting and unique Selfie Museum or the Museum of Graffiti in the afternoon.

Alternatively, why not trying yourself making a street graffiti directly with the artist, a great fun especially if travelling with friends or kids

Day 8-10 For an extended stay

With 3 more days on your book, you can mix a few activities and time spent at the beach to relax and chill-out.

Some of the places or activities you can add to your plan are:

Accommodations and experiences:

The first stop on the Miami to Key West Road Trip : Everglades National Park
The Everglades National Park is a must visit with 7-10 days in Miami
Boardwalks in the swamp in Everglades National Park
Boardwalks in the swamp in Everglades National Park
Kayaking through the Everglades National Park mangroves
Kayaking through the Everglades National Park mangroves
Wild life watching in the Everglades National Park
Wild life watching in the Everglades National Park
Walking in Ocean Drive is like walking in an open air art-deco museum
Walking in Ocean Drive is like walking in an open air art-deco museum
Miami Beach Lifeguard shed
Miami Beach Lifeguard shed
Colours of Miami Beach
Colours of Miami Beach
Kitesurfing in the quieter North Beach
Kitesurfing in the quieter North Beach
Soho Beach House in Mid-Beach
Soho Beach House in Mid-Beach
Ocean Drive at night
Ocean Drive at night
The Versace Mansion in Miami Beach
The Versace Mansion in Miami Beach
Miami - View to downtown from the Cruise Terminal
Miami – View to downtown from the Cruise Terminal
Miami downtown city skyline.
Miami downtown city skyline.
View to Downtown and the Brickell district
View to Downtown and the Brickell district
Inside Brickell skyline, south of Downtown
Inside Brickell skyline, south of Downtown
Clubbing and nightlife are great in both Miami Beach and Miami Downtown
Clubbing and nightlife are great in both Miami Beach and Miami Downtown
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