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The best Naxos Beach Resorts, all-inclusive and not

I have been in love for Naxos since 2000, the year of my first trip there.

This is an island that has the lot, lovely sandy beaches, turquoise water, windsurfing possibilities, good trekking, fantastic restaurants and a chill-out nightlife.

And then you have the Naxos beach resorts, places where you can unwind, relax and enjoy this amazing island, just meters from the sea.

I wrote a full guide on the best areas to stay in Naxos.

On this post, I want to concentrate more on the best resorts hotels next to the beach, with the most amazing view.

But now, without further ado, let’s get into it.

In this guide you will see

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Lovely and secluded beach south of Naxos Island
Lovely and secluded beach south of Naxos Island

Best Naxos Beach Resorts – in a nutshell

Most of the resorts areas are on the south-west coast, well repaired by the northerly wind.

There is only one exception, that is Apollonas, a lovely fishing village full of character, very romantic, however, without really any of that amazing beaches for which Naxos is so famous for.

This is a map with the major destinations, from Naxos Town (the only place with some nightlife) to Aliko Beach, so remote, secluded and beautiful. 

Best Naxos Beach Resorts on a map
Best Naxos Beach Resorts on a map – Check & download the full resolution map here

Here below the quick answers to the most asked questions. Keep reading or follow the resort’s link for a full accommodation description.

  • Best Naxos beach resorts for families: The Ploes Seaside Houses in Plaka Beach is a great resort with 3 villas up to 5 bedrooms. Another great option is the Phoenicia Naxos, in Glyfada Beach, hosting up to 7 people in the luxurious villas.
  • Best Naxos beach place for nightlife: Kalergis in Agios Georgios offers lovely studios meters from the water and with a great view over the beach. You will be a 10 minutes walk from the nightlife in the Old Town sailing harbour.
  • Best beach resort for couples: Naxian On The Beach in Plaka Beach is one of the most unique places in Naxos, boutique and romantic, perfect for couples
  • What beach resort for the view: Angel Suites has a tremendous view on the lovely Agia Anna Beach, with a nice sea breeze late in the evening
  • Best beach resort on a budget: The Stella Naxos Island is an incredible value for money accommodation that you should not miss out. Another option is the Ostria Hotel, right in front of the lovely Agios Prokopios beach
  • Best beach to choose the resort: this is really a hard choice because Naxos has so many amazing beaches. Agios Prokopios and the nearby Agia Anna Beach are two of my favourites, and they are both a short taxi ride to Naxos Town for some nightlife if you miss it. The Iria Beach Art Hotel is a lovely boutique place to stay, meters from the golden sand.
  • Great beach resort with gym and SPA: Liana Beach Hotel & Spa is a lovely accommodation in Agios Prokopios, with a good size gym and a great Spa. Finikas Hotel is another option in the more secluded Aliko Beach
  • Best place for kitesurfing and windsurfing: I have already mentioned the Kalergis Resort in Agios Georgios Beach for the nightlife. You can use it also as an accommodation for your windsurfing or kitesurfing in the southern end of the beach
  • Best for a quiet and secluded breakaway: Finikas Hotel in Aliko Beach is the place to be, far away from everyone and everything, however, with great facilities as a gym and a Spa.
  • With a traditional Cycladic architecture: Faros Villa has traditional accommodation with a locally inspired interior design. It’s located in the remote Aliko Beach.
  • What to avoid: there are a few resorts that advertise themselves as beach resorts or beachfront, but in reality, they are a few hundred metres away, or even worst, inland with a view to the sea. If you really want beach access I strongly suggest to go beyond the images and check the location map. The resorts in this post are all beachfront. Another thing to avoid is to book a resort that does not match with your type of holiday. For example, I would not suggest the Finikas Hotel in Aliko Beach for nightlife because all you can find there is a relaxed and chilled out environment.

More on the mentioned resorts and hotels

For every resort, I also mention the beach where it is located.

Talking of beaches, they are honestly all lovely, here below a quick summary:

  • Agios Georgios Beach: next to the town, ideal if you want to be close to many restaurant options and the small nightlife of the island. The far end of the beach is windy and ideal for windsurfing and kitesurfing
  • Agios Prokopios and Agia Anna Beach: 5km south of the Old Town, amazing turquoise water. Quiet except in August when it can be quite busy
  • Plaka Beach: another lovely very long beach 8km south of the Old Town. A small part of it is also used by naturalists. It’s all sandy, however, there are stone slabs here and there.
  • Glyfada Beach: around 17-18km south of the Old Town. Very peaceful even in August. The southern end may be windy in Just and August, the windsurfing months
  • Aliko Beach: ~20km south of the Old Town, the most secluded of all beaches, a small heaven

Ploes Seaside Houses (best for big families or groups)

This is a lovely boutique beach resort with 2 villas, both with 3 bedrooms to host big families or groups of people, up to 5 people

They are set in a very quiet and relaxing environment, just meters away from the lovely Plaka Beach.

The interior design has been inspired by the nature around the beach with beautiful pastel colours.

The terrace area is the perfect place to be for a nice drink after dinner, with a fresh sea breeze coming from the beach.

There is most definitely a nice luxurious touch in the decoration, but the beach resort comes still at an affordable price.

The Nikos&Maria Restaurant is just meters away, for drinks or even better dinner in the sand. 

Check price at Ploes

Armiro Boutique House
Armiro Boutique House

Phoenicia Naxos (lux villas for families)

These luxury villas are located right off Kastraki and are ideal for peaceful family holidays.

Glyfada Beach is just meters away, with its beautiful sand and turquoise water.

The Phoenicia villas feature classic whitewashed architecture that is popular in this part of Greece.

The interior matches this perfectly with the high-end all-white décor theme.

The kids will have a lot to look forward to with amenities like a large outdoor pool and the complimentary Wi-Fi.

The pool area offers a fantastic view of the sea which you can enjoy from the shaded lounge chairs.

Your family will also get to enjoy an a la carte breakfast menu prepared by the hostess Anthi Dede.

And if you want to go out for your meals, the villas are a short walk away from popular restaurants like Glyfada Naxos Restaurant.

Check availability at Phoenicia

Phoenicia Naxos Resort
Phoenicia Naxos Resort

Kalergis (for nightlife and windsurfing)

This waterfront property is on the shores of Agios Georgios Beach which is also known for water sports like windsurfing, surfing, paddle boating and so much more.

At first glance, the Kalergis accommodation stands out with their bright blue pop which sets them apart from their plain white neighbours.

The inside is every bit as beautiful with simple yet classy décor that gives the space a home away from home feel.

The hotel offers fantastic ocean views which you can enjoy anywhere from the garden to your private balcony.

The position makes this place ideal for night owls.

You have so much to explore nearby including late-night restaurants like Oasis or bars like the Vammos Beach Bar.

Yet, you will still enough hidden away to enjoy a quiet night sleep.

Check availability at Kalergis

Kalergis Studios
Kalergis Studios

Naxian On The Beach (best for couples)

Naxian on the Beach is located towards the quieter and less crowded southern end of Plaka Beach.

This plus the breathtaking views of the water make it ideal for couples looking for a secluded and romantic stay.

The resort offers boutique accommodations both inside and out.

The exterior features a truly traditional Greek style with rounded walls, flat roofs and white finishing.

The interior breaks the monotony of the white with tropical-themed earthy tone decoration pieces.

There are a bar and a la carte restaurant on site, so you do not have to go too far for a meal out.

In fact, the restaurant offers room service for those days you just want to lounge indoors all day with your partner.

Check availability at Naxian

Naxian On The Beach
Naxian On The Beach

Angel Suites (great view)

This waterfront property on Agia Anna Beach is one of the best in Naxos as far as views are concerned.

It offers panoramic coverage with everything,  from the beautiful, clear water to the hills on the back.

You can enjoy this from your private balcony or the shaded sunbeds on the beach.

The view at Angel Suites is not the only eye candy on offer as you also have the beautifully designed and decorated rooms to look forward to.

You can feel the luxury in the spacious rooms and the curved out bathroom cave is certainly unique.

They offer a continental breakfast. There is also an on-site coffee shop if you feel like a light snack later on in the day.

And if you want to go out, there are numerous restaurants and bars around the most popular of which is Byammo Cocktail Bar.

Check availability at Angel

Angel Suites
Angel Suites

Stella Naxos Island (budget)

Resort holidays should not always burn holes through your wallet and the Stella Naxos Island is the best example of this.

Located between Agia Anna Beach and the nearby Maragkas Beach, these accommodations offer you the best in terms of design, convenient amenities and beach access at amazing rates.

The self-catered apartments are spacious and beautifully decorated for a homey feel.

You also have a continental breakfast buffet with vegan options to look forward to as part of the package.

You could also try out some of the affordable cocktails at the bar in the property.

But if you want to go out, you have several affordable options including Aloha Beach Bar and Coffee Shop.

Check price at Stella

Stella Naxos Island
Stella Naxos Island

Ostria Hotel (value for money, lovely beach)

The Ostria Hotel is in Agios Prokopios beach, one of the most beautiful spots in Naxos.

You will be met by a beautiful white building that adds a nice modern twist to traditional Greek architecture.

The interior feature all-white décor with pops of neutral hues for a really luxurious look and feel.

You also have fantastic beachfront views to look forward to.

One of the best places on the property to enjoy these is the communal balcony.

 The hotel offers further value for your money with the awesome breakfast buffet with continental options.

There is also a restaurant on-site with Greek and Italian cuisine for you to enjoy.

Check price at Ostria

Ostria Hotel
Ostria Hotel

Iria Beach Art Hotel (best beach by many)

The Iria Beach Art Hotel is a fantastic beachside destination if you want a truly relaxing stay.

Located on Agia Anna Beach, it stands out from others in Naxos with its more colourful look.

It lives up to the name with fantastic art installations in every room that add the perfect contrasting pop of colour to the whitewashed walls.

Speaking of relaxation, you have a wellness and fitness centre to enjoy with amenities like beauty treatments, a hot tub, massage services and a gym.

In addition to the American buffet-style breakfast prepared by the hostess Maria and her staff, you have other restaurants around to try.

One of them is the Banana Restaurant, known for its eclectic menu and awesome cocktails.

Check availability at Iria

Iria Beach Art Hotel
Iria Beach Art Hotel

Liana Beach Hotel & Spa (if looking for gym & SPA)

The Liana Beach Resort is another fantastic option in the Agios Prokopios area that is ideal if you want relaxing spa treatments.

The wellness centre on the property offers access to state of the art treatments and amenities including a spa lounge, a hot tub, a steam bath, a sauna, a well-equipped gym, as well as several beauty services.

When you are not getting pampered, you could spend your time relaxing at one of the 2 beautiful pools while enjoying a refreshing drink from the onsite bar.

You also have an awesome breakfast setup to look forward to.

They offer both American style and continental buffet options with special diet considerations like gluten-free and vegan meals.

And if you want to eat out, just take a walk to the nearby La Trattoria.

Check availability at Liana

Liana Beach Hotel & Spa
Liana Beach Hotel & Spa

Finikas Hotel (quiet, seclusion, with gym)

Aliko Beach is a real hidden gem of Naxos and this makes Finikas Hotel, right on this beach, ideal for travellers who want a quiet stay.

This is one of the most peaceful and secluded places in the island with an amazing turquoise sea, a breathtaking sunset as well as a fabulous garden area, particularly beautiful at night when the yard lights go on.

The accommodations offer access to spa and fitness facilities for further relaxation.

These include a pool, hot tub, sauna, hammam and a gym.

You also have a lot to look forward to when it comes to food with the continental buffet breakfast and a la carte menu for lunch and dinner.

And for an evening out, have a nice meal at the walking distance FBI-SA Hawaii Restaurant.

Check availability at Finikas

Finikas Hotel
Finikas Hotel

Faros Villa (traditional Cycladic architecture)

Faros Villa on Aliko Beach is ideal if you want a place with charm.

This is because of the unique Cycladic design of the property featuring whitewashed walls, cube silhouettes and beautiful curved arches.

This is complemented perfectly by the white interior décor theme with pops of neutral colours for the perfect minimalistic vibe.

In addition to the beachfront access and iconic views that this boutique accommodations offer, you have awesome amenities like a pool, free Wi-Fi and a continental breakfast buffet to look forward to.

You are also walking distance to the Notos Seaside Restaurant, one you should definitely check out for a real taste of authentic local cuisine.

Check availability at Faros

Faros Villa
Faros Villa
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