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PRACTICAL guide to best 7 beaches in Marco Island, Florida

Visiting Marco Island beaches in Florida is like visiting a little paradise.

In this practical guide, you will find the information you need for a visit to ALL the public beaches, including advice on the public parking lot, parking fee, picnic area, restroom facilities and available water sports.

Basically, you’ll be ready to enjoy a relaxing day at the beach with no surprises.

There is also a recommended restaurant, cafe, or a snack bar for each beach in case you want to have lunch or just an ice cream.

That said, the white sand beaches are so stunning that you will want to spend all day under the sun.

I have also listed all the public beach access points and where to find easy parking spaces to leave your car and have a short walk to the beautiful beaches.

Best Marco Island beaches - Florida
Best Marco Island beaches in southwest Florida

As part of this guide, I have also included Keewaydin Island, easily accessible with a boat tour from the Marina.

I have listed also 2 private beaches that are accessible only under certain conditions, and I will mention which below.

It is possible to drive to all beaches, as they all offer parking.

On weekends and during summer holidays, however, it can be busy and you may not find any available parking area after 10-10:30 am.

You can avoid the problem all together if you decide to stay straight on the beach of Marco Island or within walking distance from it.

You can also park your car in town and ride a bike to the beaches (rentals are available) or why not catching a 15 minute bus.

And, in case you are having a long stay, why not taking a short drive to enjoy Vanderbilt Beach (25 miles north) or the beautiful beaches of Sanibel Island (60 miles north).

There is no sorting by beauty context in the list below. The Marco Island beaches are all stunning. 

From South Beach to the Marco Island’s easternmost point, the list begins.

PRACTICAL guide to ALL the Marco Island beaches, Florida
PRACTICAL guide to ALL the Marco Island beaches, Southwest Florida

South Beach – Marco Island public beach


Your experience here starts off with the beautiful palm trees lining up the walkway as you head from the street to the beach.

That’s before you hit the long stretch of silky white sand – coupled with plenty of sea shells.

While it doesn’t offer the quiet, exclusive feel of Central Beach, activity here is still toned down – making it ideal for a relaxing get-away for those keen on avoiding crowds.

Of course, numbers will crank up during the afternoon. Speaking of which, you’ll need to get here early if you want to secure a parking spot.

The public beach opens at 8 am. Want to swim around or go snorkelling? You can do that here too.

This West-facing beach is also the best place to catch the sunset.


South Marco Beach access: There is one access point at the end of South Collier Boulevard, next to the access to the Sunset Grille bar/restaurant.

Parking Lot: public parking space is available at the South Beach Parking Lot, on Swallow Avenue, for $10/day flat rate. There are around 50 parking spaces. It usually gets full by 10am on weekends and school holidays, even sooner on big holiday days.

Nearby restaurant: Sunset Grille is the only available pub/sport bar in the area, with a fantastic sunset view over the Gulf of Mexico. They offer mostly pub food, or burgers, chips, nachos and appetizers.

Nearby hotels and rentals: Penthouse Beach Views 1BR and Deluxe Somerset Remodeled 2BR (read my guide to the best areas, hotels and rentals in Marco Island for more options)

Cycling accessible: Accessible and with a bike rack as you go in the access point, on your left side. The ride from the village takes around 20 minutes (around 4 miles). 

Others: Restroom facilities are available at the South Beach Parking Lot, clean and well looked after. There is no public toilette at the beach. There are a few benches as you get onto the beach but that’s pretty much it.

Cape Marco in the southernmost part of South Beach
Cape Marco in the southernmost part of South Beach

Central Beach – Public


For an exclusive time – almost like sharing your own private beach with a couple of friends, then Central Beach is the best place to be.

Numbers here are far fewer than the surrounding beaches, so you won’t have to worry about being next to each other.

Coupled with the beautiful soft sand, clear water, stunning sunsets, and activities for young and old alike – including jet skis, this is a spot that can make your trip memorable.

While the sand is soft, watch out for the broken shells collecting in different spots. 

Shelling enthusiasts will love it here


Public beach access points: There are two access points, both on South Collier Boulevard. The first one is at the corner with Winterberry Drive. The second access point is almost on the corner of Maple Avenue, next to the Madeira Condo.

Parking Lot: There is only one parking area, called Turtle Lot, a short walk from the Winterberry Public Beach Access. It has around 80 parking slots and they charge $15/day during the week and $20/day Friday to Sunday, flat rate.

Nearby restaurant: There are a few. Sale e Pepe is for those special dinners, Quinn’s on the Beach is more for a casual lunch or dinner with a beautiful view of the gulf coast line. Stonewalls is the perfect place for a family lunch or early dinner.

Nearby hotels and rentals: Hilton Marco Island Beach Resort, JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort, Poolside with Resort Access 2BR, Marco Beach Ocean Resort 1BR (read my guide to the best areas, hotels and rentals in Marco Island for more options)

Cycling accessible: there is a small bike rack to leave your bike. The ride from the village is around 3.5 miles or 15 minutes.

Others: jet ski rentals, beach rentals. There are no toilettes. The best bet is to have a coffee at Cafe San Marco and use the facilities there.

Central Beach in front of the JW Marriott
Central Beach in front of the JW Marriott

Residents Beach – Private

This is exclusivity at its peak – but you can only access the beach if you are one of the property owners on the property Island (hence the name).

You should have bought or rented the property for at least a month.

Resident’s beach is well taken care of – including the amenities which range from the playground, restroom’s picnic areas, tiki huts as well as the restaurants, beach wheelchairs, all through to a personal charcoal grill.

You get to enjoy the stunning white sand and gentle waters together with other locals in a relaxing space that is essentially your own personal haven.

Rental at Central Beach
Rental at Central Beach

Do you want more inspirations for amazing beaches on the west coast of Florida?

Tigertail Beach Park – Public


There’s quite a walking distance from the parking lot to the shoreline – but once you’re there, it’s more than worth it.


Shelling, birth watching, and picturesque sunsets. 

The waters here are great for kayaking, swimming, paddle boarding, and even fishing.

So, whether you want to soak in the sun, take a splash, or scout for shells – you can do it all here.

Sure, there is lots of light and soft sand – but there are loads of shells as well.

So, it’s advisable not to walk around barefoot.

A tidal lagoon splits the beach in half – which is filled with plenty of sea life.

These include horseshoe crabs and needlefish, as well as Florida fighting conchs.


Public beach access points: There is one accessible from Hernando Drive, right on the western end.

Parking Lot: the biggest parking area on Marco Island, with around 200 lots. It costs $10/day flat rate, 1 hour or 10 hours. It is a short walk to the lagoon but a 1 mile walk to the actual gulf coast sandy beach.

Nearby restaurant: there is only one option, the Tigertail Beach cafe, which works very well for coffees, a quick snack like hot dogs, sandwiches or a wrap.

Nearby hotels and rentals: South Seas Tower 3 with Ocean View 2BR and Resort-Style Condo w/ Pool, Gym, Tennis 2BR (read my guide to the best areas, hotels and rentals in Marco Island for more options)

Cycling accessible: There is a good size bike rack at the parking area entrance, on the left side. The ride from the village is around 1.5 miles or less than 10 minutes.

Others: restroom facilities and a playground. Kayaks and SUPs hiring.

Access to Tigertail beach
Access to Tigertail beach

Sand Dollar Island – Public

This is quite often described as an island, but it is actually a spit that starts from the northernmost corner of the 4 miles long Marco Island Beach and it develops right in front of the Hideaway Beach.

You can access it from the Tigertail Parking Area or if you stay in any of the condo next to it.

During low tides, you will easily see the sandbar that separates Tigertail and Sand Dollar Spit.

This remote spot brings you up close to nesting shorebirds.

Bring your water shoes since some areas will get muddy.

You can go shelling (sand dollars – the sea urchins – are popular in this area), fish in the turquoise waters, or explore the ecosystem here – which also includes turtles.

Handy tip: as you wade through the waters, shuffle your feet to warn off stingrays that could be resting on the floor of the lagoon.

Talking of sand dollars, make sure to collect only the white ones. The others are still alive.

So many shells in MArco Island
So many shells in Marco Island

Hideaway Beach – Private

You don’t get to be one of the most highly sought out areas in the state of Florida unless you have something unique to offer.

Hideaway Beach has that in spades. This is a combination of luxury, privacy, elegant beaches and state-of-the-art amenities.

After passing through the guard gate, you are greeted by pristinely manicured landscaping, Gumbo limbos towering overhead, sea grapes, orchids brightening up the scenery, as well as oaks with their dominating presence.

The ambience itself creates a relaxing feel – and you haven’t even got to the beach itself.

Hideaway is a gem that sprawls out for 311 acres, offering you a mix of mangrove forests and woodlands, all through to the soft sandy shores.

188 acres are exclusively preserved as a greenbelt area, and this particular section features 3 natural lagoons. 

In fact, you will find the largest concentration of native Florida Live Oak trees here.

There is water all around Hideaway Beach, being surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico, Collier Bay and the Marco River.

The area in particular is under the management of the Hideaway Beach Club, who take proper care of it.

The clubhouse itself comes with a lavish restaurant and bar, with its fresh and crisp menus. 

Members also get to enjoy a large sports complex that’s exclusively for them. So, in addition to enjoying the benefits of the beach, you get to be part of a strong community.

Take a walk on the nature boardwalk that extends from the golf course right to the lagoons, where you will come across loads of flora and fauna – from blue herons and pelicans, to ducks and lots of butterfly species.

At the end of the boardwalk, a picnic and BBQ area await you, as well as the 2-mile beach stretching out.

Yoga at the beach
Yoga at the beach

Back to the golf-course – this is a 9-hole private course. It was reconstructed in 2005 summer to provide every golfer with a rich sporting experience while promoting Florida’s natural beauty. 

Of course, if you’re a club member you get access to the tennis and pickle courts, pool and fitness centre condos.

Activities for you here? Well, you can relax on the beach, go shelling, take a dip in the beautiful waters, hop into a kayak or partake in some fishing. 

Complete with a children’s playground, there is plenty to do for the whole family. 

What if you’re not a member?

Well, while Hideaway is a private gated community, you can technically get to the beach if you have a boat. You just can’t drive through the gated community, though.

There are plenty of “keep out” and “no trespassing” signs to warn you. 

The on-land access is private, but the beach itself is public. Some visitors choose to walk all the way from Tiger Tail – but this is several miles off.

Things are definitely easier if you have friends who are residents here, as it gives you more freedom to enjoy all Hideaway has to offer – from the scenic environment to the sunset views.

Sailing off Marco Island
Sailing off Marco Island

Keewaydin Island – Public

This is an island north of Marco, with a long remote beach that ends at the Gordon’s Pass in southern Naples.

The beach is easily accessible with a water shuttle from the Marco Marina, north of the village.

The cost is $22 for adults and $12 for children

80% of undeveloped area, inclusive of 8 long miles of sandy beaches – this barrier island gives you an ideal natural experience. 

It’s a wildlife sanctuary, with loggerhead sea turtles and least terns using it as a nesting ground.

It’s part of the Rookery Bay Reserve, and the remaining 20% is mostly private homes. 

Being undeveloped, unfortunately, also means that there are no bathroom facilities.

You can bring along your pet too, but dogs will need to be always kept on a leash, otherwise they run the risk of damaging the nesting grounds and harming wildlife they come across.

Here, you’ll need to carry everything that you will need with you – from beach chairs to umbrellas, coolers and sunscreen.

Many of the sightseeing boat trips stop by here for visitors to walk along the beach and do some exploring and shelling.

Shelling in Marco Island is a popular pastime
Beautiful nature and amazing colors in Keewaydin Island

Cape Romano

You can only get here via boat.

Specifically, you can only use small watercraft, as these will be able to navigate the mangrove islets – but the trip will be worth it. 

If you’re looking for a spot that sees little traffic and Mother Nature reigns supreme, then Cape Romano is the place to be.

It’s a unique ecosystem, being the landing spot for migratory birds in their thousands – and the beaches here are largely left untouched. 

Relax as you take in Florida’s natural beauty, with stunning views of the Gulf.

There are a couple of deserted houses here that are good for sightseeing, courtesy of the brave few who tried building on this isolated area.

Beaches near Marco Island: Vanderbilt Beach and Sanibel Island

If you are on Marco Island for a week or even longer, you may contemplate having a day trip to Vanderbilt Beach (25 miles north) or Sanibel Island (60 miles north).

I have talked extensively about Sanibel Island and its areas. You can also see here the best beaches on the island with information on parking, access etc.

Blind Pass is one of the best beaches to spend the day, especially if you are looking for a quiet and secluded place.

Vanderbilt Beach is one of the most popular beaches in southwest Florida – good luck finding a free spot in the afternoon during tourist months!

It’s easy to see why the beach is always alive with multitudes: the lovely white sands, proximity to restaurants and hotels, that relaxing onshore breeze, all through to bird watching especially during the winter months when thousands of birds are migrating over the area.

Water activities here, and not only, also include bottlenose dolphins spotting, watching for the diving pelicans, kayaking, swimming, beach volleyball, the kids take on building sandcastles and even heading out quite far from the shore since the water is shallow for a considerable distance.

The sunsets here are simply phenomenal – so stick around till the end of the day.

Regarding amenities, there are showers and restrooms close to the parking area, as well as bicycle racks near the beach.

Convenience stores and cafes around give you plenty of options to grab some ice cream and drinks while on the beach.

Guide to the Sanibel Beaches

Best Sanibel beaches in Florida
Best Sanibel beaches in Florida

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dog friendly beaches on Marco Island, Florida?

Dogs aren’t allowed on Marco Island Beaches – well, except on Keewaydin Island, which is a 30-minute boat ride north of Marco – and your furry friend will love it there.

But that doesn’t mean your pet will have to miss out on what Florida has to offer.

For instance, you can head out to Canine Cove, a park ideal for dogs that love the water – and you won’t have to worry about gators.

There are also Golden Gate Paws Park and Naples Dog Park for your pet to play in.

Is it safe to swim in Marco Island?

The waters here are particularly safe – and there are moments of the year, especially during summer, where it’s almost like being in a pond. 

It can occasionally get windy and rough, in which moments extra care should be taken.

There are lifeguards around, especially on the populated areas like Vanderbilt and Tigertail beaches.

What is the most popular beach on Marco Island?

Tigertail takes the cake here. It’s open every day from 8 am till sunset, allowing visitors to make the most of its exquisite shoreline – and it has the amenities to handle the crowds’ needs.

These range from restrooms, a full-serve snack bar, to the massive 210 space parking lot.

The beach features picnic areas, playground, loads of sand for families to enjoy, and the presence of lifeguards makes it a safe zone for visitors.

The waters here are shallow, where kids can also swim.

Nesting shorebirds are plentiful as well, including spoonbills, pelicans, osprey and red knots.

It’s actually part of the South Florida Birding Trail.

Drone view of South Beach
Drone view of South Beach

Tips on shelling in Marco Island?

Here are a few quick tips that will help you with shelling:

  • Wear waterproof shoes to protect your feet from cuts and scrapes
  • Gear up:
    • Sunscreen, lots of water, sunglasses and even a hat. You’ll be out in the sun for long, and you want to protect yourself from the heat.
    • Bring a bucket especially if you intend to collect many shells.  Alternatively, go for a mesh-lined bag. Unlike a bucket, you will get rid of the water and sand that’s in the shells, instead of carrying these excess contents with you.
  • Join a shelling tour. They tend to be well planned and ideal areas scouted out to make the shelling more effective.

Is Naples nicer than Marco Island?

Here is quick list of pros and cons for both destinations, you decide 😉

What is the best Marco Island beach resort?

It is always a very subjective choice. In saying that, the Hilton Marco Island Beach Resort and the JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort are really unbeatable.

For more choice, including some amazing VRBOs, check out my guide to where to stay in Marco Island, with the 5 best areas and the best value accommodations

Sunrise on the east coast of Marco Island
Sunrise on the east coast of Marco Island
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