Last updated on March 4th, 2015 at 12:45 pm

Two weeks ago I was browsing around the internet looking for some interesting thought about Instagram in relation to photography and I ended up on this interesting article Me and Sandy on Instagram. It gave me a completely different prospective from most of the material on the net. Instagram as a different view, a different way to document, either the own life or events. It’s another platform with a different audience, looking more for the “front page” photos. So right

Three weeks ago I was at my local library, my main source for printed material, and my eyes were captured by the cover page of TIME. An awesome photo composition of portraits representing today’s Australia.

Call it coincidence, the photographer (and author for the Instagram article) in both cases is Andrew Quilty. I did not waste any time and I contacted him. The interview that came out was just great, 15 minutes of inspiring comments and suggestions. Andrew loves sharing the own experience “I love my job and I encourage everybody that wants to do photography to pursue it ….it’s about passion and love, if you have that you don’t really need advice……..Have a personal connection with the subject your are shooting… photos that create reaction”

Listen and enjoy the 15 minutes of his interview or just download the audio file for later, mp3 (29M) or aac (14M)  

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