Last updated on January 9th, 2012 at 05:36 pm

We always need to make decisions on composition, exposition, depth of field and many many other variables that play in the final formula to make the photo.

Beside above, we need to decide which camera to take, lens, tripod, etc…which belong mostly to pre-production, and than again post production, what software to use to build your catalogue, which workflow to use, and than again software to improve and take the photo to the level you want.

Here below the ¬†“tools” I love. I will add as well some references to either sites or tutorials which I found quite interesting, where I had most of my inspiration, and where possibly you can as well, but bookmark first of course ūüėÄ


To organise

Software (Work in progress)

I like to experiment and as a consequence I spend some time evaluating and verifying how a software can improve my photo or my workflow. I guess some of the software I sue are pretty standard in the market, almost a must for every photographer which do a bit a post production.

Adobe Lightroom, this is an easy software that allows organisation and a good part of post-production of photos, an all in one app where you can add some plug-in to make it even more smarter.

Adobe Photoshop, no more words to spend on it…..

OnOne Suite, I am testing them and I must say I am very happy with the result. I will add more on this suite very soon.

Dfine (NIK software), also in this case, I have been testing this little easy software, it does work! Compared to Lightroom, that works on the noise on the full photo, Dfine does a fantastic job on the right areas, where you want it to work, leaving the details intact. I solved lots of problem I was having in the sky of my HDR.

Photomatix, another standard in the HDR market. In this case I want to spend a bit more of time to go down in the setting with some videos and tutorials. Let’s see when I will find the time!!

PostCron, this website solved lots of struggle I was having with the social networking aspect. It can save lots of headache in planning your exposure to Facebook (and Twitter if you use it). I have organised a quick review on this website, as I spent a bit of time researching different solution and I was happy with PostCron result.

WordPress, that’s the engine of this website, with Modular Lite as a theme. Lots of words on the internet were and are spent. What I can say is that….it is fantastic, great, incredible, so easy to set up and manage a website.