Last updated on February 25th, 2013 at 03:52 pm

In a previous post we talked about how to open a website for less than $2/month. That’s pretty cheap, isn’t it.

Ok, now you have the space, a user-id and a password to enter into your Cpanel, what’s next? In this quick tutorial I will show you how to install WordPress on Bluehost. I am sure it is pretty similar to all of the other providers. The Cpanel is nowadays pretty standardized.

Go on Bluehost and login with your account and password

Once you are in, look down for the section Site Builders and click on WordPress


Well now just Install. Quite easy till now, just few clicks.


Now it is time to decide where you want to put your website. If you have only one website on your host, probably it is a good idea to stay on the root. Otherwise select a directory as in my example below


It’s all automatic, you do not need to do anything else. The website is installed and you can click on the Site URL address to see the end result or alternatively you can login to start working on it.

The standard WordPress is not great I must say, white and nothing exciting


That’s why I suggest you to login and start working on the interface. The dashboard you have in front of you (see below) may be intimidating the first time but after a little while you realize how simple is to work with WordPress, which explains why it is so popular nowadays to activate any sort of website, not only the blogs

It’s time to customize your site. The first concept to understand is the concept of Theme. This is the interface you will have on your website. You do not need to write any code for the theme. There are instead many themes in the market. Some of them, the most simple ones, are for free, you just need to download them and activate them (really 2 clicks of a mouse). Others, usually the most commercial or trendy ones, have a cost that goes from $10 to $75, although $30 to $40 is a good average price. Considering what these themes do, they are really a bargain.

Another option is to use a free theme and start writing some code to personalize it and create, at the end, your custom interface. It can be really time consuming and, based on my experience, quite difficult, unless you have a good understanding of the PHP language. I followed this way and I am happy with the end result of interface, however I have spent lots of nights on it and most probably I would not do it again 😀

The basic installation we have just done already provide some free themes. The active one is quite plain. We can install another one to see the difference it can make, and again in just 2 clicks. Follow the link Change your theme completly (see picture above) and Activate the theme SmallBiz. Easy done. Now check your website how it has changed, quite amazing isn’t it.

You could already run your business on this website. You will need just to fill in few details and the job is done. You can check the end result on

Have you spent more than 5 minutes to build the website? Maybe, but just because it is the first time you activate a new theme, next time it will take you 5 minutes, than 3 minutes…..

I use to activate sometime websites just to test how I could change the interface on I can do that on a test space/directory, and modify only once I am absolutly sure of what I am doing and I know the steps I should follow. With over 2 years of photos and videos I do not want to loose suddenly half of my work 😉

Are you into photography or digital art?

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