Last updated on March 25th, 2013 at 11:28 am

In the previous posts we talked about

  1. How to open a website for less than $2 a month
  2. How to start your website in 5 minutes
  3. How to build a photo & video blog for free

I love to keep myself updated on the last themes out in the market. I am subscribed to most of the newsletters. I want to see what is up there, what is new. WordPress is evolving so quickly and as a result new themes come out in the market on a regular basis. Some of theme are really outstanding. There is a small fee to pay for most of theme but, hey, look at the work done and you realize how $40-50 is really a small amount of money.

There is not really a priority in the list below. It all comes out to the personal taste and to the fact that you want to give more of a blog view or a portfolio view, or a again a travel photo blog view.

Extra News

This theme is a bit of news and a bit of photo …well better say a visual photo blog. I really like the main page. It gives all the last posts with the photos in a mosaic view. Below, the posts are shown in a more exhaustive view. Connections to Facebook, Twitter and other social environments are all there in a nice clean way

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The Photographer

This is a full page portfolio with a blog on the side. You load your best pictures for the home page, you can create you portfolio, organised by section, and you can keep your blog updated on the side. In this case your work is the main attraction of the website, the blog comes second.

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Another professionally built photo showcase. What I loved of it is that the photos keep shifting giving straight away a view of the work done by the photographer. The blog side is not as great and not a reason to choose this theme. It is ready made for the IPad and Android Tablets which is awesome

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A lovely Portfolio viewer. Very clean and nicely organised. The interface does not have too much however it does have all what you need. Connection to the social sites, an easy navigation through your portfolio and an ok blog.
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HQ Photography

Ready made for most of the platforms as mobiles and tablets, this theme is another great full screen photo and video portfolio manager. I particularly like, beside the full screen, the photo film in the lower part of the screen where you can visually move through the website content
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Full Fashion

Although it is not my favorite, I wanted to include Full Fashion because it is another example of full screen and, most important, easy to navigate theme. I am not a fan of the blog section but clearly this is not the core functionality
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This is my favorite photo and travel blog in the market. It is just great. The interface is lovely and easy to navigate through. On the right side a timeline gives a quick view of the last visited places and, best of all, you can geotag the posts so that the photos are connected to a google map, shown on the side . It is really awesome.
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In the next article I will look for more themes, this time only free ones, but still very good ones. Few of them are just great. This will help to improve your blog for free – the best free photo&video wordpress themes