PostCron – Plan your marketing on Facebook and Twitter

PostCron – Plan your marketing on Facebook and Twitter

Managing all the connections and links with the social networking can be time consuming. Meanwhile I quite enjoy post-processing, I find the social side of that laborious. Do not keep me wrong here. I like talking with other people through Facebook, but keep writing on a daily basis posts is “challenging”. Sometime I have few comments ready to be published, or few pictures but I do not really want to publish all of them in one go. I looked for different solutions in the market. I wanted an app to schedule my posts, so that I could prepare few of them in advance, from time to time.

The initial criteria’s were quite standard:

  • Had to be free, at least for the start. If I like it I will keep using it, otherwise, sorry I move on. If I see a good result, than I can upgrade to a next level
  • Had to be almost ads free. I did not want to add advertisement to my friends page. That could be quite dangerous. A link back is ok of course.
  • Had to be simple, very similar to Facebook, just with the schedule button, date and time, that’s all I needed
  • Had to include photo posting, essential for my photoblog

I looked around and I found different application available. The market is somehow saturated of web based apps or even mobile apps, both Iphone and Android.

I started my research based on what was offered first for free. That was an easy way to cut a part of the market. I believe that every software should be modular. You install it, you test it, and you start working. You need a new functionality, you pay a little premium and you get it. You see good results coming from the tool? Ok, it is time to move to the next level.

I found few software that took a long time to load on my web browser and with questionable results at the end. I just wondered why sometime it is so difficult to write a simple code, or better say a simple web page. And that it where I was most fascinated by PostCron. This is the main page of this site:

This is not a copy and paste of part of the monitor, cutting of all the ads.

No, this is the full page, as simple as that. Once you write and schedule your post, they come out below and, in case you have many of them, you can do a quick search through them. This is quite useful if you tend to post a good amount of articles. In case you have more fan pages, a simple drop down menu helps you selecting the desired one, both when you post and when you search back a publication.

Publishing a status, a link or a photo is exactly the same as posting on Facebook, which means the learning curve for this application is about four seconds, just because you need to select the fan/person page. And that is exactly the same if you want to create a Facebook ad.

Another feature that most of the other apps were lacking, was a real photo posting. If I schedule a photo posting, I want my photo to go in the default album and the comment related to it. I do not want the photo posted in somebody else database with my link on my fan page pointing another site, I do not think it is fair. PostCron is fantastic in that, because works as on Facebook leaving the photo in my default album.

I am still missing one functionality in PostCron, but I have noticed that is next to come: posting of a new album.

I usually post on a weekly basis an album on the last 7 days of photos. At the moment I have to go on Facebook and follow the usual process. I would rather prefer to do that on PostCron. I can do it in advance, have a regular schedule on Sundays. Now I am forced to do it when time allows me, maybe Sunday, maybe Monday if not Tuesday. I am really looking forward to it.

Overall, PostCron is a real nice and easy app. If you have similar needs, give a try and let me know.