Photography in Iceland – Tips and locations from local photographer Tony Prower

Photography in Iceland - Tips and locations from local photographer Tony Prower

Any photography trip may be challenging on its own. It requires a long preparation and a strong knowledge of the place and right time to visit. Photography in Iceland is not any easier, with ice and snow often covering most of the roads. We had a talk with local photographer Tony Prower which gave us lots … Read more

Travel Photography in Los Angeles – A talk with local photographer Jake Isham

Travel Photography in Los Angeles - A talk with local photog Jake Isham

Travel Photography in Los Angeles with Jake Isham I met Jake Isham on Instagram. He is a talented travel photographer from Los Angeles that is able to enrich his own photos with his dreams. Whenever I look at one of his pictures, I start traveling with my brain. That’s it, that’s travel photography at its … Read more

Photography in Alaska – Great tips from local photographer Benjamin Traylor

Photography in Alaska - great tips from photographer Ben Traylor

I discovered photographer Ben Traylor on Instagram. I was really fascinated by his photography in Alaska. My memory went back to my youth when I had a trip to Scandinavia, precisely in Finland. It was in the middle of the summer and the sun would not go down, just a long sunset/sunrise with a couple of blue hours in the middle. The sky … Read more

5 Tips for great photography in Cuba with Przemek Strzelecki

In October 2014 one of my favorite photographer died. His name was Rene’ Burri. He has died aged 81 and he had the great honour to photograph incredible iconic people as Che Guevara and Pablo Picasso. He documented the Cuban life as nobody else. I still remember his photography tips for Cuba which I followed in my … Read more

Antelope Canyon, Arizona – An incredible location for outstanding photos – A talk with Gavin Hardcastle

Last week we talked about the new record price for a photo, paid the incredible amount of $6.5M. Melbourne born Peter Lik is the photographer. The photo was made in the Antelope Canyon in Arizona, USA. As a follow up on this awesome location I contacted Gavin Hardcastle, a great British photographer based in Canada that had the possibility … Read more

Interview series – Nic Granleese and architecture photography

One of the most fascinating type of photography is, in my opinion, architecture photography. 

Any building is static by definition. It is down to the photographer to add the own interpretation. In doing that the photographer adds a dynamic to the architecture, taking it to another dimension. It is so important to have a connection with the environment and the people around, it adds the link to the local culture, giving instantly a message of the location.

Nic Granleese is one of the best interpreter of architecture photography in Melbourne. His work is just outstanding. You can check his commercial projects as well the the fun projects on his website. My favourite ones are for sure the Palau De Les Arts, in Valencia, and the portraits of the 2013 Victoria Architecture Awards, where he gave an awesome interpretation with a lovely fun post-production.

This is a real 5 minutes inspiring interview not to be missed

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Interview series – Richard Green and the Australian landscape

RichardAndWifeMost of the photographers, including myself, started with landscape photography.

We have all our favourite landscape photographers, the ones we took our inspiration from. A myth of mine is Richard Green and, even if on a trip with limited internet access, was able to organise an interview for MEL365.

Richard Australian photos are unique to say the least. One of the reasons is the location, which is not accessible even by four-wheel drive vehicles and many have never previously been photographed. How does he go there? By helicopter. The format of the prints is just amazing, up to 4 meters wide and, best of all, with all the details you expect from a great photographer. His compositions are awesome and spectacular. Go and check his website to live the unknown corners of Australia.

His book, Remote & Wild, is magnificent. All of the photos have a map of where it was made, and you soon get the sense of how big and diverse is Australia. I particularly like the last chapter where he explains

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Interview Series – Eva de Klerk

This week the interview is not with a photographer and not from Australia. This week we have a talk with Eva de Klerk, from Amsterdam. As she introduced herself “Eva de Klerk is an initiator, pioneer, cultural explorer, project booster, matchmaker, community builder, fundraiser, process manager and bottom-up city developer. She is driven by a relentless passion, commitment and devotion for the community and the utilization of urban areas“.

I came to know Eva during my long term photographic project Industrial Reverse Engineering, a reportage that took me to visit empty huge industrial sites in the North of Italy, The Netherlands, China and Australia. In some cases these places were offered and re-used by artists, meanwhile others sites were falling apart and used by homeless, squatters, illegal immigrants and even kids.

Eva was a key figure of the redevelopment of NDSM in Amsterdam, a formal shipping area recycled by the art community. Huge shipping sheds here are used as art studios and many communal areas are available to exchange ideas, projects, plans and dreams.  This is an art heaven, an art village that should be taken as an example by many countries. Unfortunately art and money are not strictly correlated and having an affordable arty area to grow is essential, not only for the artist but also for

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Interview series – William Watt (from from Melbourne Street)

I came across William’s work around 2 years ago. I was looking for photoblogs of Melbourne and his site was on top the Google search. A fantastic website of street photography which is updated on a daily basis. I post myself a photo everyday and I fully understand and share the effort you make, the motivation you need and, best of all, the nice feedbacks you receive on a regularly basis.

You may have met William around in the CBD. It is amazing how he can find always an hidden corner, a fantastic composition, an awesome light….on a daily basis, not easy.

I really wanted to have him in the Interview Series, an unbelievable reference for

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