Buenos Aires photos and video: your travel inspiration

Buenos Aires photos and video: your travel inspiration

It’s not always possible to travel physically to any location you wish. Some are really far away, others are difficult to access. There is also the time constraint, you can’t just keep travelling. We all wish we could of course !! Today is time for a cyber trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

My last time in Buenos Aires I had my film camera with me and digital was still a way too expensive, beside a much poorer quality than film. It was the time when most of the photographers believed that digital will not be the future. How wrong! It was almost 20 years ago and sadly enough my photos are not with me but somewhere in Europe in a warehouse.

I remember this city as a vibrant place to be with a fantastic food scene, although clearly addressed to meat lovers. Add the gorgeous buildings of the Palermo district and the colourful houses of La Boca to have a full picture of how beautiful is Buenos Aires. I definetely want to visit once again this city. What are you waiting for?

The virtual Panoramic trip

How do we do it?

We connect first to AirPano. An incredible project that shows cities and places from the top. Today it is the time to see Buenos Aires.

The bucket list is becoming bigger and bigger!! At the moment I keep enjoying it with a cyber trip using the AirPano project and some awesome Instagram shots. Of course do not forget to follow us on our Instagram account 😉

Switch on your radio, tune it to a tango station and enjoy your cyber trip

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A photo posted by Sid (@sid1002) on

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Stefano Ferro
Stefano is a travel and landscape photographer with a background in cycling, movie and lifestyle photography. When in Melbourne, his hometown, you will see him cycling around at sunset or sunrise looking for the best spot for a photo of this beautiful city. It is quite amazing how much photography gear he can pack on his bike :o

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