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Best Time To Visit Bahamas

The Bahamas has been publicized worldwide as the ultimate location to spend a holiday. 

Its Caribbean beaches show the contrasting colors of white fine sand with the turquoise water of the ocean that melts with the shocking clear blue sky.

However, when is the best time to visit Bahamas? When do you get the best sunny and dry weather, or when is the cheapest time to fly there?

This guide answers all these questions providing information month by month not only on the weather but also on the events.

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Another day in the Bahamas paradise
Another day in the Bahamas paradise

When is the best time to visit the Bahamas weather wise

Best time of year to visit Bahamas   December to June
Best time to visit Bahamas for honeymoon   December to early March
Best time to visit Bahamas for sun   Late March to early July
Best time for holiday   March and April (Spring Break season)
Best time to visit Bahamas on cruise   Mid-April to mid-May
Best time for diving   December to May
Best time to visit Bahamas with family   December to February or April to early June
Best time to visit Harbour Island   December to February
Cheapest time to go to Bahamas   July to October (Check worst time to visit Bahamas below)
  • The best time of the year to visit Bahamas is from December to May. The Bahamas doesn’t suffer from the inclement cold or even icy winter, but it does have a hurricane season. As it ranges from July to October, the best time to visit the Bahamas ranges from December to May when there’s a lot of sunshine but no rain around. December to February tends to have lower temperatures, but it usually ranges from 70F to 80F degrees on average (21C-27C). From March to May, the heat rises a little but it doesn’t get as high as in the summer when it can go up to 90F degrees (32C).
  • Best time for snorkeling and diving ranges from December to May. Keep in mind that this will mostly depend on the marine life you want to see. Tiger sharks usually go to Tiger Beach in October and leave in January. Hammerhead sharks stay in Bimini from December to March, while you can see Oceanic Whitetips from April to June. When it comes to other fish than sharks, their position changes very little. For that reason, many enthusiasts prefer to risk a little and go during the off-season. This is fine if you are a pro, but it is not recommended because of the risk of hurricanes.
  • Best time to visit Bahamas for the sun goes from December to May. The Bahamas is one of the few places on Earth with an average of 340+ sunny days a year. So, there’s no reason to worry about this aspect. However, during the high season, it tends to be a little chillier, but it’s not as cold to need a jacket or coat. The off-season, June to November, is a lot warmer and it usually rains really strong once a day because of the nearby storms and hurricanes. As it is a risk, most people prefer to go during the dry season and make sure nothing bad is going to happen. After all, there’s going to be sun and heat anyway.
  • The best time to visit Bahamas for vacation is during February and March. During these months, the number of visitors on the island increases and so do the touristic offers. There is a wide range of activities that range from diving to partying, and from beach and boat tours to excursions. However, if you are looking for more relaxed holidays, you should probably visit the islands from December to early February and from late March to early June. Otherwise, you could consider visiting the out islands, where there are more family-friendly places and more relaxing and secluded beaches and coves.
Best islands to stay in the Bahamas
Best islands to stay in the Bahamas – Read more in the full guide

Best time of year to visit Bahamas

In general terms, the Bahamas has sun throughout the whole year and there are only dry and rainy seasons.

Because of nearby hurricanes, there can be storms in the country with up to 9 inches of rainfall, this usually happens around August and early September. 

Temperatures can go up as high as 90F degrees (32C) during the warmest days of summer and as low as 63F degrees (17C) in January.

When it comes to humidity, the Bahamas are pretty much sustained throughout the whole year in an 80% average. 

Best season to visit Bahamas

  • Summer in the Bahamas: The summer is really warm with temperatures that can easily go higher than 80F degrees (26C). Also, there are lots of storms and rain, but it usually happens in the late afternoon. The most dangerous hurricanes are more likely to arrive between late July and early September. In terms of humidity, this season tends to be pretty similar to the rest of the year, averaging 80%.
  • Autumn/Spring in Bahamas: Although there’s no Autumn or Spring as such, these are transitional months in which the levels of precipitation increase or decrease. Also, they are quite warm during the day and a little chillier over the night. The humidity is very similar to the other seasons, around 80%.
  • Winter in Bahamas: The Bahamas doesn’t have a winter season, instead, it is called dry season. Ranging from December to March, these months are a little chillier but nothing that pants and long-sleeve clothing cannot stop. This season also has humidity levels of 80% on average.
Snorkelling in the Bahamas
Snorkelling in the Bahamas

Best month to visit the Bahamas

Here below an analysis, month by month, on the average weather you can expect in the Bahamas. 

All the temperatures below are in Fahrenheit degrees. If you are more used to Celsius degrees consider that the lowest temperature of 63F is equal to 17C, the highest of 90F is equal to 32C and the average 79F is equal to 26C

  • Bahamas weather in January: This is the coldest month of the year with temperatures ranging from 78.1 to 62.8 on average. However, it is also the driest month as there is a historic average of 1.86 inches of rainfall. Also, the Bahamas is pretty humid and this month isn’t the exception, averaging 79%.
  • Bahamas weather in February: February is usually pretty similar to the first month of the year. The temperature ranges between 78.3 and 63.1 degrees, the humidity is somewhat sustained in 78% and the precipitation is slightly higher, reaching 1.93 inches of rainfall.
  • Bahamas weather in March: March numbers are a little higher. The temperature goes from 80.1 to 64.2 degrees, while the rainfall has a minimal increase to 2.14 inches. Paradoxically, the humidity barely lowers to 76%.
  • Bahamas weather in April: This is the least humid month of the year with 73%. On the other hand, the temperature and precipitation go up once again, ranging between 82.2 and 66.7 degrees and 2.73 inches of rainfall respectively.
  • Bahamas weather in May: The heat starts to make itself noticeable during this month, increasing to a maximum of 85.3 and a minimum of 70 degrees. Precipitation rises as well with an average of 4.13 inches, while humidity goes back to 78%.
  • Bahamas weather in June: The hurricane season starts this month skyrocketing the precipitation levels to 8.62 inches of rainfall. Along with it comes the summer and the temperature rises as well to 88 on the warmest days and 73.4 on the chilliest. The humidity levels rise a little to 80%. 
  • Bahamas weather in July: In July, the storms come down a little with a precipitation average of 6.32 inches of rainfall, while the heat goes up a little to 89.6 and 74.7 degrees. Humidity usually remains pretty similar in 79%.
  • Bahamas weather in August: The warmest month of the year presents figures of 89.6 degrees at its hottest and 74.8 at its lowest temperature. This is also when the hurricane season reaches its peak with an average of 9.27 inches of precipitation. In terms of humidity, the country sticks to 80%.
  • Bahamas weather in September: At this point, the hurricane season starts to fade away with 6.42 inches of rainfall. Also, the temperature starts to come down with a range of 88.7 and 74.3 degrees. Humidity increases a little, but only to 81%.
  • Bahamas weather in October: This month is pretty similar to May because the temperature comes down to 86 and 72.1 degrees on average but the rainfall keeps in the same number as in September. Humidity comes back to normal with 80%.
  • Bahamas weather in November: November is officially the end of the hurricane season with 3.17 inches of rainfall. Also, temperatures are a little more moderate with 82.4 in the warmest days and 68.9 in the coolest ones. Humidity comes down to 79%.
  • Bahamas weather in December: The end of the year averages temperatures of 79.5 and 65.1 degrees and precipitation levels of 1.97 inches of rainfall. The humidity is sustained at 78%.
The Bahamas - Paradise Island
The Bahamas – Paradise Island

Best time to visit Bahamas for the events

  • Events in January: January is probably the best month for diving because you won’t only get to see the fish that are living around year-round, but also you can be almost certain you’ll get to see tiger sharks -which come in October- and hammerhead sharks -coming to Bimini in December. Don’t freak out just yet! Obviously, the tours always take all the appropriate measures for your safety. Beaches are implicit all year-round. The country where the sun never goes away is a great place to go to any of the multiple beaches. Therefore, you can just add it to any of the months below.
  • Events in February: This is a great month to meet with local history and food. Even though you can do this any time of the year, the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas and the Pirates of Nassau Museum receive thousands of people in high season and it’s best to go there right before the Spring Break. Also, there are some incredible restaurants, diners and eating places that any schedule should miss, like the Graycliff Chocolatier, the Lukka Kairi, the Bahamian Cookin’ and the Tru Bahamian Food Tours. However, it can be really difficult to get a seat during the most touristic months of the year.
  • Events in March: March is the month when partying starts until April when the Spring Break ends. If you are the partying type, this may be your best attraction. Otherwise, you could go for a boat tour to the out islands, where it’s much more relaxing and family-friendly.
  • Events in April: In case you are running away from Spring breakers, you can go to the Lucayan National Park and you won’t regret your decision: It does not only have the Burial Mound Cave, where four indigenous remains were found, but you will also get to experience Gold Rock Beach, which is where two Pirates of the Caribbean movies were filmed. 
  • Events in May: Just before entering the hurricane season, there’s a place no one should miss: the Blue Hole National Park. The protected area comprises 70+ blue holes to dive in, some of which are over 100 feet deep. Only those who are brave enough will do the great leap from the 15-foot platform.
  • Events in June: Although people start leaving the island during this month to avoid the hurricane season, this is the time when locals celebrate their pineapple industry every year. In the first weekend, the farmers bring their sweetest and spikiest fruits for eating contests and cooking competitions, while people play music and participate in a beauty pageant and a cycling classic. Also, June is when everyone gathers in Fresh Creek’s Queen Park for the Andros Crab Festival. There are 50+ food stands with crab and dough, crab soup and hundreds of other cooking methods for this protein.   
  • Events in July: In July, a lot is going on in the country. On the one hand, the Junkanoo Summer Festival showcases a carnivalesque experience in which cars tour around the city, everyone dances on the streets and there’s only joy in the air. On the other, there’s the independence week. As this is such an achievement for the islanders, it is honored and celebrated. Usually, everyone shows a different -more patriotic- side and you’ll get to see the Bahamian flag-raising, the change of guard of the Royal Defence Force and multiple celebrations.
  • Events in August: Every August’s second Tuesday, locals commemorate the Fox Hill Day Festival. This event celebrates the emancipation from British slavery, which took place in 1838. It all begins with a church service and after thanking God, there’s a huge all-day celebration with lots of music, dancing, food, and activities on the streets.
  • Events in September: This is the month of positive thinking and yoga in the Nassau Island, organized by the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat. The All Abaco Sailing Regatta is also on at the Treasure Cay Harbour.
  • Events in October: A great activity for this month is birding or bird watching. There are over 280 bird species on the island and 7 of them are endemic -ergo, it’s impossible to find them in any other country. If you don’t want to go solo, multiple experts can guide you around. Watling’s Castle is a historic building surrounded by plantations that date back to the 18th century. This place was named after Pirate John Watling, who used it as an operating base. Also, here you’ll find the home of a very peculiar bird that doesn’t show itself as often.
  • Events in November: Back to the dry season, this is when more visitors start coming back to the Bahamas. November is a great time to visit a private island. Atlantis Paradise Island has one of the best local water parks and multiple other attractions, but there are many other boutique resorts with great offers, like the Fowl Cay and Kamalame Cay Resort, which range from segway tours to swimming with dolphins.
  • Events in December: The end of the year always comes with two very important festivals: the Jukanoo Winter Festival and the Bahamas International Film Festival. The first one is a parade, very similar to the Brazilian Carnival or the Mardi Gras. There’s music everywhere and people dancing on the streets. The second one is a relatively new event that has become a tradition during the islands’ last trimester. The idea is to gather people from all over the world and watch some of the most internationally important movies. It has been so well received that it has been repeated over 13 years on a road.
The Bahamas - Exuma Island and the swimming pigs
The Bahamas – Exuma Island and the swimming pigs

Worst time to visit the Bahamas

Hurricane season in the Atlantic ranges from the beginning of June to the end of November. The peak season usually goes from late July to early September. 

The theoretical average states that 110 mph (175kmh) winds are supposed to create hurricanes near the Bahamas every two years, and they hit land every four years.

Up until now, eight hurricanes levels 4 and 5 have hit the islands since they started being recorded in the mid-19th century.

The most intense tropical cyclone to hit the Bahamas in history was Hurricane Dorian and it struck the first islands on September 1st, 2019. Grand Bahama, as well as Abaco, were the most damaged islands with wind intensity of up to 185 mph (295kmh) sustained for over a minute.

In general terms, the possibilities of a hurricane hitting the Bahamas during your trip are very low.

However, the tropical storms and strong rains created on its surroundings make it difficult for tourists to enjoy their stay.

Therefore, it’s recommended to buy travel insurance if you are going on this season.

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