15 Best Photography Locations in Sydney [Sunrise, sunset and during the day]

Best_photography_locations_Sydney_Sydney_20130812_057-Edit_bridge_ Chair_ Harbour_ House_ Macquarie_ Nature Perception_ Opera_ Seascape_ Sydney-min

Last updated on August 9th, 2018 at 02:46 pm

Why finding the best photography locations in Sydney is not an easy job? Because Sydney is a rare example of a beautiful city made of 6 million people and there are really many spots that can be highlighted as the best around. I do live in Melbourne but, as a photographer, I visit Sydney on a regular basis for my work. I just can’t stop myself waking up early in the day and visit a new corner of the city before starting my day shooting, or why not at sunset time!

If you are in the city for just a few days I would probably suggest staying around the harbour bridge, the Botanical Garden, have a bus trip to Bondi Beach and take a ferry to Manly. You are almost sure that you will cover plenty of sites and you will visit some of the best photography locations in Sydney

There is definitely not a ranking in the below list. The numbers are not related to a visiting order either. It is all based on what you are looking for, as a subject, and the type of photography. #1 is probably one of the most hidden places, at least in my Sydney experience

At the end of the post there is a summary map with all the locations. You can save it or print it and use it as a reference in your Sydney photography walk. Wherever applicable I describe also how to reach the location, best time of the day to make a photo and close-by sites worth a visit.

Always try a different corner for the best result and don’t forget to post the result on our Facebook page, Twitter feed or Instagram account (#mel365). We love to hear from you. Looking forward to it 😀

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A map is right at the end of this post, you can visit most of these sites on your own for a full DIY experience.

15 Best Photography Locations in Sydney

#15: Botanical Garden – Art Gallery Road over M1

What I love the most of this location is how the light trails take your eyes straight to the city. It’s a great site, not too far away from Sydney CBD, just next to the Art Gallery of New South Wales and The Pavilion Restaurant

Top spot for some light trail photography towards Sydney CBD

When: the blue hour after sunset gives the best result. The blue sky creates a lovely contrast to the city lights

How: check the quick Three steps to shoot light trails free tutorial. The long exposure is the key setting

Setting: 13sec at f/10, 24mm, ISO 100 (Nikon D600 + Nikkor 24-120mm f/4)

#14: Botanical Garden – Farm Cove

This is a beautiful small bay right in the middle of the Botanical Garden. Come over in the early morning and just after sunrise you will have the sun shining straight on the Sydney CBD. Use the walking path as lead-in lines to your main subject, the city

The Botanical Garden is a great location for some shots of the Sydney bay and city

When: 30 minutes after sunrise be there ready to start shooting. The sun will quickly illuminate the sky scrapers

How: check the free tutorial How to use lead-in lines in landscape photography. How to drive the eyes to your subject.

Setting: 1/30sec at f/10, 25mm, ISO 100 (Canon 40D + Sigma 18-200 f/4)

#13: Architecture and interior photography in Central Park

This is quite a new area of Sydney. I was not extremely happy when I heard that new buildings were built but honestly the result is very good. Just wander between the building for some architectural photography. Take your time, either before or after your photography session, for a tour at the White Rabbit gallery. You can visit there some amazing temporary collections from Chinese artists, a real eye opener, surely one of my favourite galleries in Sydney

Best_photography_locations_Sydney_13a_Sydney_20131123_016_architecture_ Chippendale_ Shape_ Sydney-min

When: during the day, no need of sunset or sunrise light. Planning together with a visit to the White Rabbit Gallery on the back of these buildings, after the green area

How: play with your composition. Did you find anything strange in this photo? It is upside down, although it does not look like, isn’t it?

Setting: 1/320sec at f/7.1, 65mm, ISO 100 (Nikon D600 + Nikkor 24-120mm f/4)

Best_photography_locations_Sydney_13b_Sydney_20131123_002_architecture_ Chippendale_ Shape_ Sydney-min

#12: Sydney Opera House

It must be surely the most visited place in Australia and without any doubt one of the most photographed building in the world. There is obviously a good reason, it’s a beautiful work of engineering/art genius. Can you find a different corner, a side which was not photographed before? Very unlikely.

I can only suggest to try to use different techniques or a close up that can take the Opera House outside of the Sydney bay contest

The Sydney Opera House is another great site for a photo of a Sydney icon

When: Sunrise may be a good choice if you are after a quiet time (don’t bet on an empty area too). Above photo was taken at sunset, with the sun behind the Opera House.

How: The place was pretty busy so I decided to go for a long exposure of almost 5 minutes. In this way only the static people would appear in the photo. This is another creative way to make your picture. There is still a bit of ghosting here and there that could be fixed in post (you can still see some shadows). An easier way to avoid ghosting is to shoot with an even longer exposure, using a 5 or 10 stops ND filter

Setting: 299sec at f/18, 24mm, ISO 100 (Nikon D600 + Nikkor 24-120mm f/4)

Close-up of The iconic Sydney Opera house

#11: McMahons Point Wharf

You can go to the McMahons Point Wharf by ferry. Take one at Circular Quay, direction Balmain and it’s the second stop. Ideally the best time is sunrise however I was there in the morning and I was happy with the result as well. There are few nice cafes around Bay View Street, perfect for brunch 😉 The view of the city is quite spectacular

Best_photography_locations_Sydney_11_Sydney_20120211_254_5_6-2-2_Australia_ Bay_ Harbour Bridge_ New South Wales_ Portfolio_ Seascape_ Sydney-min


When: Sunrise is the best time. You can also reach this place by train, get off at North Sydney station and have a 15 minutes walk

How: If you are not there during the magic hours I would suggest to use the HDR technique with 3 exposures bracketing (or more if available on your camera). So I did with my photo above. In this way I was able to capture a broad dynamic range. With the latest cameras (like the Sony a7R II) you can work in post on the shadows and the highlights to reach the same result.

Setting: 1/100sec at f/16, 35mm, ISO 100 (Canon 40D + Sigma 18-200 f/4) – HDR with 3 exposures bracketing

#10: Hickson Road Reserve

This is another popular place with tourists. You can easily walk here from Circular Quay. This is the spot where you can probably have your best photos of the Harbour Bridge and the iconic Luna Park in the background

Best_photography_locations_Sydney_10a_Sydney_20130809_015_Bay_ bridge_ Harbour_ Luna Park_ Sydney-min

When: There are so many photos at sunrise, sunset and day light that I personally suggest to come another time of the day, which is during the night or after sunset, when it’s already becoming darker.

How: Try a long exposure photo to give a milky effect to the bay area. Also black and white works quite well. Bridge close up is another option

Setting: (above photo) 170sec at f/18, 24mm, ISO 100 (Nikon D600 + Nikkor 24-120mm f/4). Read more on my favourite lenses when travelling and why.View of the Luna Park from the Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge...or the Eiffel Tower?

#9: South Head Walk – The Gap

This is such a lovely walk that should not be missed. You will be pleased not only for your photography but also for the amazing coastal site.

South Head Walk - The Gap

When: Sunrise is again the best time. You can reach this point with your own vehicle, by ferry from Circular Quay to Watsons Bay or by bus (train to Bondi Junction and bus #324 or #325 direction Watsons Bay). You will have the sun rising in front of you and the beautiful orange colours illuminating the coast walk

How: How to make a photo here really depends on the time of the day you arrive, how is the sea, clouds….so many variables

Setting: 1/500sec at f/13, 63mm, ISO 400 (Canon 40D + Sigma 18-200 f/4)

#8: Newtown Cemetery

Yes, this is quite a quirky place to visit. Don’t think it as the usual cemetery. It’s actually a very old one, in the backyard of the St. Stephen’s Anglican Church. It’s an unusual corner of Sydney to visit, beside a unique site to make few photos. Be sure that if you google this location it will not as popular as the Opera House LOL.

Alternative site to photography in Sydney

When: During the day will work fine. You may want to avoid the hours right in the middle of the day when the sun is too harsh and the shadows become too dark. I was there just after an early breakfast. Exploring it by night can be another “horror movie” option. There are no gates and you can access from the street, same entrance as for the church

How: I played here with the depth of field and the focal length (see free tutorial Understanding focal length). Black and white works best

Setting: (above photo) 1/500sec at f/13, 63mm, ISO 400 (Canon 40D + Sigma 18-200 f/4)

Best_photography_locations_Sydney_08c_SYD-MardiGrass_20100226_0023_Newtown_ NSW_ Sydney-min

#7: A walk in Darlinghurst

Do you have a free morning? Maybe before breakfast or brunch? Have a walk around Liverpool Street from Hyde Square up to Darlinghurst Road. This is a lovely area to experience the old Sydney architecture. Most of the buildings are dated back to the 18th century. Lots of glamour.


When: It will be fine during the day. However as early as possible to avoid the harsh hours. It is ideal to have the walk before breakfast and stop at one of the many cafes after your photography “work

How: I played once again with the depth of field and focal length (see free tutorial Understanding focal length).

Best_photography_locations_Sydney_07e_KingsCross-Sydney_20090328_27_Kings Cross_ NSW_ Sydney-min

#6: Ferry from Manly Beach

You have probably already read about Manly beach as the place to spend an afternoon sunbathing and, why not, having a swim. Organise your ferry back to the city around sunset time. The colours of the bay will change magically and you will have one of the best 30 mins ride in your life

Best_photography_locations_Sydney_06a_Harbour-Sydney_20090328_4_NSW_ Sydney_ sydney bridge-min

When: definitely sunset time. Try to take a place on the front of the ferry to have the best view of the bay, the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge

How: Pump up your shutter speed, at least 1/250sec (I decided to go for a 1/500). You are on a moving object, the ferry, that is navigating on a moving surface, the sea. You may have to use an high ISO as well, 400 or more. Silhouette photography works great as well

Setting: 1/500sec at f/7, 35mm, ISO 400 (Canon 40D + Sigma 18-200 f/4)

Best_photography_locations_Sydney_06b_Harbour-Sydney_20090328_9_NSW_ Sydney_ sydney bridge-min

#5: Bondi-Coogee walk

This is another famous walk that takes you from Bondi to Coogee along a well signed walking path of 9km. You can do the lot or just a section of it. You can go back to the city from Coogee with a bus ride, easy. What are the highlights of this walk? The many small bays that you will encounter along the path, just amazing. Sometime I felt I was in Europe, other times in Malibu….but I was always in Sydney 😀

You will walk also through a unique site in the world. What is it? The Waverley Cemetery, facing the sea, you will be surprised

Best_photography_locations_Sydney_05_IMG_7341_Antonietta_ Cesare_ Sydney-min

When: start the walk as early as possible. This will give you the best chance to have great colours and to avoid the mass of people along the route, especially in the sections close to Bondi and Coogee

#4: Bondi Beach

This is an iconic location you do not want to miss. This is the most famous Australian beach.  At the start of the walk to Coogee you will find also the Bondi Icebergs Club. Another world famous place where you can often see celebrities. Beside the people, concentrate on the outdoor swimming pool, a good site for some cool photos


When: sunrise is definitely a good time for the great light. Try it also on a bad day with lots of black clouds for a dramatic effect

How: take the tripod with you and stitch few photos together for a great panorama image. The one above was actually done with a mobile and I quite like the result

Best_photography_locations_Sydney_04b_Sydney_20120311_160_bondi_ Icebergs_ Nature Perception_ Portfolio_ Seascape_ Shower_ swimmin pools_ Sydney-min

#3: Bare Island

We are getting closer to the end of this post and here is another hidden place of Sydney.

Well, as I said, there are no hidden places in Sydney but sure this location is not that popular, despite its beauty. It’s not a short walk to come here 🙂 not even actually a short bus ride (50 minutes)  however you can easily take a direct bus, number 391, at Central Station that will take you to La Perouse parking space. From there it is a 5 minutes walk.

By the way, this island was also used in Mission Impossible II as the stage for the final battle with the motorbikes. You can check the action scene on YouTube.

Best_photography_locations_Sydney_03a_Sydney_20131125_039_Bare_ bridge_ Cruise_ Impossible_ Island_ Laperouse_ Mission_ Sydney_ Tom-min

When: The sunrise is most definitely the best time of the day. The issue may be with the transportation that is not available that early. I did ride there however Sydney is not that bicycle friendly I must say. Be aware.

How: Look for a different corner. There are already many photos from around the bridge. I had a walk along the coast and used an ND10 filter to capture the water movement (see the free tutorial Three easy steps to capture running water)

Setting: 10sec at f/18, 24mm, ISO 100 (Nikon D600 + Nikkor 24-120mm f/4)

Best_photography_locations_Sydney_03b_Sydney_20131125_043_Bare_ bridge_ Cruise_ Impossible_ Island_ Laperouse_ Mission_ Sydney_ Tom-min

#2: Mrs Macquarie’s Chair

You will not be alone here at sunset time. Expect other photographers. The view of the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and the Sydney bay is magnificent. It is not a crowded spot but sure a known place by the Sydney photographers

One of my favourite Top spot for landscape photography in Sydney

When: The sunset is the best time. Arrive here around 30 minutes before to see the location, understand where you want to be and organise your setting.

How: You can either walk here through the Botanical Garden or ride your bike, easy. There is a main site where you will probably meet few other photographers setting the own tripod (essential). I walked down straight on the rocks (it was a calm warm night, don’t do that on a stormy day, it can be quite slippery) and I was alone with another photographer (always look behind the usual places). It was definitely the right time and place for a long exposure photo

Setting: 118sec at f/18, 27mm, ISO 100 (Nikon D600 + Nikkor 24-120mm f/4)

Best_photography_locations_Sydney_02b_Sydney_20130812_059-Edit-Edit_bridge_ Chair_ exposure_ Harbour_ House_ long_ Macquarie_ Opera_ Sydney-min

#1: Sydney Observatory view

I started this article with 6 spots, than I though I should add another couple, and one more, and….at the end here we are with the most hidden site of the 15 best photography locations in Sydney.

This is still may favourite place and I have definitely to revisit it on a more stormy day to give a bit of drama. The bench gives that nice dimension to the background. Just what I wanted, an unusual view of the Harbour Bridge

My favourite photography location in Sydney. A great point of view, almost unknown

When: Sunrise has to be, although it has to be said that the best results are in winter as the sunrise in summer is way too easterly. Before I visit a location I spend a great time investigating the best spot, time etc. If you need more information check the Reference guide to travel photography and when travelling with your mobile have a look to the Best travel photography apps 2018 (All free to download)

How: You can walk there from Circular Quay through The Rocks. You will be alone (I was there few times and I never met anybody). Take your time and a hot coffee, you will need it in a winter sunrise

Setting: 1/125sec at f/13, 18mm, ISO 100 (Canon 40D + Sigma 18-200 f/4)

Accommodation I used in the last few years

Yes I changed few hotels in Sydney. There are different reasons for that. I wanted to try a different location, my favourite one was booked out, I was travelling as a single or as a couple, I was looking for few alternatives.

The common thing is that accommodation is expensive in Sydney and quite often booked out, which pushes the prices even higher.

I have now finally organised a guide to the areas to stay and most convenient accommodations in Sydney. It is amazing how different can be this city based on the place you will stay and visit.

If you have just few spare minutes have a look below to my favourite places.

Shakespeare Hotel

Located in Surry Hills, the Shakespeare Hotel is still one of my favourite because of its quirky style. It’s one of the cheapest option too in the central area. It’s above an old style pub but it closes around 11pm, therefore do not expect much noise.

City Crown Motel

Very central hotel, again in Surry Hills, the City Crown Hotel is another economical option in this funky area. It’s quite basic I must say, do not except much. It’s a clean room to spend the night

Best Western Plus Hotel Stellar

The Plus Hotel Stellar is more expensive than the previous two options however it offers a much higher level of service and quality. It is right next to Hyde Park and the Museum Station which makes it great if you want to stay in the city centre. It is also very close to all of the cafes that Surry Hills offers which is a nice plus for a break. This is another of my favourite options when I visit Sydney

Billabong Gardens

I have already been here few times and I will keep returning. The Billabong Gardens are located in Newtown, one of my favourite areas in Sydney, lovely cafes around and some of the best restaurants. It’s also quite close to the Airport and therefore very convenient for a taxi ride. Here is the best tip. The Billabong Gardens are based in two buildings. The first one more for backpackers and the second one more for a quieter environment. Book in the second building, called “St.Kilda”. You can always use the swimming pool of the main premise 😉


If you have read till here you have probably realised how beautiful is this city. So many places to visit. Of the above best photo locations in Sydney I am quite attached to the Observatory and Bare Island. These are the sites with great photo potentials and “less competition”.

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Map – 15 Best Photography Locations in Sydney

Map of the top Photography Locations in SydneySee interactive Map on Google Map

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Stefano Ferro
Stef Ferro is the founder and editor of MEL365, a travel & photography website made to enhance the travelling experience and improve the photography work.
Stef is a professional travel photographer with past experience in the cycling and film industry. 

Stef runs travel photography workshops in Melbourne and around the world.
    • Reuben
    • January 21, 2019

    Planning a trip to Sydney in April and reading through your article I was able to gather so much information as to where are the good spots to take photos. My hobby is photography and wants to take a clear morning shot of the Opera House and Sydney Skyline on the back. I heard only way to do this by taking a ferry North bound. Can you give me some insights into this. Will this give me the right light if I take the morning ferry (not sure what time I should aim for). For the Sun set I will take your advice to go to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair. Will this give me a chance to do long exposure? Thanks and great work.. Keep it up.


    • Reply

      Hi Reuben,
      thanks for your feedback.

      Let me start with the Mrs Macquarie’s Chair. Indeed no worries for the long exposure, just go down close to the water. the best spot.

      Milsons Point, in my opinion, the best spot to capture the Opera House and Sydney Skyline at the same time. Sunset and sunrise can be as good.
      With sunrise, you will have the sun on the left (my favourite time). Otherwise on the right.

    • Mrs Macquaries Chair access
    • October 27, 2018

    Thanks for the article. While in Sydney back in May I tried to get to Mrs Macquaries chair for sunrise, from the Circular Quay direction, but all access to the Botanical Gardens was closed until after sunrise. (Gates locked) Are other access points unlocked 24/7 or how do you get pre dawn access?

    Ross in NZ

    • Reply

      Hi Ross,
      the Mrs Macquaries chair is not inside the Botanical Garden walls/fences, which, as you said, it’s locked during the night.
      From Circular Quay you would need to walk up the Macquaries Street, turn left on Shakespeare Pl and again left on Mrs Macquaries Road. Follow that road till the end and you will be at Mrs Macquaries chair (around 30 minutes walk or 2.5Km).
      It’s a great spot for sunset, less so for sunrise as the horizon is covered by Garden Island and Potts Point in this month. In April works best, as the sun rises from Watsons Bay.

    • Ryan
    • September 26, 2018

    Love the work – we are a Sydney based photography and videography company and will be using your list for our future scouting needs. Keep up the good work!

    • Antony George
    • September 28, 2017

    Great photos and tips. I agree with you, the Sydney Observatory view is the best out of the lot! A thing I noted was there are a few small literary mistakes that can be easily corrected by anyone with just a quick read through, make that right and this article can be enjoyed even better.

    • Reply

      Many thanks Anthony for your feedback. I am on my way to improve this post including the fixing to the literally mistakes. Again thank you so much

    • Dalvin Tran
    • January 18, 2017


    Where is the “Art Gallery Rd over M1” at? I’m interesting to doing a shoot some photos of the light trails and playing around composition 🙂

    • Amélie
    • November 8, 2016

    Thank you so very much for this inspiring selection of photo spots! WOW!
    I’m going to Sydney in a few days for my 30th birthday, long time dream of mine and I cannot wait to walk in the city and shoot!

    • Reply

      Thank you so much for your beautiful comment. Really appreciated.

      You will love Sydney, I am sure. Have a check to the Observatory viewpoint, really an amazing place to be, especially on sunrise.

      And, beside photography, Sydney is an amazing place to visit.

    • Reed
    • July 29, 2016

    Leaving for Sydney this Saturday from the US! Thanks so much for the informative post.

    • Reply

      That’s great Reed. Just a pity I am not in Sydney in these days otherwise we could have met.
      Enjoy and let me know how did it go

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