Top 10 beaches of Mauritius - The best to have fun, a safe swim or just a roti

The 12 best beaches in Mauritius [and the top resorts in 2017]

Last updated on June 28th, 2017 at 04:21 pm

The way I should start this post is saying that there are so many “best beaches in Mauritius” that is almost impossible to select one or the other. Keep in mind that some of them can only be used by the resort guests.

The list below includes beaches accessible to the general public as well as the resort guests

I got invited to a Mauritian wedding.

Nothing unusual you may say.


Till I found out it would last 5 days!!

I decided to add a couple of weeks and explore the island especially the world famous beaches. Than the two weeks extended to a third one.

I got to know new local people and started receiving invitations to some amazing resorts. I was staying there for free and I would have to provide a full photography set. Not a bad deal ehi?

I ended up spending over 3 months

I rented a car and I had the freedom to move around as I pleased. Mauritius is not a big island however the roads can be quite winding and you should budget some time for any trip

I checked few books and websites before starting my trip. I made my beach wish list before flying there. I felt, however, I was missing something. The local knowledge.

Well, I was very lucky. In my first week I had 5 days in a Mauritian wedding. Plenty of time to talk with the locals and take down notes on the best beaches. I was even blessed when I was introduced to 2 famous resort managers. They were impressed by my Instagram portfolio and with word of mouth I started my 3 months long trip.

All the beach photos are mine (there is a drone photo not mine however I specified the source). You can read more on my gear and my suggestion for a great camera to take on your trip here.

Now, down to the question I get asked many times

Which part of Mauritius is best?

There are probably 3 areas that work great:

  • South-west around Le Morne, because of the stunning area. Think amazing beaches at the bottom of an old volcano area, reef everywhere, a gold course and some beautiful and exclusive resorts
  • East, in the Belle Mare area, because of the most famous resorts in the island, all with a world renown service and, worthless saying, great beaches too!
  • North, from Trou Aux Biches to Pereybere Beach, probably my favourite area because it has constantly good weather all year around, always sunny. It somehow does not suffer the change of seasons that the other areas do. There is also some of nightlife at Grand Bay, outside of the resorts, for a quiet sleep after a long night out.

You can read more Mauritius Tourism website about the seasons and the best time of the year for a visit. Once you are in the island you can check the Mauritius Meteorological Services for a real time weather forecasting.

Here below I go through some of these beaches and spots in more details, including photos.

The sequence is not following any ranking. As the Mauritians would say, take it easy and just enjoy, there is no top or bottom

Trou aux Biches Beach

When I was thinking about this list I had no doubt to include Trou aux Biches as one of the best beaches in Mauritius. There are many reasons and ultimately the two adjective I would use for this place are peaceful and beautiful, what I would expect from heaven, if there is one

Imagine a white sand beach, palms and blue sky for most of the day. Yes, because the north coast of Mauritius is famous to have the highest the percentage of sun even through the winter months (winter can be still 30 degrees by the way)

Mauritius_20150827_992_Beach_ Canoe_ Mauritius_ Pirogue_ Sunset-minTrou aux Biches Beach is one of my favourite beach in Mauritius

Mauritius_20150826_923_Beach_ Mauritius_ Sunset_ Trou aux Biches-min

Walk on the main road up few meters to find the best street food in Mauritius. Wait for the sunset to get the best photos of the island. You can read more suggestions on how to use the natuaral light for travel photography here

My suggested resort – Beachcomber Resort & Spa

This is one of the most beautiful resort in the island I believe, right i the middle of Trou aux Biches Beach. There are few reasons for that:

  1. it is located in one of the sunniest places in the island. Mauritius has an amazing weather all year around however rain may happen. If it does, this is the last place in the island to receive it. It’s an important factor to take in consideration.
  2. the “almost” infinity pool is a real pleasure. I am quite sure that the first time you will see it you may think that is ending in the sea. Because of the way it was done, there is this nice infinity feeling. It’s a place you can enjoy for hours and, when tired of it, you can always walk to the pristine white beach πŸ˜‰

    Beachcomber Trou aux Biches Resort & Spa - The infinity pool

    Beachcomber Trou aux Biches Resort & Spa – The infinity pool

  3. which takes me to the beautiful white beach in front of the resort. So peaceful and all available for you. Of course you just need your sunglasses, everything else is provided by the Beachcomber hotel
  4. the fully inclusive half board, with some of the greatest food on in the island. It’s actually a well know place to go just because of the restaurant. For lunch you can either stay in the hotel or you can walk down the beach for some beautiful street food.
  5. the location is the best. As sometime happens, resorts can be isolated. It’s not the case of Beachcomber hotel, walking distance to the restaurants and shopping areas. For a special dinner outside the resort I suggest the Italian Restaurant 1974, da Antonio e Giulia, open also for lunch, or the unique The Flame Grill CafΓ©. The owner, original from South Africa, has a special way to grill and it’s a secret, he told me LOL. As a result I had some of the best ever steaks in my life
  6. supermarket near by. Just few hundreds meters. It has all you need, from water to wine and beer, from French patisserie to Italian salami. 50 meters before the supermarket there is an old local lady selling some of the best pineapples I have ever tried, with some spicy powder if you are keen to try the secret ingredient πŸ˜‰
  7. the hotel rooms are big and with a good interior design to feel straight away on a Mauritian holiday. Always cleaned by the lovely staff.

Check Availability and best offer

Beachcomber Trou aux Biches Resort & Spa - The Beach

Beachcomber Trou aux Biches Resort & Spa – The Beach

I had such a fantastic time that I really want to go back!! πŸ™‚

Mont Choisy Beach

It can be seen almost as an extension of Trou aux Biches Beach, on the far east side. It is instead a different beach surrounded by a green park, a perfect spot for a morning run if you are around (I used to come here almost every second day for my daily jogging)

There are few street food stalls that open in the late morning. It gets quite busy in the weekend with the locals. Definitely an interesting spot to visit.

On the west side of the beach there is also a Hindu temple area which can be a great subject for some travel photography

Mauritius_20150824_801_Beach_ Mauritius_ Mont Choisy Beach_ Sunset_ Trou aux Biches-min

Mauritius_20150824_829_Beach_ Hindu_ Light painting_ Mauritius_ Mont Choisy Beach_ Sunset_ Temple_ Trou aux Biches-minMont Choisy Beach is probably the most photogenic beach in Mauritius

My suggested resort – Mon Choisy Beach R.

As I said, Mont Choisy Beach is bordering Trou aux Biches Beach, difficult to say where is the ending, or beginning, of the each beach.

As such I would still consider the Beachcomber Resort my favourite place to be.

As an alternative have a look instead at the Mon Choisy Resort. It’s right at the end of the long beach.

This is more of a self catering studio with an infinity pool to die for.

It’s much cheaper than the Beachcomber, at a very reasonable price, however you do not have also all of the facilities of the big resort

Check best price now

Mon Choisy Beach Resort - View from the bedroom

Mon Choisy Beach Resort – View from the bedroom

The drawback of this resort, or maybe not, is that you are more isolated. The shopping and restaurant area is about 2-3km away, a nice walk on the beach by the way πŸ™‚

La Cuvette Beach

La Cuvette is the Grand Bay public beach,  walking distance from the town centre, probably the most popular tourist place in Mauritius.

The public side of the beach is another gem of Mauritius. It is a must see if you are in Grand Bay or around.

Mauritius_20150825_885_Beach_ Grand Baie_ La Cuvette_ Mauritius_ Sunset-minLa Curvette Beach for a fabulous sunset photo

Beside the public beach there are also 2 private beaches run by two famous resorts.

The first one is Beachcomber (the big brother of the one I described above)

The other resort, called Veranda Grand Baie Hotel & Spa, is the one I suggest if you are after a lovey beach style resort close to the action of Grand Bay.

Veranda Grand Baie Hotel & Spa - The lovely swimming pool

Veranda Grand Baie Hotel & Spa – The lovely swimming pool

Why the Veranda?

  • very well priced for the luxury offered by this resort, probably one of the best value in Maurtius
  • the private beach is actually a small cove, a real hidden gem of Grand Bay
  • gorgeous pool and big room, however in a smaller resort than usual. It will feel more of a secluded experience
  • so close to Grand Bay, the place to be if you are after some nightlife beside some relaxing time during the day. Still very quiet if you are after some sleeping

Check Availability & Price

Pereybere Beach and Notre Dame Aurilliatrice Chapel

Cap Malheureux covers most of the north coast of the island. It was hard to decide which one is the top beach of this area. There is one that however stands out, not only because of its beauty but also for the famous Red Chapel. You may have seen it in some brochures or advertisement. The actual name is Notre Dame Aurilliatrice Chapel.

You can have a walk and take an ice cream and once you want to have a swim move to the extreme sides of this holy area for 2 beautiful beaches

Notre Dame Aurilliatrice Chapel, Cap Malheureux

I love how the life moves on in Mauritius, very slowly, as it should be

When I visited this area I decided stay in a real creole guest house. I wanted to experience the local way. And this came at a very affordable price.

Surely I did not find the 25m long swimming pool or some of the big resort facilities however I was able to have some local time, feeling more integrated with the Mauritian life

I am talking here about the Bleu De Toi Boutique Guest House in Pereybere Beach.

I just loved the interior, really well thought, with colors and style that took me straight away to an higher level of relaxation (not sure I needed it LOL).

I suggest the Hope room, right next to the garden and pool.

I was also happy with my 10 minutes walk to the centre of town and the public beach.

Check this boutique price



I noticed that booking in advance got me better deals. It probably depends on the seasons too.

Belle Mare Beach

This is definitely one of the best beaches in Mauritius. There is a public section from there you can walk around even along areas where the big resorts are. Again think about palms, white sand beach and absolutely calm water.

This is my second favorite beach area of Mauritius. The external reef blocks all of the waves and this place is what you expect from a paradise.

Every 300 meters there is a private cove run by a resort. The choice is only yours. Honestly it is impossible to get it wrong.

In winter, this area of Mauritius tends to have more rain, usually in the afternoon. If you plan your trip in July or August I would probably suggest to stay north, at Trou aux Biches Beach where sun is more common, at least till the evening (storms may come in the night, which is great).

Is Belle Mare Beach the most beautiful beach of Mauritius? Read on..

Mauritius_20150818_237_Beach_ Belle Mare_ Mauritius-min

My suggested resort – LUX* Belle Mare

This is the perfect honeymoon place …..and not only.

Stay for a short, or a long stay, and you will have surely a memorable time. The white sand beach is amazing. A place you should visit even if you stay in another accommodation.

Interesting to mention that most Mauritians dream about this resort for the own honeymoon gateway. A local friend told me that even if they are used to the amazing cost, they LUX* is just something different, the perfect experience

The common suggestion is to book well in advance as this is one of the most famous resorts in the world.

Check now availability

Blue Bay Beach

Everyone in Mauritius talks about it. It is indeed a famous area, not too far away from the airport. I was quite unlucky because by the time I was there the weather was not that great and I could not see the famous tones of blue of this beach.

If you come for a visit to this side of the island spare a couple of hours for a visit to Ile Aux Aigrettes (it’s a small island off the coast). Read more info here

Blue Bay Beach and the visit to the "old Mauritius"

Mauritius_20150817_167_Aigrettes_ Island_ Mahebourg_ Mauritius_ Nature_ Reserve_ WWF-min

Gris-Gris Beach

This is one of the beaches that does not have calm water. Anything else is there. It’s in the souther point of the island and it’s not protected by the reef and you can therefore experience big waves and strong ocean currents .

This is not the best place for a swim however it is definitely one of the best beaches in Mauritius for its scenery, quite amazing and popular with daily visitors

Mauritius_20150827_1045_Gris Gris_ Mauritius_ Surinam Coastal Road_ Viewpoint-min

Mauritius_20150827_1071_Gris Gris_ La Roche qui Pleure_ Mauritius_ Surinam Coastal Road-min

Le Morne Beach

This is for sure one of my favourite spot in the island.

Why is Le Morne one of the best beaches in Mauritius? Because it has the full lot. Start with the palms, keep going with the white sand and the calm water. There is more however. Walk to the southern side of the long beach and you have lots of sport activities available for you. This is the best spot for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Moreover you can take a small boat to the reef to enjoy some surfing as well. Do you need more?

Mauritius_20150827_1087_Beach_ Le Morne_ Mauritius_ Surinam Coastal Road-min

Mauritius_20150827_1094_Beach_ Le Morne_ Mauritius_ Surinam Coastal Road-min

The secret cove – Black River Beach

If loneliness is your thing than Black River beach is your place.

You will not be able to see the sea from the road and this may explain why this is the most kept secret beach in Mauritius Island.

Once in Black River, drive into La Preneuse Street, it’s a tiny one. there are lots of majestic big villas on the beach side. After few minutes you will arrive to a tiny parking area with public access to the beach. This is the only way to enjoy Black River Beach, no other public access, as suggested by the locals

I was there for a couple of hours and I had the beach all for myself. A couple arrived only later in the afternoon. I felt a bit like Robinson Crusoe.

The water is just amazing. The reef is 300m away which makes the sea very flat and swimmeable.

What do you want more? Oh yes, add a fantastic view to Le Morne peninsula

Mauritius_20150824_832_Beach_ Mauritius_ Tamarin-min

Flic En Flac Beach

I was not really sure if Flic en Flac should be included in the best beaches in Mauritius, and honestly I am still not. The real motivating factor here is the best roti you can find in the island right at the beach.

Flic en Flac beach, surely the top for the fantastic Roti

Take this beach in any other contest and it’s absolutely beautiful. But we are in Mauritius and competition is way too hard and this is why Flic en Flac is probably not my favourite.

What I really lived here was the lunch break at the roti van facing the main road, the first one of a long line. The lady in the kitchen prepares the roti on demand, they taste so great. Ask for the chilly, hot but gorgeous!!

Île aux Cerfs

This is not actually a beach, it’s more than that, it’s an island that you can visit on a day trip.

It is located on the east coast of Mauritius with the best weather between October and May, the dry season.

The best way to visit is through a Catamaran trip. You can ask your resort (it’s a popular destination) or you can have a look at this excursion which rates really high with customer and it has a great price too. 

Few suggestions on this trip:

  • make sure the lunch is included or expect a high price at the local restaurant
  • water is expensive on the island as it is delivered from mainland, take your supply if you can.
  • there are plenty of activities at the beach, snorkelling is one of the best
  • Relax πŸ™‚

Check Availability & Price

Photo source : GetYourGuide

Photo source : GetYourGuide


Is Tamarin the next big thing in Mauritius?

I was speaking with few locals and they agreed it is still a secret place to visit, where it is hard to find any tourist.

If you are in the area you may well have a drive there, you never know if you will be surprised, or not. Leave a comment below with your feedback.

This is a town located right on the Black River estuary, a place to visit for some travel photography.

You can also spot this bay from a magnificent viewpoint in the Black River Gorges National Park on the road from Chamarel

Black River Gorges National Park - Viewpoint on the road to the west coast

Black River Gorges National Park – Viewpoint on the road to the west coast

Mauritius beaches map

Map of the 10 top beaches of Mauritius

Check the interactive Map on GoogleMap

More info about Mauritius


All images are Creative Commons, Non-Commercial
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  1. I briefly lived on Mauritius, by Black River beach. Definitely a good spot for people who are looking for peace and quiet. πŸ˜‰ I also got to swim with dolphins almost every day though, just off the coast (due to my work) which makes Mauritius into a great memory for me!

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