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3 Best areas to stay in Paris with family + DISNEYLAND

The City of Light offers plenty of family-friendly activities and attractions, but knowing where to stay in Paris with family is vital for the perfect holiday.

In this guide, we’re highlighting the best areas to stay in Paris with family across 4 arrondissements and surroundings.

Each neighbourhood caters to different ages of kids or types of holiday, this could be a quiet breakaway or a more energetic trip, including shopping too.

Let’s get started!

Avenue de New York Arrondissement 16 in autumn
Avenue de New York Arrondissement 16 in autumn

Best areas to stay in Paris with family – A quick summary

Here below is a table that compares the 4 areas that work best for a family stay in Paris. It’s a quick reference guide based uniquely on families’ needs.

Click on the area name to read a more exhaustive description including also attractions and restaurants for families. With a mobile, swipe left or right to see the full table.

AreaProsConsBudgetAccessibilityAttractionsRestaurantsSmall ToddlersSmall KidsGrown-up KidsCharacter
Arrondissement 8 – Champs-ÉlyséesBest area to stay in Paris with grown-up kidsUpscale, picturesque, great transportationTouristy, expensiveHighExcellentHighHighLowModerateHighRich historical value and iconic landmarks
Arrondissement 16 – PassyBest area to stay in Paris with family for a quiet timePeaceful, family-friendly, parks & playgroundsLess central, still expensiveHighGoodModerateHighHighHighModerateQuiet, residential, with parks and playgrounds
Arrondissement 17 – BatignollesBest area to stay in Paris with family on a budgetAffordable, local atmosphere, parks for childrenFurther from central Paris, fewer attractionsMediumGoodModerateHighHighHighModerateLocal, authentic Parisian experience
Around Disneyland ParisBest area to stay in Paris with family for DisneylandKid-friendly attractions, convenient transportationFar from central Paris, can be priceyMedium-HighModerateUniqueHighHighAmazingAmazingThemed and immersive
Best areas to stay in Paris with family
Best areas to stay in Paris with family
Best areas to stay in Paris with family

Arrondissement 8 – Champs-Élysées

  • Best places to stay in Paris for families with grown-up kids
  • Pros: Unforgettable sights, seamless transport, enticing parks, and lavish experiences.
  • Cons: Bustling streets, often crowded, and higher accommodation costs.


  • Parc Monceau
  • Lido de Paris
  • Arc de Triomphe
  • Jardin des Champs-Élysées

Restaurants and cafes

  • Ladurée
  • L’Avenue
  • Le Drugstore
  • Cafe George V
View on Avenue des Champs Elysees from Arc de Triomphe in Paris

One of the best neighbourhoods to stay in Paris with grown-up kids is the 8th Arrondissement.

Start your exploration from Champs-Élysées, a world-renowned avenue that stretches to the horizon, a grand stage showcasing Paris’s finest in luxury, culture, and irresistible cuisine.

You will be within walking distance of other central attractions, like Place de la Concorde or the Eiffel Tower.

If you travelling with older children who love the energy and excitement of city life, the Champs-Élysées offers a colourful and lively experience.

The wide, tree-lined avenue hums with life, from high-end shops twinkling with the latest fashion trends to cinemas revealing a world of imagination.

Looming at the avenue’s end, the Arc de Triomphe serves as a stoic sentinel over the city’s ebbs and flows – its peak is a vantage point not to be missed.

Parc Monceau, a gem nestled within the city’s bustle, invites families to its tranquil embrace. Meandering paths lead you past exquisite statues, strange follies and a delightful playground that sets younger hearts racing.

Older kids might enjoy the kaleidoscope of music, dance, and costumes at Lido de Paris, a colourful introduction to the French cabaret.

If the hustle and bustle of the city become too much, head to Jardin des Champs-Élysées, a much quieter place to relax and leave your kids running around.

Unwind amidst greenery as your children explore play areas or sit fascinated by the antics of traditional Guignol puppet theatre.

The area has many great restaurants in the areas, with a few more dedicated to families. Ladurée tempts with its mouth-watering pastries and famed macarons, while L’Avenue promises a gastronomic journey that satisfies even the pickiest eaters.

For something casual yet memorable, Le Drugstore dishes up meals perfect for laid-back family dining. If it’s a dash of opulence you’re after, Cafe George V won’t disappoint with its plush setting and extensive menu.

But even the Champs-Élysées has its nuances. The energy that some find exhilarating might be overwhelming for others.

It’s a bustling district where the calm of lesser-travelled areas of Paris seems a world away. And while living it up in one of the city’s poshest districts, remember that the cost of accommodation and dining mirrors its high-end appeal.

Yet, despite these, the Champs-Élysées draws families into its charm, offering a slice of Paris that’s opulent, exciting, and unabashedly unforgettable.

With the city’s landmarks at your doorstep and a smorgasbord of experiences within easy reach, Champs-Élysées is surely one of the best areas to stay in Paris.

Here are 3 great hotels and accommodations in for families Champs-Élysées:

Suites & Hôtel Helzear Etoile ($$$): Prime location, friendly staff, clean and comfortable rooms with well-equipped kitchens.

Hôtel De l’Arcade ($$$-$$$$): Excellent location, friendly staff, and serene ambience

WS Champs-Elysées – Colomb ($$$): Exceptional location, comfortable 2BR accommodation with ample amenities, perfect for family stays. Walking distance to iconic landmarks.

Arrondissement 16 – Passy

  • Best places to stay in Paris for families for a quiet time
  • Pros: Quiet and calm, kid-friendly, close to parks and playgrounds.
  • Cons: Less central, not as many tourist attractions, still expensive.


  • Jardin du Ranelagh
  • Aquarium de Paris
  • Jardin d’Acclimatation
  • Musée Marmottan Monet

Restaurants and cafes

  • Crêperie Framboise Passy
  • Carette
  • Le Relais du Parc
  • La Gare
Paris - The Pont de Bir-Hakeim formerly the Pont de Passy
Paris – The Pont de Bir-Hakeim formerly the Pont de Passy

The 16th arrondissement (Passy) is a quieter area with a more residential feel.

You will forget about the hustle and bustle of the touristy zones of Central Paris. Still, Passy is considered one of the best places to stay in Paris near the Eiffel Tower. If you’re a family travelling with younger children, this neighbourhood could be your ideal base.

The 16th is known for its beautiful architecture, spacious boulevards, and proximity to several green spaces perfect for family outings. One such green gem is the Jardin du Ranelagh, a leafy park with wide open spaces and a great playground.

It’s the perfect spot to enjoy a relaxed picnic and surely to run around. If your kids are into wildlife, the Aquarium de Paris, home to over 10,000 specimens, is a must-visit.

Nearby, the Jardin d’Acclimatation is a park that’s an attraction in itself. It offers everything from puppet shows and mini-golf to a small zoo, keeping your little ones busy all day.

Art-loving families might also enjoy a visit to the Musée Marmottan Monet, home to the largest collection of Monet paintings in the world.

Let’s now talk about food in Passy. Also in the 16th arrondissement, you will find a few family-friendly restaurants. Crêperie Framboise Passy is a hit with kids and adults alike thanks to its sweet and savoury pancakes.

Carette is another great option for a meal or a quick lunch snack. Le Relais du Parc offers a cosy atmosphere and a diverse menu that’ll suit everyone in the family.

For a unique experience head to La Gare (Andia). This is a Latin-American restaurant set in a former train station.

Of course, also the 16th arrondissement comes with a few downsides. It’s a little removed from the heart of the city and its main attractions, which means a bit more travel time. It’s also one of the more affluent neighbourhoods in Paris, so costs can be a tad higher here.

Still, if you’re looking for a peaceful stay and a more relaxed pace, this corner of Paris is worth considering.

Here are 3 great hotels and accommodations for families in Arrondissement 16:

HotelHome Paris 16 ($$$): excellent location, family-friendly, spacious, clean apartments, efficient staff. Great for self-catered Paris experience

Elysees Apartments ($$$$): comfortable 2BR, well-equipped rooms in a superb location with friendly staff.

Victor Hugo Trocadero($$$$$): Massive 3BR (over 150 sqm), modern apartment with city views, luxurious amenities, and excellent location. Truly a Parisian gem

Arrondissement 17 – Batignolles

  • Best places to stay in Paris for families on a budget
  • Pros: Local atmosphere, budget-friendly, kid-friendly parks and activities.
  • Cons: Fewer traditional tourist sights, slightly further out.


  • Square des Batignolles
  • Le Parc Clichy-Batignolles – Martin Luther King
  • Piscine Bernard Lafay

Restaurants and cafes

  • Biotiful Batignolles
  • Les Puces des Batignolles
  • La Petite Table
  • Coretta
Paris - Drone view of Batignolles, from the modern side to the c
Paris – Drone view of Batignolles, from the modern side to the c

Batignolles, a little off the beaten tourist path in the 17th arrondissement, is a Parisian secret worth discovering, especially for families seeking a more local experience.

The west side of the arrondissement has been just rebuilt and revitalized with modern and stylish, buildings. The remaining part of the neighbourhood is still charming and with a village-like feel, with its friendly residents, local markets, and an array of independent boutiques and bistros.

Here, you’re less likely to stumble upon large crowds of tourists. You can experience an authentic Parisian lifestyle. The area offers a slower pace of life, with plenty of spots for kids to let off steam.

And I have forgotten to mention an important thing. This is one of the best neighbourhoods to stay in Paris on a budget because accommodations tend to be much less expensive, as well as local eateries and cafes.

The Square des Batignolles is a local favourite, a beautiful English-style garden with a duck pond, playground, and even a small waterfall – a picture-perfect spot for a family picnic.

For a larger green space, head to Le Parc Clichy-Batignolles – Martin Luther King, a modern park with play areas, wide open spaces for games, and beautiful plants to admire.

On a hot day, take the kids for a splash at the Piscine Bernard Lafay, a local public pool.

Also Batignolles has many family-friendly restaurants to choose from. Biotiful Batignolles offers a range of organic dishes that are as tasty as they are healthy. Les Puces des Batignolles is a cosy spot known for its delicious homemade food and relaxed vibe.

La Petite Table, as the name suggests, is a lovely little eatery with a diverse menu. If you’re looking for a special meal, Coretta, overlooking Martin Luther King Park, offers a more refined dining experience.

However, while Batignolles has its charm, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. It’s a bit removed from the centre of Paris and doesn’t have as many traditional tourist attractions.

You won’t find any major landmarks here, but for those seeking an authentic Parisian neighbourhood that’s kind to the family budget, Batignolles could be the perfect fit.

Here are 3 great hotels and accommodations for families in Arrondissement 17:

Charming Parisian Apartment ($$): 2BR apartment, air-conditioned, Parisian gem in Batignolles. Pristine, comfortable, and well-equipped. Excellent location and host. Ideal for family stays.

Parc Monceau Apt ($$): Perfect blend of comfort, cleanliness, and location. Quiet, yet centrally located.

Paris Arc Triomphe Apt ($$$): Charming Parisian 2BR apartment boasting a convenient location, spacious layout, modern facilities, and excellent cleanliness.

Around Disneyland Paris

  • Best places to stay in Paris for families for Disneyland
  • Pros: Kid-friendly attractions and activities, convenient transportation to the theme park.
  • Cons: Far from central Paris, can be pricey within Disneyland.


  • Disneyland Paris
  • Walt Disney Studios Park
  • Disney Village
  • Sea Life Paris Val d’Europe Aquarium

Restaurants and cafes

  • Billy Bob’s Country Western Saloon
  • Annette’s Diner
  • Auberge de Cendrillon
Map of where to stay in Disneyland Paris
Map of how to get to Disneyland Paris from the Historical Centre

For families travelling with Disney enthusiasts, you can’t get much better than staying near Disneyland Paris itself.

Whether your children are still in the age of princesses and pirates or a bit older and thrill-seekers, this area is a dream come true. In fact, it might just bring out the kid in everyone!

There’s an almost endless list of kid-friendly activities and attractions on your doorstep. Besides Disneyland Paris, which needs no introduction, there’s also the Walt Disney Studios Park. This is where you will discover how movies are actually made and how animation works.

If that isn’t enough, Disney Village offers entertainment, dining, and shopping options. And let’s not forget about the Sea Life Paris Val d’Europe Aquarium, a fantastic place for children to learn about marine life in an engaging way.

As you may expect this is an area fully packed with family-friendly restaurants and cafes. Billy Bob’s Country Western Saloon, for example, offers a blend of Tex-Mex cuisine and live music in a cowboy-themed setting.

At Annette’s Diner, you can enjoy classic American diner fare in a retro 1950s setting. For a fancier experience, consider booking a table at Auberge de Cendrillon, where you might even dine with Disney Characters!

However, it’s essential to note that staying around Disneyland Paris can be a little pricey, and it’s quite a way from the centre of Paris.

This area might not offer much in terms of traditional Parisian experiences, but for families whose primary aim is to enjoy the magic of Disney to the fullest, it is just the ideal location.

Here are 3 great hotels and accommodations for families around Disneyland:

ILodge Secondia ($$): 1BR apartment with comfortable interiors, family-friendly facilities, and superb hospitality.

Appartement à Disneyland ($$): Exceptional location, pristine cleanliness, and top-notch amenities make this 2BR apartment perfect for Disney explorations (up to 6 people).

Confort Home ($$$): Spacious, clean 3BR apartment with modern amenities; excellent location for Disneyland and shopping; quiet, family-friendly area

A vertical shot of a Frontierland theme park in Disneyland Paris
A vertical shot of a Frontierland theme park in Disneyland Paris

Bonus feature – Unique Attractions for kids in Paris

If you can convince your children to get away from Disneyworld, you will discover that Paris offers many other attractions for families, kids and babies.

So, what can you do in Paris with children?

An unknown gem is the Parc Asterix, a few kilometres to the north, animated by the protagonists of the comics of Goscinny and Uderzo.

This park also offers themed attractions not just for the little ones.

Another attraction for kids in Paris is the Exploradome, a museum that brings together fun and education. Models and audiovisual installations will bring the little ones on a journey through science.

Technology has no secrets at the Musée de l’air et de l’espace, near the Paris-Le Bouget airport, just beyond the northern suburbs. The main attraction is the Planète Pilote, beside the aircrafts that made the history of aviation.

Here kids have the chance to feel like a pilot for a day in an almost real size aeroplane.

If you are looking for kid’s gifts, the city will give you everything you are looking for. In fact, in Paris, high fashion and design are not just for adults.

Boutiques like Bonton or Bonpoint are an unmissable must to dress children for every occasion, from the most special ones to the most daring adventures.

At Tartine et Chocolat, even the furniture and toys are fashionable and fun.

For some food, a moment of relaxation and a play area, visit the Hippopotamus restaurant, a very popular chain with a dedicated kids’ menu beside a space where they can play with new friends.

Not enough with all of the above? Here are 2 great organised experiences for families:

  • Family City Tour with Seine River Cruise: a tour 100% tailored around a family with kids. They do also offer games to entertain the little ones when the attention span is over.
  • A full day in Disneyland Paris: so popular with families. This tour provides a door-to-door service with access to the park and the beautiful Walt Disney Studios. A great option if you are not planning to stay in Disneyland
Paris - The stunning Avenue des Champs Elysees from Arc de Triomphe
Paris – The stunning Avenue des Champs Elysees from Arc de Triomphe

FAQ – Best areas to stay in Paris for families

Which area is best to stay in Paris with kids?

It depends on the age of your kids and your preferences. For a more authentic Parisian experience, consider Arrondissement 17 – Batignolles. For Disney enthusiasts, staying near Disneyland Paris can be great.

Can families easily navigate Paris’s public transport system?

Yes, public transportation, especially the Metro, is readily accessible in all these areas, making travel in Paris with kids easy and fun.

Is Paris child-friendly for a holiday destination?

Absolutely! With its various kid-friendly attractions, museums, parks, and restaurants, Paris is an excellent destination for families.

Are there family-friendly shopping areas in Paris?

Yes, there are numerous shopping areas in Paris, such as Le Marais and Champs-Élysées, offering stores for all age groups.

How suitable is Paris for toddlers or babies?

Paris is quite toddler-friendly with many parks, carousels, and restaurants that cater to the little ones. I personally suggest staying in Arrondissement 16 – Passy, one of the quietest areas in central Paris.

Eiffel Tower from Bir-Hakeim metal bridge
Eiffel Tower from Bir-Hakeim metal bridge
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