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Ultimate Guide to the Amalfi Coast – Travel Blog

My Amalfi Coast Travel Blog has increased so much in content in the last 12 months.

This guide includes all the resources you need for a wonderful trip to the Amalfi Coast. You will learn:

  • How to get to and around the Amalfi Coast
  • How long does it take to visit the Amalfi Coast
  • What are the best areas to visit and stay based on your itinerary
  • A few recommended hotels and Airbnbs (from low-cost to boutique)
  • Beaches that can’t be missed
  • Amalfi Coast attractions, activities and places to visit
  • Itineraries on the Amalfi Coast for up to 10 days
  • The best places to eat sorted by town (from bargain to VIP)

But let’s get started.

Amalfi Coast Travel Blog – In a nutshell

Arriving In Amalfi Coast

The quickest way to arrive on the Amalfi Coast is by flying to Naples Airport.

From there you can take this great value Shared Transfer to Positano

There is also a Private Van Transfer that may work better if you are in 4 or more of you.

You can reach Positano also by public transportation but you would have to take the bus to the Naples train station, then travel to Sorrento by train and finally by bus to Positano. Way too long.

SITA buses connect the airport to Sorrento and Amalfi, however, they do not run as frequently.

Curreri Viaggi runs also busses to Sorrento, more frequently and at a great price too.

If you arrive in Naples by train, you can instead take the Campania Express Train to Sorrento and SITA buses from there.

Finally, if you are driving there, just be aware that streets and roads can be quite narrow. Avoid driving into the old towns.

Parking is a bit of a nightmare. Only a few accommodations offer it. Public and private parking can charge 40/50 Euro/day or even more.

For all the possibilities and links, you can also check out my guide to getting to the Amalfi Coast.

I love Positano, however, I must say that one of the biggest differences between Positano and Sorrento is accessibility, much more complicated and lengthy for Positano.

Map of the attractions and things to do
Map of the attractions and things to do – Download the high resolution map here

Getting around the Amalfi Coast

Briefly, you have 4 possibilities to move around.

SITA buses connect Sorrento with Positano, Amalfi and most of the towns and attractions of the Amalfi Coast.

For example, you can easily reach the impressive Furore Fjord by bus (parking the own car will give you a headache)

The drawback of these buses is that they can be very busy, especially in August and the July weekends

The ferry is a much better option for moving around, in my opinion.

You can also catch a ferry from Naples to Positano, or from Ischia to Positano or Sorrento. It’s a great network, besides having a spectacular view of the coastline.

The drawback is that they run only in summer and with calm water

There is a train, the Campania Express, that connects Naples to Herculaneum, Pompeii and Sorrento, but that is the end station. Unfortunately, it does not run on the coast.

I personally do not suggest renting a car to move around. 

You will be stressed by the narrow streets and roads, besides parking is an expensive exercise.

A rented car makes sense only if you are on an Italian trip, for example, on the way to Puglia or Sicily.

In this case I suggest hiring your car from, an online price comparison website that provides the most competitive prices (read the cheapest). I saved quite a bit with it on my trips.

I wrote a specific guide on how to get around the Amalfi Coast with all the information and links to the train, bus and ferry networks, where you can check the timetable and buy the tickets.

How to get around the Amalfi Coast

How Many days in Amalfi Coast

As long as you can, I would say. But we all have time constraints 🙁

The Amalfi Coast is actually quite small, only around 50km long. However, there are so many attractions like Pompeii, the Vesuvius, Capri easily reachable for day trips.

It would be such a pity to miss out on them.

If you have only 3 days, I’d suggest staying in Positano.

From there, you can easily explore the beautiful coastal towns like Amalfi, the amazing beaches like Maiori Beach or the impressive Furore Fjord, and you can even think to have a trekking day.

For families, especially if travelling with the pram, Sorrento may actually work better, with a lovely flat old centre and a nice coast line.

You can read all about three days in Amalfi Coast in my post, with 5 detailed day-by-day options based on the type of trip you want to take

3 days in Amalfi Coast

3 days in Amalfi Coast
3 days in Amalfi Coast

If you stay in Amalfi Coast for 4 days, you may want to add a coastal tour by boat, maybe with some snorkelling or time off at one of the beaches reachable only from the sea.

For a more romantic day, you can always rent a vespa and explore the coast with an organised tour, in real Italian style.

Positano and Sorrento are still both great bases, so well connected to most of the attractions.

I created a guide to 4 days in Amalfi Coast including five itineraries with a daily schedule based upon your interests, such as relaxing time at the beach, visiting historical sites, travelling with kids, or travelling only with your partner..

4 days in Amalfi Coast

4 days in Amalfi Coast
4 days in Amalfi Coast

If you stay in Amalfi Coast for 5 days, you can discover more about the area.

For instance, you may want to split your trip between Positano and Sorrento, from where you can easily reach Pompeii and Herculaneum, besides the Vesuvius.

Alternatively, staying in Positano and Amalfi will allow you to experience both iconic towns during the day and at night too, so different.

On my 5 days in Amalfi Coast guide, I listed five itineraries with a daily plan, based on whether you are looking for a relaxing trip or a more active holiday, visiting only the beaches or also the historical destinations, travelling either with kids or with your partner.

5 days in Amalfi Coast

5 days in the Amalfi Coast
5 days in the Amalfi Coast

In 1 week in the Amalfi Coast, you can explore a good part of the region.

You can also think to split your trip between 2 or even 3 locations and visit both historical sites and beaches for some relaxing time

On an active trip, you may want to add also the island of Capri, so beautiful.

Travelling with kids? Maybe you prefer to stay just in one place and Maiori is the town to be, with the widest and longest beach, well connected by ferry and bus to any other spot on the Amalfi Coast

In my guide on 7 days in Amalfi Coast, I have organised a plan for 3 types of holidays (romantic couples, family with kids and an active breakaway). Really all you need to know, with a daily plan too.

One week in Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast itinerary 7 days
Amalfi Coast itinerary 7 days

With 10 days on the Amalfi Coast you can plan an itinerary to visit most of the towns, beaches and historical sites too.

You will probably miss out on Ischia and a few amazing trekking sites, but, for that, you need at least 2 weeks or more.

I have organised a guide for 10 days in Amalfi Coast where I published 3 plans, with daily activities, based on your choice to have a busy and intense holiday, a romantic stay with your partner or some time off with your family and kids.

10 days in Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast itinerary 10 days
Amalfi Coast itinerary 10 days

Where to stay in Amalfi Coast – Best towns

The Amalfi Coast has towns to satisfy any holiday maker, from a relaxing stay with small kids to a romantic breakaway and why not some crazy nightlife

Map of the attractions and things to do
Map of towns and attractions

Are you after the best beaches? Positano and Maiori have the most popular ones. However, Atrani and Minori have both great boutique size ones.

Do you want an accommodation in the most iconic town? Amalfi and Positano are both fantastic, although very different from each other. You can read more on my comparison of Positano vs. Amalfi.

Would you like to stay somewhere romantic with your partner? Positano is unbeatable, but it can be quite busy. Praiano is the great alternative, more secluded.

If you are travelling with children, then Maiori is an outstanding destination, with the best kid-friendly beach.

The list could go on and on. It could also be a luxury/budget trip or a hiking adventure or one that includes plenty of relaxing time.

In my article on where to stay in Amalfi Coast, I went into much greater detail about the best (and worst) towns based on your type of holiday, as well as suggested hotels/Airbnb, local restaurants, and activities you can do once there.

Where to stay in Amalfi Coast

Where to stay on the Amalfi Coast
Where to stay on the Amalfi Coast

There are a few great towns to stay close to Pompeii, in case you are interested only in the visit of the Archaeological Park.

Best Hotels & Airbnb in the Amalfi Coast

The following is a short list of some suggested accommodations in the Amalfi Coast.

I have, however, outlined more options in my dedicated guide to the best areas, towns and villages of the Amalfi Coast



Atrani (next close to Amalfi)

  • Airbnb: Vicolo 23 House, absolutely stunning interior design and so characteristic
  • Airbnb: Villa La Mura, for one of the best views of the Amalfi Coast


  • Airbnb: That’s Amore Holidays is a great 1BR apartment for up to 4 people with an amazing balcony and a magnificent view


  • Hotel: Hotel Europa is a nice low budget option in a boutique town still well connected to Positano or Amalfi by ferry and bus


  • Hotel: Palazzo Ravino, the lux option, to stay in style for a memorable trip
  • Hotel: Villa Piedimonte, the charming option, more economical than the Palazzo



Best beaches in the Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast is probably not famous for its beaches and that comes as a surprise.

I can easily count at least 20 of them, but surely there are many more than that.

Also the variety is quite remarkable too.

There is only one drawback in my opinion, they can be quite expensive if you decide to rent a couple of sunbeds and a sun umbrella, up to 50 euro/day

This is my top 5 list:

  • Furore Fjord: this is a small beach between Amalfi and Positano, surely the most impressive one. It is located in a small and steep fjord that you can reach through a walking path and a few stairs. I highly suggest going there by bus, the stop is just passed the tall bridge. You could drive there but you have to park at the restaurant where you must eat (and the parking bill is on top, of course). I have attached below a few photos of it and the view of the high bridge.
  • Positano Main Beach: the most picturesque beach with the view of the colourful Positano house perched in the steep bay. The beach itself is actually nice, long and large, with a surprisingly big public area (a rarity in the Amalfi Coast). 
  • Maiori Beach: This is the largest and widest of them all. A few pebbles are scattered here and there, but most of it is sandy. Families with kids will enjoy this beach because it is easy to access and has a lot of space. Public entry is available on both ends.
  • Duoglio Beach: A tiny beach at the bottom of a high cliff. A long staircase from the main road (next to the bus stop) or a small boat ride from Amalfi is required to get there (2-3 euros). It is very picturesque, but remains mostly privately managed (less expensive than other places though).
  • Castiglione Beach: very nice beach, tucked into a small cove. The beach is not hidden, but it is certainly among the quietest. A family-run restaurant, Lido di Ravello, caters to the private part of the resort. A perfect spot for lunch and a swim

You can check out a more extensive list of the beaches on my guide to the attractions of the Amalfi Coast.

More beaches in the Amalfi Coast

The beach at the impressive Furore Fjord
The beach at the impressive Furore Fjord

What to do, see & experience in the Amalfi Coast

It is difficult to describe all the things to experience and places to see in the Amalfi Coast, there are just so many.

As we discussed earlier, consider visiting at least the Furore Fjord.

Of course, the Amalfi Coast is famous for its historical towns, and here Positano and Amalfi are among the must-sees.

The unique Sorrento, although not technically on the Amalfi Coast, should not be missed either

The walks along the coast , in my opinion, should also be on the must-do list. Try to make at least the Path of the Gods and Ferriere Valley Walk for its waterfalls and gorges.

For a longer stay, you should also consider visiting the historical sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum as well as have a walk to the crater to the Vesuvius. These are all doable on a day or half-day trip.

Capri can also be quickly visited on a day trip. However, to better experience it, I suggest spending there at least a couple of nights.

Here are also a few organised experiences from the major towns:

I also ended up writing a dedicated post on 33 things to do on the Amalfi Coast, including a few hidden gems (with a map too).

This is an excellent resource for building your own must-see list.

33 attractions of the Amalfi Coast

Best things to do on the Amalfi Coast
Best things to do on the Amalfi Coast

Best Itineraries in the Amalfi Coast

Depending on the length of your stay, you will have different itinerary options.

With 3 days base yourself in one accommodation (Positano or Sorrento) and explore from there.

With 4/5 days you can already think of changing two accommodations, Positano/Sorrento and Amalfi for the historical sites and day trips to the beaches

In 7 days you can think of building an itinerary to include Positano, Amalfi and Sorrento. If you want to experience the lot, you can even stay in Capri for a couple of nights, bypassing Amalfi.

With 10 days you could plan even an itinerary to explore most of the Amalfi Coast, Capri and, of course, Pompeii, Herculaneum and the Vesuvius.

I wrote a dedicated post to possible itineraries in the Amalfi Coast that is the best starting point to build your own trip, with detailed daily plans that you can do on your own

Amalfi Coast itinerary from 3 to 10 days

Best Amalfi Coast Itinerary
Best Amalfi Coast Itinerary

Best restaurants and cafes in the Amalfi Coast

I have created my own list that I would like to share with you.

Obviously, it isn’t exhaustive. Come back to this post regularly for the latest findings.

  • Positano: Terrazza Cele (fresh sea food with a stunning vew, make sure to book a table well ahead), Posides Cafe (great value place for lunch, lovely pasta and caprese),  Il Chiosco (right at the end of the Path of the Gods, above Positano)
  • Amalfi: Marina Grande (whenever you feel like Italian food, this is a great choice. Their menu offers amazing selections from fresh seafood to mouth-watering pasta dishes), Eolo (another great option if you are looking for great views and an amazing ambience with your dinner), Dejavu Cafe (a great place for a quick lunch), Lido di Ravello (a short 15-20 minutes walk from Amalfi, a lovely restaurant on the beach, great also for a swim)
  • Sorrento: Peronius Ristopub (a gastropub perfect for a craft beer or a cocktail as you start your night),  Bagni Salvatore (accessible by lift, for great local food and a swim) 
  • Maiori: Dedalo (amazing pizza, beloved by family with kids), Maiori Food Coast (a family-run restaurant with gorgeous food)
  • Minori: Ristorante ‘a Ricetta (authentic pasta dishes, value for money), Pub Birilla (low budget eats, mostly pasta and pizza)
  • Capri: Lo Sfizio (15 minutes east of the town centre, a real local restaurant), Ristorante D’Amore (lovely local food right in the centre)
Path of the Gods walk
Path of the Gods walk
View of the crater on top of the Vesuvius Mountain
View of the crater on top of the Vesuvius Mountain
Imposing Vesuvius Mountain
Imposing Vesuvius Mountain above Naples
Ancient Pompeii - Thermopolium of Asellina with old food serving counter
Ancient Pompeii – Thermopolium of Asellina with old food serving counter
Wandering around Pompeii
Wandering around Pompeii
View of Positano from the ferry approaching the town
View of Positano from the ferry approaching the town
Beach in Amalfi town seen from the sea,
Beach in Amalfi town seen from the sea,
Landscape view of picteresque Positano town and the Amalfi Coast
Landscape view of picturesque Positano town and the Amalfi Coast
Picturesque Atrani town on Amafli coast seen from the sea
Picturesque Atrani town seen from the sea
Sorrento by day
Sorrento by day
Sorrento by night
Sorrento by night
A picturesque corner of Sorrento
A picturesque corner of Sorrento
The Blue Grotto, in italian "Grotta Azzurra", is a sea cave on the coast of the island of Capri
The Blue Grotto, a sea cave in the island of Capri
South coast of Capri
South coast of Capri
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