Where to stay in Sydney 2017 - Best hotels

Discover where to stay in Sydney in 2017


Is Sydney the most beautiful city in the world?

I think it is however you can have a very different experience based on your location. Where to stay in Sydney is the primary question you should ask yourself.

In this post I am trying to answer all the questions giving a direction based on what you would like to see and be part of.

I feel Sydney as my second home, when is not the first one LOL I just love it. And not only for the beautiful bay, the amazing beaches, the awesome weather, the incredible nightlife and I could add so much more…..but also for the hidden corners and the many things to do.

If you are in a hurry, just jump straight to the 8 Macro areas summary and from there you can go deeper in the info.

Having a short stay in Sydney, 2-3 days, or a long one, 3-7 day, can take you to decide in a different ways. In my case, if I have a short stay my preference goes to an area, and an hotel, close to public transportation. If it’s longer I may choose an area with more “local” feeling

If you are coming to the capital of New South Wale for the first time you may want all the interesting sites to visit close to you. Otherwise the best place in Sydney can be in an area close to the beach or the coolest cafes and restaurants


Sydney is spread on such a vast area that you can easily get lost. Planning and booking your hotels in advance will help immensely, especially when you have decided the best area to stay. For the evening and the events I suggest to look at the website  It’s the reference site for any local.

There is so much choice. Let’s see a quick summary

8 macro areas on where to stay in Sydney

Eight areas to stay in Sydney

Eight areas to stay in Sydney

  • Sydney CBD (Central Business District): if you are on a business trip, easy transportation, close to the main attractions
  • Darling Harbour : the view, restaurants, next to the CBD
  • Darlinghurst : nightlife and bars
  • Surry Hills : the trendy and arty area, all about being local. Love it
  • Paddington : upper class area, amazing art centers and small exhibitions, close to the beach
  • Newtown : the coolest area with lots of live music. Very close to the airport
  • Bondi : the worldwide famous beach, the place to be
  • Manly : the alternative beach, almost a sleepy village, 15mins to the CBD by ferry

Transportation in Sydney

The transportation system is not probably something Sydney is famous for, especially considering the size of the city (5 million people).

There is a small metro ring with 7 stations in the CBD and that is it. From almost any of these stations you can catch a train to the outskirts of Sydney.

Sometime to reach a place, even as famous as Bondi, you need to catch a train and change to a bus paying two tickets. It has to be said that the transportation cost is low, when compared to other Australian cities as Melbourne.

The bus network is actually very good although it may be intimidating for people visiting Sydney for the first time. Bus stops are not always clearly marked. The bus does not provide the name of the next stop and this may be an issue for someone.

My advice here is to run Google Map and follow where you are. The alternative is to go the old way, seat close to the driver and ask him/her. They are usually super nice and very entertaining. I always have lots of fun

Ferries are probably the best and quickest way of transportation. Very reliable and punctual. A place like Mainly may look far away however it is just 15 minutes by fast ferry.

You may want to check how well is served the area (more on it later), when you look for a place to stay in Sydney. Here you can find few maps and timetables of the transportation system.

Circular Quay with the CBD in the background

Circular Quay with the CBD in the background

CBD and The Rocks, business and main attractions

This is where the First Fleet, captained by Arthur Phillip, sailed into the harbour in 1788 declaring the area a British colony of New South Wales.

The convicts pitched their tents in what is today known as The Rocks, right under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, while the governor and the other officials went on the eastern side of the bay, where today you can experience the Botanical Garden.

This is where you can see the biggest attractions of the city: the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.

It’s all very close to the Circular Quay train/metro/ferry station. It is a mandatory stop for any visit in Sydney.

Wondering around The Rocks is an experience by itself. Most of the buildings are there since the 18/19th century. You can almost smell the history, beside experiencing some amazing viewpoints as from the The Glenmore Hotel rooftop, just unique.

Why staying at The Rocks or in the Sydney CBD?

If you are on a business trip and your office is in the city centre than the CBD is really an easy option.

If you have just 1-3 days and you want to visit all you can in Sydney than the CBD is most definitely a good area to stay being well connected with any destination and attraction you think of.

In saying that, the CBD is not an amazing place for restaurants, bars and cafes. Only 10-15 years ago it was deserted after office time and in the weekend. Today the choice is there, especially in The Rocks area and in Chinatown, however it is not comparable with other districts.

Best hotels in Sydney CBD

The Primus Hotel is situated in one of the most beautiful buildings in Sydney. Location and great service.

Primus Hotel-min

The excellent quality of this hotel goes down to the details as the top class soaps and creams, the Nespresso machine in the room and a rooftop with the pool and bar. Close to Town Hall station

The Pullman Quay Grand Sydney Harbour is nested between the Botanical Garden and Circular Quay with view to the Harbour Bridge. Hard to beat.
Pullman Quay Grand Sydney Harbour-min

It offers a swimming pool and a spa bath. It’s just 5 minutes walking from the train station  and 10 minutes from The Rock and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Windows everywhere that allow a great view to either sides of the building. The Q-Dining offers modern Australian cuisine together with an extensive wine  selection. The bar, Hacienda Sydney, takes inspiration from Cuba and offers a great selection of cocktails that you can enjoy watching the Harbour Bridge

The Park Hyatt hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in Sydney with the best view right in front of the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and the city. Just marvellous.

Park Hyatt-min

It’s expensive but worth the price. Save on other hotels to spend at least one night here, especially is this is possibly the only occasion you are going to visit Sydney

You will remember the swimming pool on top for many years to come, if not forever

The Hotel Palisade is located in Millers Point, just behind The Rocks and the Observatory Hill Park. It is in an historical building and it is indeed a beautiful arty/boutique accommodation.

Beside having a beautiful interior design it offer also one of the best price for any hotel in the city centre. Highly suggested


Darling Harbour, restaurants and view

Darling Harbour is a relatively new area of Sydney being redeveloped only 30 years ago.

It used to be the docking area of the city. It is now the place to be with so many restaurants, bars and cafes. The Convention Center is also here.

If you have kids, this is the place to visit with a huge free playground and the many attraction around (read more later).

You can go to Darling Harbour by ferry or with a 20 minutes walk from the Town Hall metro station.

Best hotels in Darling Harbour

The Ovolo 1888 in Darling Harbour is the boutique hotel you would not expect in this area. Beautifully restored in a historical building, it is behind the corner from the Harbour and its attractions.


The room is furbished with antique furniture and a minibar with free snacks. Included are also a fitness center and free wifi.

It is clean and it has an excellent quality/price ratio. The Staff is friendly and prepared.

The Astral Tower and Residences at The Star is a very short walk from the Maritime Museum and the Darling Harbour ferry station, very practical.  Great view and luxurious stay.

Astral Tower and Residences at The Star-min

Darlinghurst, the nightlife

Darlinghurst to Potts Point is the area where the biggest part of the nightlife is.

In saying that there are super quiet streets as well as super parties streets where it is impossible to sleep due to the noise.

I was in the area a few times an in one occasion I did not realise my accommodation was just in front of a bar open till 4am. But during the day it was super quiet. Guess what I did….just joined the party LOL

Oxford street is the area with possibly the highest concentration of bars and pubs in the all of Australia. There is a big influence from the gay community that uses this area for the famous Mardi Gras parade, an event not to be missed if in the city in early March.

After the second world war this area was mostly inhabited by refugees and European immigrants that took here foreign customs as cafes and cabarets that soon transformed in strip club.


The 70s and 80s were years when prostitution and drugs were reigning in the area and it’s almost incredible, and unthinkable, the change Darlinghurst, Potts Point and Woolloomooloo have gone through.

Once you leave the main streets and explore inside these districts you can find real gens, peaceful alleys and lanes, beside amazing restaurant and trendy eateries.
It’s one of my favourite area to stay, however being selective is really the password otherwise you may end up with a sleepless night.

Best hotels in Darlinghurst

The Ovolo Hotel in Woolloomooloo is an amazing gem not to be missed if you decide to stay in this area. It is in one of the old pier, formerly a woolen dock, fully refurbished and redesigned.

Ovolo Woolloomooloo-min

Stunning position, just minutes away from the CBD and the Botanical Garden, the Ovolo offer complimentary breakfast, as well as free happy hour

The Medusa is a lovely boutique hotel on Darlinghurst Road, so close to the bars and restaurants however it looks like miles from the noise. It has been beautifully refurbished and the stuff always try to make you feeling at home.

Medusa Boutique Hotel-min

There is also a tiny swimming pool, more to cool down on a hot day than to have a swim though.

The Darlo Bar is a quirky place that sometime has some amazing offers, down to $130/night and that is when you should book staright away, if this is your kind of hotels. Very well decorated with common bathrooms, always clean.

At the basement there is a fabulous pub for the last drink

Darlo Bar Darlinghurst-min

Surry Hills, the trendy and arty area

I find incredible how Surry Hills has gone through such a dramatic change in the last 15 years or so. It was once one of the cheapest area to buy a property. It is now one of the most expensive area.

And there s a good reason for that.

There are so many beautiful cafes, restaurants and bars around, together with parks and leafy streets. The nightlife is here respectful. There is no craziness on going, everyone wants just to have an enjoyable and easy time.

Add to that the multitude of art centres and art exhibitions. If you can make it to one of the opening you will be suddenly immerse in the local underground art community

Surry Hills is also so close to the CBD that makes it an interesting area to be based even on a business trip. You leave the office and you walk to one of the coolest place in Australia.

It’s walking distance from the Central Station which makes it a super convenient place to stay.

Sydney Library

Sydney Library

Best hotels in Surry Hills

The Rydges Sydney Central is just minutes away from the Central Station that makes it so convenient for both access tot he Airport and literally to any attraction in the city.

Rydges Sydney Central-min

Peaceful and quiet. Clean room and nice large well organised  rooms. Add a friendly stuff and you can get it wrong.

The Shakespeare Hotel is one of the cheapest hotels in Sydney I think. I stayed there a couple of times and I was pleased with my time. The rooms are on the third levels of a pub that closes at 10pm. This means that the night is quiet and easy. The rooms have a shared bathroom which I found in both occasions clean.

The location is perfect too, close to the Central Station and to the cafes and restaurants of King Street.

Shakespeare Hotel Surry Hills-min


This is the coolest area to be, you will experience the best of the local Sydney life.

It’s around 4 km from the CBD however it is very well connected with frequent trains that will take you to Circular Quay in minutes.

It’s also super convenient if you fly in. The airport is so close that you better take a taxi, it’s much quicker and cheaper too.

Live music is another constant presence in the area with bands in pubs, mostly in the weekends, and theatres with a great line-up of famous names.

The first part of King Street, from the Victoria Park till the station, has some amazing Thai and Asia restaurants, supposedly the best in Sydney

If you are after middle east food then head to Enmore Road or King Street, after the station, towards Sydney Park.

Fashionable cafes are everywhere, meters from each other.

You will hardly experience any tourist here. This is the place to experience the local Sydney life.

Best hotels in Newtown

The Billabong Gardens is my favourite hostel in Sydney. It is so laid back, very economical and in a perfect location.

Billabong Gardens-min

They have two buildings. The main one with a tiny pool right in the middle. This tends to be used by the younger crowd. The other building, called St Kilda, is an old Victorian style house and it is my favourite. Ask for the room on the first floor. You are going to share the bathroom only with another bedroom.

The Urban is the alternative with a beautiful interior design that comes at an higher price, I add here well worth the extra bucks.

The Urban-min

The location is just perfect, on Enmore Road, 3 minutes walking to the train station. A ticket to the CBD is around $2 and the trip last 5-7 minutes. Very convenient.

Enmore Road is one of my favourite place for middle east food. I suggest The Sultan’s Table. It’s always full and there is a good reason for that. The dip plate is to die for.


Paddington, the upper class area

Paddington is a fascinating are of well  refurbished terrace houses, trendy boutiques, cosy restaurants and cafes, niche art galleries and a few bookshops.

Add the biggest park in Sydney, the Centennial Park, and leafy streets everywhere.

This area reaches its best on Saturdays with the Paddington Markets next to the lovely Uniting Church.

Peaceful and arty are the two words that come to my mind when someone ask me about Paddington.

It is located just between the CBD and Bondi beach which can makes it convenient if you plan to visit both. Busses run continuously on Oxford Street however they can be quite full during business hours and slowed down by the city traffic too.

Of all of the areas in this post, Paddington is probably the one that is less convenient for transportation and it will take you more time to move around.

Best hotels in Paddington

This is more of a residential are and it’s rare you can actually find an hotel. This is somehow goodnews because, if you stay in Paddington, you will be very likely to experience some time as the locals do.

The Hughenden Boutique Hotel is a refurbished old Victorian building in Woollahra, right on the border with Paddington.

Hughenden Boutique Hotel-min

It is literally surrounded by art galleries and exhibitions. If you go to a news store you can buy the Art What’s on magazine to see if there is any opening night in the area, usually on Thursday night.

It’s also so close to Centennial Park, the place to in the weekend to do, or watch, any kind of sport.

The Residences Centennial Park is the most unique accommodation you can have in Sydney. These are the two houses originally used by the rangers in charge of the Centennial Park.

The Residences Centennial Park-min

They have been tastefully renovated in a Victoria style. They have an amazing view and you will almost feel to be in the outback although you are right in the center of the most populated city in Australia

They are ideal for big families or with friends because they include 3 or 4 bedrooms.


Bondi Beach, famous around the world

Let me start with the bad news first. It is not conveniently connected to Sydney. You need to take a bus and a train. It will take time to go to most of the attractions.

In saying that, if you plan to stay 5-7 days in Sydney and you want to mix some beach life with some museums, and other places to visit, then Bondi could be the solution.

Worthless to say that the beach is just magnificent and that is why it is so popular.

If you are into surfing you can rent a board or take few lessons. If you want to have a quiet swim you can visit one of the many swimming pool built into the rocks in one of the many small bays so close to Bondi.

Do not miss the great walk from Bondi to Coogee beach, back by public bus. You will experience one of the best coastal walk in Australia. Moreover you will go through the incredible Waverley Cemetery, overlooking the Ocean. Really unique.

Best hotels in Bondi

The QT Bondi is really an unbeatable hotel. Positioned just meters away from the beach, it offers some of the easiest, however beautiful, interior design. It’s really a pleasure to spend few days here.

QT Bondi-min

Every room includes all the appliances that you will need. Neat and clean with a tasteful,modern and functional decor. If you need, you can even leave for few days, free of charge, your luggage (in case you plan a short trip somewhere)

The Adina Apartment is a good alternative. Located very close to QT Bondi and the beach it offers studios and 2 bedrooms apartments with all you need for a long stay, ideal for a week or more.

Adina Apartment Hotel Bondi Beach Sydney

Also in this case, the interior design is curated down to the details. A gym and a swimming pool are also available.

The Bondi Beachouse YHA is the choice for a short, or long, stay in Bondi on a budget. Located in an art deco building, the hostel offers shared and rpivate rooms.

Bondi Beachouse YHA-min

The view from the rooms can be really magnificent. The common kitched is probably under dimensioned for the number of customers, and this is something that they are working on.

From Bondi Beach to the Iceberg Swimming Pools_20140127_110401-2-Edit-Edit-min

From Bondi Beach to the Iceberg Swimming Pools

Manly Beach, the alternative

Is Manly the alternative beach to Bondi? I am not sure about that. I personally prefer Manly to Bondi, however it must be said that the beach is not as dramatic.

Why do I like so much Manly?

Because of many reasons:

  • it is very well connected to the CBD and all the attractions that Sydney offers. There is a speed ferry that takes just 15 minutes or, alternatively, the public ferry in 30 minutes. Plenty of options.
  • there is a surf beach on the ocean side for some action and there is a quiet beach of the bay side for some easy time and swimming, perfect for the kids.
  • Manly has such a village cooled down attitude that you immediately feel miles away from the business area. You feel on vacation, more than any place in Sydney
  • there are some of the most beautiful walks, inside the Sydney Harbour National Park, with spectacular views to the city and the bay
  • restaurants, bars and cafes with a good range or quality and prices

There is only a small drawback. It’s far away from the Airport although not as complicated to arrive. Take a direct train from the Airport to Circular Quay and the Ferry from there. It should take around one hour, based on connection time.

Best hotels in Manly

You go to the Manly Paradise Motel for the amazing position, just facing the beach and the ocean. Just imagine yourself with a beer or a glass of wine on the balcony watching the last surfers coming out of the sea.

Manly Paradise Motel & Apartments-min

It is so closed to all the restaurants and bars. A 20 minutes walk along the coast to Shelly beach for some time in the quiet water

The Quest Manly is also in an amazing location, however this time facing the bay. You are a stone away from the beach and a perfect place to enjoy the sun going down on the horizon.

Quest Manly-min

And, if you have still some energies, have a look at the gym with the sauna, quite pleasant on some cold winter days.

The ferry station is as close as just a 3 minutes walk

The Q Station is one of the best value accommodation in Sydney. It is located in the Sydney Harbour National Park with a private beach available for the guests. It’s a resort on its own in a beautifully restored old building.

Q Station-min

If isolation is your thing then Q Station is the place to be.

The Ferry station is a 25-30 minutes walk from the hotel. There is also an available hourly bus that takes just 5 minutes.


What to visit in the Sydney areas

CBD and The Rocks

You have here a vast choice,really, and that’s another beautiful thing to stay in the CBD. Add also that with a ferry with Circular Quay you can quickly visit any place in the bay.

  • The Rocks: First European settlement in Australia. The Rocks is a beautiful district of Sydney, full of narrow alleys, small lanes and gardens. The old warehouses of the Nineteenth century have been converted today in galleries and restaurants. Enjoy the oldest pubs of the city, the picturesque markets in the weekend and my beloved Museum of Contemporary Art. The area is overlooking the harbour, in the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
  • Harbour Bridge: The bridge links the Central Business District of Sydney to the North Shore over the the bay formed by the Parramatta river estuary. It was built in the 1920s and it’s used by trains, cars, bicycles and pedestrians, each one with own lane. It is also possible to climb it, a great 3-hours experience.
  • Sydney Opera House: open in 1973, the Opera House is one of the most original and significant architectural projects of the last century. It was planned by a company called ARUP under the guidance of the Danish architect Jørn Utzon. It has a controversial history with the Sydney Council not happy about the work and eventually asking the architect to leave. It is now one of the first tourist attractions and probably the symbol of the city.
  • Museum of Contemporary Art: one of my beloved Sydney museums. It is the only one in Australia that exhibits contemporary art of national and
    international artists. It is open every day from 10am to 5pm.
  • Sydney Tower: It is also called Center Point Tower and, with 360 metres, it is the tallest building in Australia, at the moment. It was planned and built only to attract tourists because of its incredible view. The top 2 floors, used also by restaurants, spin slowly to allow a 360 degree view of the city
  • Botanical Garden: I suggest a visit to the Government House. It is free and there will be a guide that will explain how the political system works in Australia. Mrs Macquarie’s Chair is the place to be at sunset. You will have an amazing view to the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House

These are just few of the interesting sites. You can see a full list on the Sydney Tourism Board.

Darling Harbour

  • Chinese Garden of Friendship: This is a beautiful example of perfect integration of Chinese traditions with the Australian culture. The garden was donated as a sign of friendship by the Guangdong province to the city of Sydney in 1988. It has a characteristic Chinese style with the garden formed by bridges that cross small streams, ponds, and mounds. A place of peace in the heart of the Sydney.
  • SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium: it is the largest aquarium in the world with the biggest collection of sharks in captivity. Visiting the aquarium is a unique experience. You will be able to walk underwater through transparent tunnels and admire the seals, the coral reef and the colourful fish in their natural habitat. There is also a full section dedicated to the penguins. The aquarium is part of the Sydney Wildlife World, with the largest variety of reptiles, birds, insects and Australian butterflies.
  • WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo: this zoo has only Australian animals: kangaroos, emus and, of course, the koalas, which seem to be the most popular ones with the tourists. Unique is the Kangaroo Walk-About, an area where people can walk in the animal environment separated only by a small fence
  • Madame Tussauds : the famous wax museum that opened originally in London and it is now popular in may other cities in the world, Sydney included.
  • Australian National Maritime Museum: you can visit a submarine, an impressive gun ship, a magnificent replica of the James Cook’s HMB vessel and so much more.

Darlinghurst to Elizabeth Bay

  • Sydney Jewish Museum: an interesting place to discover the history of the Jewish from the first fleet, which included few Jews, to nowadays, going through some of the darkest years of our past. At 12pm they organise a free 40 minutes guided tour, not to be missed.
  • National Art School: an interesting building to visit, the formal gaol of Darlinghurst. The students have also organised an area where they show the own work. It can actually be quite interesting and you could come across some of the future names in the art world.
  • Artspace: it’s the centre for experimentation and contemporary art. It’s admission free.
  • Elizabeth Bay House: It was known as the finest house in the colony. It has been refurbished and taken back to its splendour. I loved both the interior and the view to the bay

Surry Hills

When in this are I suggest a visit to one of the many galleries. This is a list which includes also few in Alexandria, bordering Surry Hills

  • Brett Whiteley Studio
  • Art Object Gallery
  • Danks Street
  • Performance Space

If you need free internet access or you just want to have some reading time, you can visit the local gallery on Crown Street.


  • The Camperdown Cemetery: this is a unique place in its genre. It’s just behind the St. Stephen’s Anglican Church and you will suddenly feel in a Dracula movie, it’s not scaring, it’s actually quite interesting. It’s very tiny too….can I see a boutique one LOL
  • The Sydney Park: this is another big park that you can visit for a rest or for some jogging. It’s right between Newtown and Glebe, another interesting University area.
  • Gould’s Book Arcade: this bookshop on King Street is an amazing place to visit just to admire the amount of books that the owner was able to amass in a relatively tiny space. There are columns of them and I always have a feeling they are going to collapse on me. Great spot to wonder around


  • Paddington markets: running on Saturdays, this is the place to spend easily a morning wondering around. Every time I go I find always a new and unusual thing to buy….it may be just me though LOL
  • Australian Centre of Photography: a must see if photography is your thing. There are exhibitions that change on a regular basis and I was never disappointed. Try to match a visit with an opening speech, always interesting
  • Centennial Park: the biggest in Sydney. The place for any sport, to do or watch. Few stadiums are also in the area, beside a great playground for kids and an area with cinemas, restaurants and bars.

Bondi Beach

  • Surfing and time at the beach: this is the main activity here, as easy as that
  • Bondi to Coogee walk: a 6km walk that will remember for a long long while. The coastal scenery is just amazing. Have a rest and a swim in one of the many small bay along the walk
  • Watson Bay: it’s a 20 minutes ride by direct bus. A beautiful area to explore with some nice beaches overlooking the bay area

Manly Beach

  • Surfing here is as big as in Bondi, if not more
  • Walks in Sydney Harbour National Park
  • Manly Sea Life Sanctuary: a small aquarium that will be a successful destination if you have any kid with you.
  • The north beaches: rent a bike and ride up to Palm beach (30km) or anyone between


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Andrea is the hotel and city areas specialist.
It's not about being in a place or city for few days.
It's about experiencing it, living in it and enjoying it ;)
Many years around the globe and still looking forward to new sites to explore and love.
Life is beautiful, travelling is awesome :D

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    • Nura
    • February 25, 2017

    😮 Andrea, you have done an amazing job here.

    I will be in Sydney for 5 days end of March. I was thinking about having half of my time checking the major attractions and the other half enjoying some beach time and maybe some walking.

    Where should I stay in your opinion? City centre or Manly or Bondi?

      • Andrea
      • February 27, 2017

      Good day Nura,
      wow, that will be awesome. Great time to be in Sydney, you will avoid the extreme hot and humidity of January and February.

      About your stay…..I think you have two possibilities.

      You stay in the Melbourne CBD for first 2 nights. You have a full immersion on the many activities and places to visit in the Sydney central area. I promise you will not get bored LOL

      You than book the other 3 nights in Bondi. This is the place to be if you like walking. There are some amazing walking departing from Bondi, both sides of the beach. The one to Coogee is one of the best I have ever done in my life. Moreover there are so many small coves with free pools on the way, perfect spots for some relax and a picnic.

      From Bondi beach you can also take the bus 380 that will take you to Watson Bay, another awesome spot for both beach and walking time.

      I am suggesting you to split the Syndey visit in two places because the trip from Bondi to the CBD is a real pain. It takes a long time and you want to do it only once 😉

      Stay 5 days in Manly. Easy ferry transportation to the CBD for some Sydney attractions. You could even split the day in two parts; morning for museums and other places to visit and back in the afternoon for some beach time.

      The advantage of Manly, compared to Bondi, is that you have both Bay and Ocean beach.

      There are some beautiful walking tracks also close to Manly, like the Sydney Harbour National Park, however not comparable to the ones in Bondi.

      Enjoy your time there 😉

    • neha
    • February 21, 2017

    Not just where to stay in Sydney. It is like a complete guide on Sydney. Where to stay, what transportation to take, what places to visit , you have covered it all so elaborately. I am going to save it for future.

      • Andrea
      • February 21, 2017

      Good day Neha and thanks for your feedback.

      Indeed there is all you need for Sydney really, although there are so many other things to do and see. I love Sydney, it’s such an amazing city.

      I never get bored. Even simply walking in the local streets of Surry Hills or Newtown is an activity by itself LOL

      Hopefully you can make it sooner rather than later and, if you can, plan at least a week. The city really deserves some time.

      Happy travelling

    • Chris
    • February 19, 2017

    Hi Andrea,
    I am coming to Sydney in April and I was wondering if the weather is still good for some beach time. If so do you have any preference between Manly and Bondi?
    I heard you can cling the Harbour Bridge. Do you know how?
    Thanks so much
    Great work

      • Andrea
      • February 21, 2017

      Hi Chris,
      you can still do lots of swimming in April, no worries. In fact it is the time when the Ocean water is at the highest temperature. Nice and warm 🙂

      The weather can be also quite magnificent. Right now the temperature in Sydney is way to high, over 45 and the humidity is a killer, but in April it is awesome because the day are usually warm, around 25-30 Celsius, but not super hot.

      My favourite spot is Manly. There is more of a cool down, easy going, feeling there. I almost feel like in a village than in a district of a big city. It’s easy to reach it, with a 15 or 30 ferry ride. Also the Northern beaches are amazing, you can get there with a bike or just Uber, cheap enough.

      In saying that, my favourite walk is the one from Bondi to Coogee, an amazing 6km with a unique scenery.

      Hard to choose, I know.

      I would personally go for Manly, you can go for the surfing beach or the bay side beach, perfect for swimming and with kids, and this is a big bonus. And if the weather is not as good, it happens also in Sydney 🙂 , you can always ferry to some attractions in the city.

      Cling the bridge? mhmhm, not sure….LOL…I guess you meant climb the bridge. Indeed you can climb the Harbour Bridge. It does not come cheap however it is a real unique experience, an activity in the to-do list. My only suggestion is to book your ticket in advance as they can become seriously booked out more often than expected. This is a link to the climb.

      Enjoy your stay 😉

    • Scott
    • February 17, 2017

    Wow that’s a long post.

    I will be in Sydney in the beginning of March for 4 days. Do you know if there is any special event I should go or follow?

    I was thinking about skydiving. Do you know if it is possible in Sydney? I guess the view of the bay from the top must be magnificent.

    All the best

      • Andrea
      • February 21, 2017

      Hi Scott, yes, very long, I love writing LOL and honestly Sydney has so many areas to explore and stay that anything less would not cover enough of the city

      So you will be in Sydney beginning of March. So sorry, there will not be anything happening in the city. It will be super boring……just kidding, it’s actually one of the best time to be in Sydney. Mardi Gras is on. Have a look to the official website for more info on activities and dates.

      The main event is the parade on Oxford street. It’s usually packed!! So try to go there a couple of hours in advance to get a viewing spot. It’s an awesome event and it seems that most of the city is there, really busy. After the parade you will find parties in every single pub and bar in the area. Really great.

      If you are up for a quick pizza have a check at the Dimitri’s Pizza, almost on the corner of Campbell and Crown St. It is an institution in the area, old style Aussie pizza. If you are after some fancy food have a check at the Winery, about 20m after Dimitri, on the right side. It’s in a hidden courtyard with a fantastic view to the city. Good also for just drinks.

      Skydiving in Sydney is indeed possible. Have a look here for more info.

      Enjoy your time….it looks like with lots of adrenaline 🙂

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