Top sites to take a picture in Melbourne

Top 25 sites for photography in Melbourne [Sunset, sunrise and rooftops]


As a matter of principle, I always wanted to attach the map where the photo was made. I thought that any photographer, or tourist, new to the city could benefit from that.

I started this post with 5 sites. It is now extended to 25 locations and growing. Some of these photography places in Melbourne are great for sunset, others for sunrise or a rainy day. Why not a great city viewpoint, like from the rooftops

I visit few of these sites in the workshops I usually run every first Saturday of the month or on demand. I love this city and I can’t stop myself exploring it alone and with over fellow photographers. If you are interested, you can check here more information on when and what we will do

Every time I visit a new city for a photo trip, I google for some existing photos just to have an idea of where and when to go. As a second step, I build a google map with all the candidate sites. As a last step I try to optimise a walk through these sites thinking also on the time of the day. I leave all the interior photos during the day.

Selecting great locations is not an easy task. There are many sites to take a picture in Melbourne and I keep finding new ones every week. This is to say that this post is growing on a monthly basis with new findings

I went back to all of my photos posted in the previous years and I checked all the new ones. It has been an hard selection with just 25 locations. There are iconic ones as well as some unknown sites. At the end I decided to include also famous places although always trying to have a different corner.

Scroll to the bottom for the map and if you are planning a trip to this beautiful city here are the top 10 places to visit in Melbourne

You may be also interested to the top locations in Sydney



Melbourne rooftops for photography – China Town

The city from the top - Best locations from the top buildings of Melbourne

No, you do not need an helicopter. You just need to climb up the stairs of a multi-storey car park or take an elevator to a bar on top of the building, grab a beer and make few photos. This second option does not work in the weekends because way too busy with people, especially on warm nights.

This multilevel garage offers a great view of China Town. Entrance is from Exhibition street, almost at the corner with Little Bourke Street


Melbourne rooftops for photography – the Observation Wheel

This is another favourite location of mine.

Walk up to the top floor for an unusual view of the Observation Wheel on the front of the building.


On the back of the building you have a fantastic view to the city.


Both amazing views. Entrance to this garage is at 440 Docklands Dr.

If you are interested to more rooftops for photography in Melbourne, have a look to the G@Top project I have been running since 2014

Map of the multilevel garage for the top view of Melbourne

This is a map with just part of the project. More sights are added on a regular basis. See the Google interactive version here

City Panorama

Melbourne City Panorama

I love this side of the river for a long panorama shot of the CBD. The Yarra river gives that lovely mirror effect to the foreground .

The right time is at dusk with the city lights on their best. The wheel on the right corner is usually there for the Moomba Festival, around mid March

Come here one hour before sunset for some photography of the busy rowing clubs area. Interesting portraits and life style shots.

The rowing life on the Yarra

You can also plan your day for the sunset on the other side of the river (better for the light).

This is the place where you can probably get the best photos of the rowing life in the Yarra


Princes Bridge

Another great spot for photography in Melbourne. Walk down St.Kilda Road from Flinders Station, just few hundreds meters

Best time is after dark, great night lights from the city and South Gate

You will need a tripod. Try to shoot when you do not see trams coming/going as the bridge tends to move slightly and your photos may be not that sharp.

Princes Bridge_DSC_7462-min

Morell Bridge – The Paris feeling

This pedestrian bridge deserves a visit after sunset for some night photography. You suddenly feel like you are in France on the Seine river


The Webb Bridge

This is probably one of the most beautiful bridges we have in Melbourne, must be in the photography list

This is really one of the most famous and photographed place in Melbourne I believe.

I think I was here at least 5 times myself. Best time for a shot is at dusk, when the sky becomes all orange and the lights of the units, from the nearby buildings, give a real futuristic effect.

You add also the white light around the bridge net and you have the full picture

Walk around to shoot from different corners. Can you find a unique angle? Hard but you never know!

Hoddle Bridge

I love this location, as most of the Yarra river up to the CBD. Stay on the south side of the river for the most scenic photos of the bridges, as in the case below.

Sunset is the best time to enjoy and photograph this side of Melbourne



Birrarung Pedestrian Bridge

From here you have one of the best close-up photos of the Melbourne CBD.

It works best at night, especially after a rainy day, with the city lights reflecting in the puddles and the wet bridge.

The long night walk to the city

The long night walk to the city

Heavenly Queen Temple viewpoint

This is a lovely Buddhist temple in Footscray, just 2-3km from the CBD.

Best time to visit is at sunset. Best location is from the opposite bank of the Maribyrnong River

Heavenly Queen Temple viewpoint

Heavenly Queen Temple viewpoint

Bolte bridge viewpoint

This is quite a unique spot, a bit hidden from the city.

It is a 700 meters walk from Docklands and you will experience a beautiful view of the Bolte Bridge and the Observation Wheel.

From the Bolte bridge to the Observation Wheel, Melbourne

From the Bolte bridge to the Observation Wheel, Melbourne

The Docklands Library viewpoint

This is a secret point to visit at night.

Fantastic view from the back of the library to the Observation Wheel with the Docklands pier in the foreground

Eyes to the Observation Wheel in Docklands, Melbourne

Eyes to the Observation Wheel in Docklands, Melbourne

City view from Wurundjeri Way bridge

Great Melbourne spot on sunrise.

In saying that I had my best photo made on sunset, when the clouds over the CBD had a fantastic orange-red colour.

You can walk up the bridge from the north-side of the Yarra river or from South Gate. It’s a busy road. Check the map at the end for the location


Southern Cross Station

This is my favourite spot for street photography in Melbourne.

It’s also a great spot for architectural photography, being the building as unusual as fantastic to explore.

Explore the 1st level for the best view, as in this photo below

Focal length @ 20mm (equivalent 40mm) using a Panasonic Lumix G 20mm F/1.7

Southern Cross Station – Focal length @ 20mm (equivalent 40mm) using a Panasonic Lumix G 20mm F/1.7

333 Collins Street

Probably my favourite building in Melbourne, together with the Victoria Library.

333 Collins Street is a real hidden corner, almost impossible to see it from the street. Step in without hesitation

Historical Collins 333, the CBA Bank in Melbourne

Historical Collins 333, the CBA Bank in Melbourne

State Library of Victoria

This is the most impressive dome I have ever seen. Go to the 6th floor for the best view (there is a lift once in, on the right side).

There is also a less formal reading room at the end of the building that you should not miss.


Rodda Lane

Here is another hidden photography corner of Melbourne, Rodda Lane.

The entrance looks a bit dodgy however I have been there so many times and I have never experienced a single problem.

It is the University area in the Melbourne CBD. Have a walk around the building. Some interesting architectural and street photography

1/30sec at 34mm, f/3.8, ISO 1600

1/30sec at 34mm, f/3.8, ISO 1600

Centre Place

One of the best lane of Melbourne CBD to visit during the day, for lunch or dinner. It can actually be quite busy.

In the night is an amazing place for graffiti photography.

Centre Place at night is Graffiti zone, Melbourne

Centre Place at night is Graffiti zone, Melbourne

Rutledge Lane – the graffiti must visit

Most of the people visit Hosier lane for the graffiti. It’s quite incredible that just a small number adventure the extra meter into Rutledge Lane, a dodgy alley off Hosier lane.

In the night all these graffiti give the best, so much better than during the day


Sunset Reflection on Albert Park

Best time to visit this place is again at sunset. The reflection of the sun on the buildings on the North side is just amazing, the buildings look almost on fire.

Lights almost off in Albert Park_ Melbourne_AlbertPark_20130914_019-min

St.Kilda Pier


There are plenty of nice places in St.Kilda. However I believe this is the most iconic one. Avoid going there on the weekend. Far too many people.

If you love shooting facing the sun, than sunset is the best time. Otherwise come on sunrise.

It can be really windy and wavy here so plan to arrive with a good tripod. Don’t give up on a cloudy day as, by experience, you can achieve great results.

See the top 6 sites to make a photo in St.Kilda

City View from St.Kilda Pier

With the new pier we have a new view to the city which is absolutely magnificent.

Best time is after sunset to have all the night lights from the city. Here I suggest to use the highest focal length (zoom) you have to compress the background.

City view from St.Kilda_DSCF9993-min

The St.Kilda marina

The marina in St.Kilda can be a fantastic spot for sunset photography, beside an awesome place to just enjoy the last hours of the day.

Best location for this photo is from the deck, on the right side on the cafe pier

The Melbourne marina (6sec at f/8, 16mm ISO200)

The Melbourne marina (6sec at f/8, 16mm ISO200)

St.Kilda West Beach

I love to use lead-in lines in my travel and landscape photography. I find it to be a great composition rule

I discovered this elevated walking path on the west beach.

Visit this area in summer and you will have the sunset just in front of your eyes

A walk to the sun in St.Kilda_Melbourne-Daily-Photo-Blog-Beach- HeadOnMY2- Landscape- Nature Perception- path- Salon13- St.Kilda- Sunset-StKilda_20120917_020_1_2-2-Edit-min


Princes Pier at Sunset

Plan it on a cloudy day, better in Autumn when the sunset is more dramatic with the sun just in front of you.

And that’s it for today. Now scroll down to receive your personalized copy of the Melbourne City photographic sites. Print it or load it on your mobile/tablet as you reference guide.

Go down a bit more and you will see also the map with every sites discussed in this post

Enjoy your travel photography!


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Stefano Ferro
Stefano is a cycling, movie and life style photographer with a big love for landscape & travel photography. When in Melbourne, his hometown, you will see him cycling around at sunset or sunrise looking for the best spot for a photo of this beautiful city. It is quite amazing how much photography gear he can pack on his bike :o

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Stefano Ferro
Stefano is a cycling, movie and life style photographer with a big love for landscape & travel photography. When in Melbourne, his hometown, you will see him cycling around at sunset or sunrise looking for the best spot for a photo of this beautiful city. It is quite amazing how much photography gear he can pack on his bike :o