Variety Cycle 2014 – Sydney to Uluru

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03 Sep 2014 in Sport

Equipment: Nikon D600, Nikkor 24-120 1:4, Sigma 70-200 1:2.8, Flash Niko SB700

Location: Australia

Style: Sport & Adventure Photography

Why would anyone choose to ride 4000 km in 26 days? It’s something only a professional cyclist would reasonably consider. But with the chance to raise money for Variety, the children’s charity, and the call of an epic adventure – a few of us amateurs made an unreasonable decision.
We rode from Sydney to Uluru with new riders joining us along the way – for a weekend or a few days.
There were fantastic days, there were desperately hard days. The weather, the wind, the hills and just the sheer distance all both took their toll and spurred us on. With the kilometers we all gained an unforgettable experience and deep friendships that will last a lifetime.
Along the way we visited schools supported by Variety. It was this that kept it all in perspective – we knew we were making a difference, we knew we were riding with a greater purpose.
How did it go with the photography side of this project? Very tiring. I had to sprint and make photos whenever I thought there was a good composition. Doing a physical work and a creative choice was challenging. It was a unique experience where I learnt that everything is possible. The secret? Do not allow the physical tiredness to condition your creative world. This is not only true for such an adventure but for the day to day life. Live and ride the moment.