High Dynamic Rome (2012)

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04 Sep 2014 in Projects

Equipment: Canon 40D, Sigma 18-200

Location: Rome, Italy

Style: City Photography

There is no question about, Rome is most probably the most fascinating city in the world. The best time to visit the Eternal City is the night and the early morning, when the sun still has to show the first rays of light. This is the time when the tourists are in bed and the lanes and squares are empty.

At this time of the day every corner starts speaking, telling you thousands of years of history, from being the capital of the world to becoming a little town of a mere 35,000 people in the Early Middle Ages.

High Dynamic Rome is an project portraying some of the most picturesque lanes and unique squares of Rome and the Vatican City. Some famous sites as the Pantheon, built by Emperor Hadrian in about 126AD, to some hidden corners, as the awesome back lanes of Navona Square.

All the photos were made in a week long project in November 2011. Arrived from Melbourne I decided to live with the Australian time and sleep during the day. Wake up in the late evening, to have breakfast, and out the full night to make photos, till the early morning. Rome is an open air museum and it deserves the right time to explore every square, every lane, every corner, every step, every gate, every bit of it.

Rome required a greater usage of dynamic range from the lightest to the darkest area, a way to represent and paint the city. I have decided to use a photography technique called HDR (High Dynamic Range) taking it to the extreme to give a soft and delicate painting effect.

HDR was exhibited at the Italian Institute of Culture from January to March 2013. Very interesting was my interview with SBS Radio.