Born in Busto Arsizio, Italy and based in Melbourne, Australia.


After studying Computer Science in Milan, in 1995 Stefano migrated and worked in different countries in Europe and South America, eventually moving to Melbourne in 2006. The impact with the city was great and he is still living in Australia, making the longest time he has spent in a place since he left his home town. He has been developing his work and understanding of art and photography for the last 10 years.


Stefano is today a cycling, movie and life style photographer with a big love for landscape & travel photography. When in Melbourne, his hometown, you will see him cycling around at sunset or sunrise looking for the best spot for a photo of this beautiful city. It is quite amazing how much photography gear he can pack on his bike.


It was in 2010 when he started MEL365.com, an inspirational website dedicated to photographers and travellers. Photos are posted regularly and although Melbourne centric, Australia and the World are taking more and more space.





Featured on :


Granfondo Magazine, September 2014 (Italian Edition) – Article “In una biglia di plastica al Tour De France”







  Granfondo Magazine, September 2014 (Italian Edition) – Cover Page







Cycling Tips – Coverage of the Tour De France, July 2014 (Fans prospective)



Granfondo Magazine June 2014 (Italian Edition) – Article “Nel cuore dell’Australia”








Issue 7 – Executive Cyclist Magazine, article “A Big Ride”







  Photo on the month (November 2013) on The Age Magazine







  Photo on the month (September 2013) on The Age Magazine







  Winner of the KNOG Short Film Festival 2013




  MX Newspaper as website of the week (November 2012)




Interview for the MEL365 photo exhibition in Melbourne QV




Interview for the High Dynamic Rome photo exhibition at the Italian Institute of Culture