is a project started in 2010, an inspirational website dedicated to travel photography. Made in Melbourne and around the globe.
Our contributors cannot stay in a place for a long period, they are travel addicted. They want to see new places, discover new areas, find the hidden gems and document everything with some fantastic images. Our contributor are visual traveller, they absorb with the eyes and they capture the right moment at the right time for the most beautiful photos. We have all one thing in common, the passion to share our places, with images, maps and suggestions for the best travel photography experience.
It is not necessary to fly to new countries or continents to find interesting visual stories. We love Melbourne, we love Australia, we love the world!
This is a live website with frequent photos of Melbourne and the world, including maps of where the photo was made (handy isn't it). But be warned, this website may cause addiction to travel photography!
What does MEL365 provide you:
  • best locations to take photos in the world
  • photo journeys from our visual tellers, from the most beautiful areas, in the world or next to our home
  • inspiring interviews with some of the most interesting photographers and artists
  • updated agenda of all the photo events in Australia
  • free tutorials to help improving every aspect of the travel photography
  • free courses to organise your photography website
  • tips for marketing your work
Why the name MEL365? Because it all started in MELbourne. We wanted to document this city 365 days a year. Now it's time to travel! Yeahh!!

The Team

Stef - Founder/Contributor
After studying Computer Science in Milan, in 1995 Stefano migrated and worked in different countries in Europe and South America, eventually moving to Melbourne in 2006. The impact with the city was great and he is still living in Australia, making the longest time he has spent in a place since he left his home town. He has been developing his work and understanding of art and photography for the last 10 years.
Stefano is today a cycling, movie and life style photographer with a big love for landscape & travel photography. When in Melbourne, his hometown, you will see him cycling around at sunset or sunrise looking for the best spot for a photo of this beautiful city. It is quite amazing how much photography gear he can pack on his bike
Check Stef’s Portfolio website for more info about him, his projects and his featured work
Remi Lesueur - Travel Contributor & Artist
I love the light, travel and the idea that our steps that creates the way. I don't like vacuum cleaners, be catching cold and cooked chicory. I try to make photos like telling a story.
A plot of contrasts with the colourful words, moving characters and a smile for the end. 
Jacky The Tecky - Technical Contributor
Photography is taking me everywhere in the world. I love the technical side of it, how to create my photos minimizing the post-production side of it. More time on the field and less time on the computer.
Ten years of experience and counting. Is it enough? Never! I learn new things everyday.  

Temporary Contributors - Now around the world

Simon Long - Contributor
Recently finished working on cruise ships [8 years] as photographer and now living in Melbourne.
I have been in photography most of my life and have seen it change considerably from B/W process & print, too now the digital age.
My 1st photo job after completing college was as a “Camp photographer” at a Butlins holiday camp in south coastal England photographing knobbly knee competitions donkey derby’s and Miss Butlins of the week!
Victor Rodriguez - Travel Contributor
Passionate photographer living in Melbourne, Australia interested on landscape, studio and travel photography. I would like to share my travelling experiences using the photos as the main tool.
Tania Nallathamby - Travel Contributor
Travel…there’s nothing like it! I am a Laboratory Scientist with a passion for travelling and writing. I also take pleasure in cooking, baking and eating. I enjoy meeting new people, experiencing different cultures and capturing images that tell a story and speak of fabulous experiences.
Stephanie Chew - Travel Contributor
Travelling is what makes the daily grind worth it for me. I try to capture these moments away in photographs so that I can share a bit of what I see with everyone else
Currently travelling in South and North America. Looking forward to the new exciting visual stories from 2 fantastic continents  
Lola Vierse - Travel Contributor
Originally from Belgium I have lived all over the world, taking pictures everywhere I go. I can never stay in one place, life is made to explore. I take a picture of where I'v been and leave only footprints.
I am a self taught photographer; along with animals, photography is my passion